Why we can't see who's selling stuff on the broker?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by BƖack, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Went on broker, selected price ascending. 1mil lowest price in there when I looked last night. Which means someone or a few someone's bought everything under a mil and relisted. Happens often then the player base restocks it and there'll be a bunch till it happens again
  2. BƖack Committed Player

    First of all i'm not ur bro we have never been bros and never will be.
    Second why you come to my threads and reply on them if you don't like it?
    Don't come to my threads and keep your comments for yourself.
  3. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Or it means you have purchased everything that is lower than 1 mil and have the 'usable by me' check on, so the rest don't show up. I have every collection in the game...so when I look at collections, and sort by lowest....goodness!!! There are no collections in the broker! Someone bought them all!

    Or not...;)

    There are collections and other items less than 1 mil, I assure you. There are collections less than 1000 and 100 even. I've got a few things listed below 3000 right now....unless they just sold(didn't check my mail). If I had a way to post a pic, I'd post one.

    BTW...if someone want's to buy everything and relist for 1mil, they will be losing a lot of listing fees (at 50K a pop) on ancient vellums and MK 1 exos and useless teleporter mods that are worth about 50 cents. I've had things I've listed for 10-50k that I'm already undercutting someone by a good margin and they do not sell, mainly because no one is buying...at any price.
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  4. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Why do 50 year old women buy Louis Vuitton shoes?...Gucci or D&G handbags?
    Why do 20 year old girls get mani/pedis...daily $7 coffees?

    It's not just the boys.
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  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    I was on an alt, looking only at collections. She's been used for a month and hasn't even really been outside LLL. Usable by me was clicked, looking at collections only. Not looking at everything.

    But if no ones really noticed that at many times, crystals were down to around 8mil then right back up to 20mil then I guess it's all just imagined. Again, idc. Broker is terrible. Throwing out auras and making sure people like "that" don't end up with them makes me happy.

    Plus, even if it was just my main not having anything for under a mil, y'all truly believe finding a node in open world is worth a mil? Like I'm missing tonsssss of collections on my main because it's just something I don't care much about. So I'd still have some literal trash ones to get. Sorry, but yeah that's a bunch of lazy scamming going on that people are trying to mask as "intelligent grinding". Nope, you just terrible community
  6. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Sorry, but anyone who buys easy to get collections (there are many, many of them) for 1 mil plus deserves what they get. Going in blind and just buying the whole set vs doing a bit of farming, then MAYBE buying the last 1 or 2...will cost you a lot of money. Lazy farming by the buyer is as bad as lazy scamming by the seller. In fact the 2 go hand in hand.
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  7. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Butttt that's assuming some jerks don't keep needing on a collection they've sold 10 times already and you're just sick of playing 7yr old raids trying to scoop poop.

    So I'm all about compromising... what if need vs greed went away? It automatically went to whoever didn't have it. And then when there are multiple people, it goes to the rng?

    Obviously something needs to be done about the collections that drop to anyone without need or greed options like those terrible things from metal pt1. Maybe make the game smart enough to always give to the players that don't have it listed as collected and if they all do, it goes rng.
    You think all broker players are Angel's and I think they're all devils so we're both wrong and need to find that grey area. We also need to realize that unless we all pitch in in multiple ways, we will kill our own game via many different possibilities. New players checking broker prices are probably like "bwahahahahaaaa yup nope, delete game" at this point. Or we can ditch sp as has been discussed lately. Tie just styles and auras and whatever to collections/ resealable things. Make op pieces and that sort of stuff character bound and something you only get in elite instances and don't need nearly as much "parts".

    And yes, someone will not collect valuable collections to resell so may need the ability to automatically be collected unless already collected and you got the luck of rngeezus
  8. BƖack Committed Player

    It is already happening even without this feature added. Yesterday a random guy asked me if I could buy him an aura for 30 mil.
  9. Saami Loyal Player

    I think people need examples, so here is my idea...

    Dear OP. Whenever you put new item in broker to sell. Take a screenshot of your broker sells with price and put it in this thread or make another thread just for that. Screenshot needs to have your full in game name.

    That would suggest that you are serious and it would make people think, if it good idea or no. If you are not willing to do that, then this thread is kinda pointless.
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  10. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    It happens to me also. Adding this feature would make it significantly worse. So are you saying because it's already happening, might as well just do it? Imagine how many times more emails & tells you'd get if you posted something where your name showed up. Why do you specifically want to know the name of the seller ? It's on the broker for the desired price of the seller. If the seller wanted to negotiate it wouldn't be on the broker.
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  11. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Oh, I think no such thing. I think there are lots of people who will scoop up a few items to clear the floor, then post their garbage up at 10x the price...happens all the time. I don't really do much other than sell off my drop junk at whatever the going rate is -10% nowadays.... I never buy anything specifically to resell anymore...I just don't have the inventory space. Or I'll sit on things till later when the price goes up. What I'm saying is that if you are in the market for 'saint street', which is normally 100 bucks or less....and 10 minutes before you look someone buys all 20 that are 100-10k, THEN lists 3 at 1 mil, 5 mil and 10 mil (makes that 1 mil look soooo much more attractive don't you know), you are partially(I'd say more really) at fault as you could have gone to metro and gotten saint street with little effort, or waited till tomorrow when they were back in at 100. That guy SHOULD be eating 500K plus in listing fees because no one should be buying 'saint street' for 10,000, much less 1 mil, IF they know the game and collections.

