Wonderverse Dev Playtest #2

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Wonderverse Dev Playtest #2

    It's been a week, and many changes have been made to the Wonderverse episode on the public test server. Join us TODAY (July 20) for a playtest with the team, and get your feedback in. We will again be primarily focused on the open-world, but we may also look to get a raid/elite raid group going, too.

    The dev playtest will begin at 3:45PM PT on Monday, July 20, 2020, over on the public test server, and will last about one hour.
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  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Awesome, I'll be there :)
  3. Dark warlorck Active Player

    I do not understand why Circe and Cheetah are not introduced in Wonderverse, I was surprised not to see them when they are the most dangerous opponents of Wonder Woman???
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  4. generalzod Committed Player

    Great can't wait !!!!!!! But can i get patron patrol wing accessory for participation. Just joking or am i ? ill be there !!! Fun time coming!!!
  5. Dark warlorck Active Player

    Why is Medusa not also present in the open world? Have you seen the movie Wonder Woman Bloodlines, the gorgon almost demolished the entire army of Amazon's to itself. [IMG]
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  6. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    It's impossible to include every character. Also not every story has to include these specific characters.
  7. AceOfTheSpades New Player

    After seeing videos of devs testing, i am having urge to redownload my test server.
    Looking forward to it,seems fun.
  8. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    True. Cheetah hasn't had much appearances in any Episodes
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  9. ACLife Active Player

    Ill be there!
  10. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    It was fun! I appreciate that you spend time with us! Do you happen to know when the Wonderverse currency will hit test?
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  11. Magnificent Loyal Player

    It was good to see the Devs in there playing alongside us (and being there for Murk glitching the 2nd time we did that fight). I couldn't tell but it seemed that the 2nd Ares fight was easier while the 2nd Steppenwolf/Kalibak and Hydra fights seemed to be more difficult as well as had more trash mobs.
  12. SledgeHammer21CE New Player

    The Wonderverse appears to be a *flipped* universe in the same way that Earth 3 is; only Steppenwolf and Kalibak retain the same roles they had in DC Prime. (Darkseid is NOT evil in the Wonderverse; however, Orion *is*.) That alone may explain why both Circe and Cheetah are missing. (In DC Prime, Circe and Wonder Woman are no longer adversaries, and Cheetah - for some reason - is plain and simply missing. In addition, apparently the HIVE has fractured (Birds of Prey side-story). Cheetah is not the ONLY adversary of either Wonder Woman OR Thermyscira itself unacounted for; Giganta is also missing; however, not all of the Council of Wonder Women is all that "good" (Queen Diana, for example). What makes me nervous is that not only is Mera apparently dead (cause unknown), but Arthur Curry (Aquaman) is unaccounted for also. In a way, it's a good thing that Wall West is NOT in the Wonderverse as a character; he'd be rather hacked off with Queen Diana if it turns out she had ANYTHING to do with the death of Mera or even the disappearance of Arthur. In the Wonderverse, Murk was loyal to Mera and/or Arthur; he is not in DC Prime. So there ARE changes in the Wonderverse that are unrelated to Alpha Lex Luthor cracking the Source Wall.

  13. AlexRom New Player

    Circe is missing because Michelle Forbes is missing. Same with Joker and few other characters. Simple.
  14. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    This is Murk from Flashpoint world (Queen Diana's world) and he's in war with the Amazons.
    I doubt Mera is dead. As there are many multiverses and our Mera should still be alive (As she also returns in every Valentines Day lol)
    Maybe Flashpoint's Mera is dead, but not ours. I believe Nerd of Prey said on the stream this story is mostly original story with inspiration from the comics... So It's not 100% Comic accurate in all the aspects.
  15. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    In the case of Mera if you read the comics or watched the movie or the stream Mera is dead from a terminal case of Queen Diana chopping off Mera's head after Mera caught Diana and Arthur in "negotiations" and attacked Diana who chopped off her head and took her crown. Murk even in our game swore his allegiance to the throne of Atlantis and the person who sits there in but considers Arthur his friend so even though he betrayed him in the solo he didn't kill him just hid his body until Mera brings reinforcements (read us) in COT then we help Arthur regain his Throne.
  16. Acheron New Player

    is this new Update going to be as big as Gotham, or Metropolis or will this be like a central city type thing?

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