Welcome to PC Test! (How To Discuss and Report Bugs!)

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Welcome to PC Test! All players are invited to test new and upcoming content on the test server, before it goes live. Your feedback is invaluable and we cannot thank you enough for participating.

    To get started, you can download the client here.

    Please note the following:
    • No characters will be copied to the Test Server.
    • There are special Test vendors there to help you gear up properly.
    • The Test server will be restarted every morning at 12 AM Pacific
    • Please make sure to post your feedback and any bugs you find in the forum below!
    Let the testing begin!
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    How To Report A Bug!

    To make your bug reports most effective, please follow these guidelines when reporting bugs:
    • Please report! When information about a bug is complete, including reproducible steps, please report the bug in the forum below or in the appropriate official Testing Feedback thread.
    • Provide as much detail as possible, including steps to reproduce the bug. You can never post too much detail. The more detail you provide, the faster the bug gets fixed.
    If you're not quite ready to report the bug, please keep these bullets in mind when discussing:
    • Discuss only one bug per thread. This makes it much easier for us to track and respond to concerns. Separate issues should be posted separately.
    • Check to see if your bug is already being discussed, either with a forum search or by at least scanning the first page. If a thread is already active, use it to confirm you've seen the bug, too, or to add additional detail.
    Following these guidelines will make bug stomping easier and faster for everyone. Thank you for your support!
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