Why we can't see who's selling stuff on the broker?

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  1. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Yup, otherwise there wouldn't be bots constantly shouting for selling money. People want the bots gone but it will never happen while a million dollars has the value of $1 in game.

    Clearly some people are getting it and some people aren't. It's unfortunate but with all the complaining of making skip characters stronger to make the game better for all, the community themselves is one of the biggest reasons skippers are stuck.

    I'm not even talking about auras and cosmetics. Tho I do think of we ever want normal to make a comeback, they'll have to be included in the "no resell" category. But it doesn't matter.
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  2. TomShepard Active Player

    Aand this is why i have the very unpopular opinion (but i dont care) that the devs need to step in and cap the trade chat and make tradeable things to be "broker friendly" only 1x.So if something drops you sell it and i buy it for that price and thats it i cant sell it again.So ppl who bought something cheap have to use it (or dont,either way you cant resell it).Having any nice item (aura,mat) going around constantly in the broker for higher and higher prices is just insane.
    Also they need to take away the money glitchers money.I know ppl who got 312BILLIONS-now you might know how to make billions in a day but do NOT tell me thats legit.And many ppl got even more.Of course they buy everything without thinking..
    This broker economy is a funny thing because money doesnt even matter that much.The broker is only there so you can buy that base item/mat/aura directly and easily.
    In my honest opinion,i want the devs to cap the broker to 600m,and the amount of money you can carry to like 2 or 3 billion-5 tops.
    Said thing is they will not do ****.We already saw what they did to the money glitchers.Khm *taxes*.
    I appreciate they want you to feel free to put any price you want,but we got to the point where the child abusing the freedom and trust he got from the parents,so time to step in and do some parenting. *sweet dreams :)
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  3. Reinheld Devoted Player

    How is high prices what destroys the economy? It was the glitches that did that. Buying and selling via the broker actually only ever destroys glitched money, not makes more. Heck, every 1 billion dollar sale takes 50Million more 'bad' money out. It's not like someone selling an item for 10 billion dollars in trade suddenly 'makes' 10 billion dollars....someone else already had that money...and at some point probably most of it was created in a glitch. The broker is actually one of the few 'cash sinks' we have in the game....the only way to 'fix' the economy is to have a way to get rid of the money....don't disparage it too bad. I will agree that the gold sellers are part of the problem as it's another way to inject money into the game...but sellers without glitches means the prices should stay high enough to slow that down.

    Honestly they need to make it so we can sell items for up to 10 billion in the broker...that would get rid of 500 million with each listing fee. Enough mis-fired listings and we might actually make a dent in the pile and gold sellers couldn't keep up if farming legit.

    BTW....anyone else notice that it's going wacky again like last year? Not sure if someone found another glitch or not, but the prices for 'regular' items that would be under 1 million is starting to trend up... Haven't seen as much downward movement in the gold sellers yet....or cash app sellers in trade, but it feels like something is happening again.
  4. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Unless you are just joking....It's to buy expensive things you need or want.

    How is this any different from real life? I work a job to buy things I need or want. I try to make more money (invest in stocks, ask for a raise, put money in interest bearing accounts, have a garage sale....whatever) because I would like to have more things or nicer things than I already have. Do I need those? Probably not...doesn't change the fact I'd like to have some of them and it takes money to do that unless you live in a commune.
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  5. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    There’s nothing wrong with reselling.
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  6. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    I’m done with this topic. Last thing I’ll say.

    If you don’t play the broker game simply because you have no interest in it or you’re fine with buying/selling your items at a bargainable price. Go right ahead. But there’s nothing wrong with me coming along and driving the price up simply because you wanted to undercut everybody by 70% I don’t ever do this to common items or anything. I moreso do it to time capsule items because the demand for certain items can be high enough that I can swap what you sold me for 10m into a easy 70 mil. Am I exploiting or doing things a certain way that isn’t how the game intended? No. I don’t cheat, glitch or any of that. Nor is what I’m doing any bad. It’s a simple tactic to make DC money to fulfill my goal of not having to buy anything with my real money (mainly time capsules) Does it suck for certain players that I do this? Sure but they could just wait for the prices to go down. I already said I be at the broker 10% of the time I’m on. I’m not just hawking down everything in there to resell. I only look for things to resell when I acquire items that are worth selling. The broker is a seller friendly market. It caters to the people who have it, and if you don’t have it. Well there are options you have (without spending a single dollar) to get it. The broker is simply just a shortcut to get items you need and most of the time those items are going to be expensive otherwise what’s the point?

