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  1. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Honestly, idk how anyone can even pvp anymore. I'll admit I haven't even tried (until tonight) for quite some time, but... WOW, is pvp ever (very bad word)! What the hell happened?! Break outs don't work, stuns are insane, and wtf is with the 0 cr guy kickin' my ***?

    This isn't really a rant, I've just been outta the loop for a while. Seriously though, Devs, how could you let pvp go this far down the toilet? It's very disappointing:(
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  2. Soul Dedicated Player

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  3. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    Yea man counters barely work and 0 cr guys are somehow Op in pvp arenas that needs to be changed if ur cr is zero it should an automatic 1shot and flight mode is even more unbearable when up in the sky spamming range attacks there needs to be some type of 5sec grounding rule
  4. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    why should there be any grounding rules in a game where i am a superhero/villain?

    you have tools to ground your opponent, i suggest using them.

    I have no problem grounding those stupid flight rangers. You shouldn't either.

    but i agree the counter window is broken af
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  5. Racchus New Player

    As far as I can tell, people are always complaining about PvP. I have seen this in every PvP game I play Here are certain types of complaints I have identified

    - The "OP" section, sometime or another some things are clearly easy to exploit for victory. Some people take it overboard when they described everything as "overpowered." Example: Fire, HL, Ice, Nature, Celestial are all overpowered. that's 5 out of 11 powers that people have said one time or another since the last update are OP. While some might be legit OP, who can say for sure without specific statistics like win rate.

    - The "bring back the glory days" section, which seem to always favor the original way the game was presented and holds resentment for all changes. While some changes might be indeed bad, these guys can lead to good changes to be seen as the key problem. Example: "0 CR should get one shot in arenas." 0 CR are at a slight disadvantage in PvP nowadays as opposed to being totally worthless as in the old days, shouldn't this be seen as a positive change?

    - The "mechanics" section, normally the most illegitimate of complains come from this section because the mechanics are the same for everyone. Example: Blocking, Immunity, Counters.

    - The confused section, people who do not understand what they are speaking about and enlighten us to nothing.

    - The "unskilled section" people who barely PvP or are fresh to the mechanics of the game that complain that PvP is broken in some way or another. Example: They say things like I keep getting oneshotted, not knowing that sometimes its their own fault.

    Probably more types but I got bored...
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  6. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I'm full 101 6 weapons 101 and pvp does suk. Wut should cr 0 do?? Legends until they get gear like we all had to do. Pvp is crap.
  7. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    After the revamp it should be better but then they gotta get rid of the clamping and buffing. There is no point to get gear currently and the whole thought behind it is really dumb. It's the same people in 5 v5 chat everyday and it's dog doo.

    The reason I don't want weapons equal to powers because I think it will keep pvp still on the crappy side even though it will still be better.

    This weapon specialist stuff is stupid. Munitions is weapon based power. If not go play call of dookie! Lol

    If u see deathstroke in legends you'll notice he doesn't just use weapons and his rifle is a 35% power people will just be using buff and weapon is the dumbest thing I ever heard next to dps hitting 1 power with weapon crappery!
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  8. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    It wasn't really a complaint, just an observation.
  9. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    Only because the tools are there doesnt mean it isnt broken its not quite easy aimlessly lunging at a noob jacka$$ that flys super high out of sight especially when u r either superspeed or acro n cannot get up that high while someone else is on the ground interrupting ur every attempt . The same way it grounds u in pve boss fights wen u fligh up for to long
  10. Thomas Wayne jr Active Player

    I see people typing on here to bring Pvp back to the old days and I agree with that but my question is why was it changed in the first place? It was changed because people cried it was to hard and unfair and took to long. I would bet my 3 void materials that all those who complained about it do not even Pvp anymore let alone play the game.
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  11. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    You forgot to mention the un defeated, press of a button, the 35% finishers.

    As long as they stay in pvp players will get 1 shot, skilled or non skilled.
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  12. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    There you Go making excuses again heh
  13. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    PVP has been good at least twice since the "Good Old Days". So, does this mean its broken, again? This mode should not even be bothered with until Daybreak can dedicate themselves to its improvement, indefinitely. Anything less and it will likely break, again.
  14. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Honestly about the counters you could be talking about two different things. Many people complain about the counters be "super broken" without considering the fact that players can *gain* immunity which makes them immune to counters for a short amount of time. Whether the immunity is broken or too long is another conversation.

    However you could be talking about some of the delays that happen. There are some powers that can block break a player after they've stopped blocking for a full second. Others can be blocked when they lunge a player who just stopped blocking. There's also the fact that we still have roll glitchers (they roll and stop the roll), lunge glitchers (lunge at a blocking opponent but don't get blocked and without immunity) and bb-lunge glitchers (they lunge and block break at the same time. Normally done when using a power that can block break but some can lunge and block break without using powers).
  15. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    And there u go being ignorant again ... pointless in having a discussion with someone who thinks pvp is perfect and so narrow minded and that they are apparently the greatest pvp player on dc
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  16. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    I never said pvp was perfect. If you read everything i wrote i even agreed with you on one of your points. I agree the pvp as a whole needs a revamp, but to call me ignorant for pointing out a fact that you have tool at your disposal to take care of flyers, instead you dismiss it as being op, or broken and call for an unneeded nerf.

    That by definition makes you the ignorant one if you wanna point fingers. Are they perfect? No. But they are not nearly as bad as you make it seem to the point where we would need a ridiculous grounding rule in a super hero game.
  17. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Sounds pretty broken to meo_O
  18. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    Now ur deff bein ignorant since i never said anything was Op. And what in the heck does this being a superhero game have to do with puttin in a 5second groundin rule if to much time is spent flying high just like during a boss fight or sm already implements ur logic makes no sense
  19. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    This is very true. When pve was introduced into pvp 2 things happened. People actually pvped, and people found out its hard. Back then, like now, enough crying and things will change. It can never go back to how it was. I wish it could, really do.

    I still feel reintroducing pve back into pvp needs to happen. There has to be enough people for there to be a reason to revamp or fix the current state.

    Seeing what they are doing to the powers makes me wonder how weapons will perform when they get around to revamping them also. We will see.
  20. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I'd have to disagree. We don't need pve mechanics in pvp. There is no map where a flyer has the upper hand, cmon. That's just you not thinking outside the box and not keeping your camera zoomed out. There are ways to deal with flyers. Learn your powers and use power interactions.

    My biggest problem with people who say they pvp or pvp here and there? You all think you can just walk in and go to work, probably solo qued. Most won't form groups. If you do solo que, probably as dps, you get mad you can't kill healers. Think of it like pve, practice. You will lose a lot when learning how to pvp. Even in the current state. If you form a totally random group with 2 dps a heal and a troll, your chances of winning are much higher than just solo qued.

    Make sure and have a movement ability or iconic incase you have a high flyer. Keep pulling them down until you can lock them. Then lunge. The lunge has always been able to follow some e around while they are running. MA and DW are my fav, 1H right there too.

    Learn what your doing.