    As said earlier. You have the option to get said item without having to go through the broker. It may take more time to do so but if you don’t got the funds and aren’t willing to go get the funds. You have the alternative option. That could be running content and getting rare styles. I did a feat run the other day and ended up getting the Death Vest. Easy 140 mil right there. You could spend your source marks on artifact catalysts. And sell those in the broker for a pretty good price, there’s so much you could do to make money on this game to get the items you want but instead y’all would rather limit resells because of some sob story about how you can’t afford anything. I made one of my characters a month ago and amassed a few billion legitimately. No selling PSN cards, No selling replays, No Gold bots. Simply from opening a ton of Time capsules, running content and reselling. You undercutters made my job easier but at the end of the day. Don’t punish guys who use the broker simply because the prices went up. Just like y’all want PVP to be left alone. The broker should be left alone as well, and learn to adapt.
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  7. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    These kinds of silly restrictions are not a good thing in any way. While this game is generally an escape from the real world for most people, it's still subject to reality. This notion of Premium players being exploited is a complete fallacy. Premiums have a couple of options in these situations, if they're not availing themselves of these options that is no one's fault but their own.
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  8. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Ok, first off, all this means is that if someone wanted an 'extra' item to sell at a 10x price, they could just buy it on an alt toon who does not have the item collected...so no 'fix' there.

    Second, if you are premium you are capped at selling things for 60K. I'll sometimes do this with somewhat expensive items like certain collections or base items...and that's great, someone gets to catch a 500K item for 60K...good for them. I get 60K I might unlock with an escrow token someday...or during a month of sub if I sub. However, it's my choice to sell that item. On my premium accounts I normally use big ticket items for trading...this has been the way since Premium started. It used to be Exobits, but now it's certain collections or Cyrstal Shards or Arti/Mod cats...tradable items are currency for Premiums, not exploitation.

    Resellers inflate prices because the market will bear it. Sellers will farm and sell currency because people will buy it. We are the ones affecting the economy...we will need to be the ones to 'fix' it if there is any fix possible.
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  9. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Ew, no.

    The last thing I want to do is get harassed and DM'd because someone sees me selling an item for cheaper than what they got it placed on. Because.. let's face facts guys, just about everyone who runs the broker will undercut each other in order to get their stuff to sell.

    It happens to you, it happens to me, people do it to each other, and it irritiates people when someone's fortune isn't being made and someone else just had a sale made.

    Also: Why is the OP consistently making thread after thread asking for things to be exposed or revealed like.. What on earth is up with your thread patterns bro??? o_O

    First it's "can we see the players powersets plz"
    Now it's "can we see who's selling what?"

    What's next? "can we see how much Replay Badges X person has?"

    I don't like where this is going.
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  10. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Big brother at it's finest.
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  11. myandria Loyal Player

    I humbly disagree, as I have experienced this before. "Flipping items via the broker", like it or not, is the better option. If you think players hoard their items now, it becomes worse when you have to deal with limited selling options. Player to Player trades become less trustworthy and tedious. All chats becomes clogged and overwhelmed with players selling their wares instead of using the broker and yes, player will use all forms of chat available to sell their stuff in that situation; it's worse than gold spamming. It gets to the point where you dont even want to log into the game because someone will beg you to buy something from them as soon as you do. So, "flipping" or "reselling" will not cease, as players can just buy from other players their cheapest items and then resell them to different players directly at a higher price. No online game will want to stop players from selling in game items to one another in general.

    The broker is neutral ground, as you can place whatever items you have that is sellable for whatever price you want. No one is obligated to use the broker or to pay the highest price for an item. That is purely a choice any player can make freely.
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  12. Kimone Devoted Player

    Why do 50 year old men buy convertables?
    Why do 20 year old boys buy jacked up trucks?
  13. Kimone Devoted Player

    Ehhh, no. The Broker economy already has more issues than the back catalogue of National Geographic. This is only going to contribute to those issues.
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  14. Kimone Devoted Player

    yeah, we made the case for hard cash level reset and even demonstrated directly how much inflation would occur in the economy even without a glitch - and news flash, the economy is not stable, even without a glitch - and instead of listening to that, everyone cried about their imaginary billions and insisted that the duplication glitch was the one and only issue that the broker had happening.

    big shock - that wasn't the only issue that exists.

    and here we are again, and the inflation issue is worse, and because I got banned from the forum for a week for offering to find the bug last time? I'm not putting any effort at all into it this time.

    that said, "yes it's worse now".
  15. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Sounds like we as usual can't find a middle ground so I'm guessing neither can the devs and we can all just say whatever and move on. But yeah it is definitely getting worse again. There isn't a single collection for under a mil right now. Just the trash is a mil. So yeah, that's fun for non members and the new ftp skippers I'm sure.

    Also, if people are farming these collections and whatever that goes into the group loot, do they need vs greed on everything? Cuz wow that's expletive expletive expletive
  16. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    I have a very hard time believing there are no collections under 1 mil right now. Maybe no collections that you need are under 1 mil. If all collections are really over 1 mil I’ll go farm street signs in Gotham.
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  17. Beard Maaaan Well-Known Player

    Why are there anti-ticket scalping laws? Or price gouging laws? I guess you had no problem with the guy cleaning out stores of hand sanitizer and reselling them for extreme multiples at the start of the pandemic.

    Thanks for your opinion, Martin Shkreli agrees.
  18. Beard Maaaan Well-Known Player

    I guess you still don’t understand the proposal. All i’m suggesting is that if you buy something from the broker you have to use it, not just resell it. There’s no purpose to hoard items, you can sell anything you get in the game other than through the broker. As for buying from other players, premium members can’t accept cash, why would members sell for less then they could get on the broker? You know, “Integrates when equipped”? If you equip some styles you can no longer sell them. All broker bought items could be integrated in the same way.
  19. Beard Maaaan Well-Known Player

  20. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    And all everyone else is telling you is that position is too extreme and devalues the broker.

    Think about when a booster bundle comes out? There maybe a mat thrown in that you want; but you can't preview how it looks when you buy it off the broker; you may end up seeing that mat on a different toon and say "Oh no, I don't want this." so.. what are you supposed to do? Just keep it when you don't want it, delete it, or end up trading it?

    You speak of premium players not accepting cash, which is why premium players can always buy things like booster bundles or get items from the game or time capsules when the broker isn't an option for them. If a premium player happens to get really lucky and get an aura you want, but you happen to buy an an aura that they want; you're gonna sit there and tell them "Oh sorry bro, I bought this off the broker so I can't trade it to you."

    Your still spending in-game currency that you've earned, and considering all broker items aren't multi use items like their MP variants aura(think auras again. The Old school auras on the MP are on the broker, but if you OPT for the MP version of the Old School Auras; they are reusable on ALL toons making them immediately the better pick.) that's simply too much of a rough call.

    "There's no point to hoarding items"- This idea of yours is flawed. The point of hoarding items is because the demand'll go through the roof for it when the item's no longer readily available. Again.. Booster Bundles, quite a few people managed to get their hands on the all exclusive aura that was available in the first BB pack; and now your gonna tell them there's no point when they A: Bought it with their own money, and B: Can sell it for a high price because people'll be looking for it?

    And keep in mind, Booster Bundles don't have feats; there's no "holding anybody" down scenario if your holding onto a rare aura from the pack.

    Inflation isn't just caused by reselling, inflation is caused because years of money glitches as everyone has told you; has made quite a lot of people very wealthy. Let's say you stop reselling, and even reset everyone's in-game money.

    The game'll still have inflation because people will have those cosmetics in high demand. You really want to stop inflation? You're better off making the case that these items in question(especially all the rough RNG in time capsules) needs to be made more accessible. When items in the broker are more accessible, the demand won't be there for them.

    Think of the Broker like Monopoly, you can set everyone off with the same amount of money; and the same amount of rules; but as time goes on; there'll be that one player with the expensive Hotels and the high money at the boardwalk and park place.

    And... you lost me on this one. Are you really about to COMPARE the absolute need of Toliet Paper and Hand Sanitizer to Cosmetics and Grind in a Video Game?

    Like I understand your a frustrated premium guy, but dang gum this was ignorant. You can go legendary, farm Iconic drops, and can still make money and even resell all the same as everyone else. When you start reaching to make comparisons to VITAL ITEMS in a PANDEMIC, (Toliet Paper and Hand Sanitizer, things that CAN help prevent people from getting sick, not COSMETICS in a video game.) your reaching way too far out.

    Premium players if anything aren't hurt by resellers, they are more hurt by the fact that there remains a cash-cap incentive for them to either unlock the escrow they've accumulated or go legendary.

    Two last things, Price Gouging Laws don't apply in some areas. If they did... PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series Consoles wouldn't be floating around on Ebay above the MRSP.

    And Finally.. Reselling is not scalping. Scalping is when you have people selling above an MSRP at very high prices, but DCUO and the broker are a free market; there's never been any kind of "standard" price set for any cosmetic in the game for as long as it's been around. You can always get a lot of the items in the broker through the game, or through your chances via time capsule keys; with scalping.. it's inflated and you basically have no chance of getting it. Even as we speak now, PS5's get restocked and they are immediately gone. That don't happen with broker items or time capsule items that put on the broker, they are still available to earn while that time capsule is still going on.

    It's just harder to do because of RNG being really really low.

    When your comparing what's going onto DCUO with what's going on with Scalping or Pandemic Items.. it's just not the same thing; that's widely misconstruing and painting a picture of broker resellers as doing something illegal and are hurting the players when they've been doing reselling, undercutting, trading, even hoarding, for years and years on end. Yall only are catching onto them because yall want the items to be cheap and affordable, but that won't happen because the Items in question have terrible RNG drop rates.

    Blame the RNG, not the players.

    -My Final Reply on this topic.
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