    Now I know that is a worst case scenario, but you are talking about 'everything' being 1 mil....which would include things that are normally 100 or even 1 dollar...which includes 'saint street', so it's applicable.

    The guys who are 10x over inflating prices can only do so if people buy them at those prices. It doesn't matter how many they buy to horde if they can't sell them. In fact, if they don't sell them the listing fees taking some of that money helps get rid of some of the bad cash they are also sitting on. The effect is amplified for every OP collection, neato chroma or feat related trinket. If the man-bat trinket is selling for 100 mil and someone scoops up 4 to force the price to 500 mil, chances are someone will undercut them (BTW... bought 3 of these this week to give to alt accounts...all under 120 mil, all are integrated now...so no reselling). So they waste listing fees OR have to then scoop up the undercut as well. The only time this works is on the super-duper rare items that are always 1 billion OR are almost never listed at all due to rarity....but you are talking about common or semi common items.

    As f'd as the economy is (and it is...for sure), it doesn't take much to get many things done. Sure, there are always going to be a few big ticket items out of reach, but your chances of getting a 300 or 400 million dollar item out of a TC or rare raid drop are just as good as anyone else's (except me....your chances are better than mine, because mine are 0....RNGezues hates me), meaning you can also get the money to play the broker game. If you want to talk about Cosmic Material, Nimbus Aura, Scorching aura...sure, that's a different conversation.

    And as far as the OP topic, seeing who has what listed won't change any of that. It will cause people to have targeted begging (even more than is going on today) because they can see who's selling the high ticket items and hit them up directly, because if that guy is rich, he'd obviously be able to give you a 100 million dollar aura...right? Even just standing near the broker will cause this...that's why I normally do my brokering in my base. Not to mention, many people sell/buy items on alt accounts (ok...I do at least) because the alts are holding old stock most times. I've got winter collections on one guy...he sells those in Summer/Fall. I've got Summer collections on another toon, she's selling those right now. If i'm in on either of those toons, I might go look for something I need or want and buy it on them then transfer to another toon...one of them bought those previously mentioned Man-Bats. Much easier than having someone middle man the cash move between toons I'd have to do otherwise. Feel free to hit up 'storagetoon99' or 'xmasbank2' for handouts...I doubt you'll get any response. And no...these are not real toons....yet....so no blacklisting here.
  12. BƖack Committed Player

    I would like to write to the seller and negotiate the price sometimes. Let's say someone put material for 100 mil, but you want buy it for 80 mil and you want negotiate but you can't there is no way/possibility. I can see people don't like the way of showing names on broker, so let the broker have some sort of a '''negotiate button'' or something that we can type the price to that ''anonymous person'' and negotiate the price i mean something like you type the price and on seller's screen will pop a window in which the given amount will be shown + he will get a button (accept/reject). I don't like the way of putting stuff in the broker right now which cannot be negotiated.
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  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    OP is asking for ebay setup. Like OBO option. Don't hate it and could easily be done anonymously. But it's most likely a 10yr old game restrictions issue more than anything. Maybe in dcuo2 or whatever they're replacing this game with.
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  14. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I'd go for that change IF the 'negotiate' button was optional. Yes...Like Ebay. If I list on Ebay, I can have the price set static or have an 'Best offer' option. If that was the option, yes...it would be fine. If I open my self to offers, I can't be too surprised when I get low balled by 1000 people on it. An unrestricted 'make offer' button would be a major annoyance as you could get bombarded by email offers or pop ups every time you list an item. I'd guess no one would just buy things at face value if 'negotiate' was a default option.

    I'd go one further and if you press the 'make offer' button...it's one and done. Someone lists for 1 mil..you offer 500k. Offer rejected. You should not then be able to send 50 more offers in 10,000 dollar increments. You shoot your shot (best offer) and unless the person counter-offers...you are done. I think unless this was the case, people would quickly quit using the option. Why do you think people use the broker vs trade chat? Because no one (other than that 'Super' guy) wants to tie up their day with back and forths over sales.
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  15. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    OK, I get the use case. I can see that as a different tool altogether... more of a bulletin board or classifieds (something outside of the game). It shouldn't be part of the broker because the broker is a moderation system that arranges buyer/seller transactions for people who don't want to haggle. The broker is comparable to a stock market broker. You don't haggle. You search for what you want. Someone else posts their sales & the system matches the 2 transactions.

    EDIT: The other thing to keep in mind is there probably shouldn't be any in-depth building out of auction/broker systems where there are too many layers to transactions. Ultimately it just distracts people from engaging with the game's content. If someone posted the ultra rare of a set, they'd be getting tells and emails left & right, which distracts from other engagement. Is Daybreak building an action MMO or mini-eBay?
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  16. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    There would have to be a lot of things put in place which is what I'd imagine keeps it from being a thing already.
    Yeah, if your offer is rejected then you're done. Either buy it at full price or move on.
    Counter offers, 3 strikes and you're out deal.
    Minimum offer amount. Keeps down on 2000 notifications.
    Offer accepted range. Set your minimum then set "$50 to 60k, accept offer".
    Great idea really just thinking it's too complex for this already very stressed engine.
  17. JSnaples Well-Known Player

    Who cares who is selling it? Thats irrelevant
    The item and the price is all that matters. I like that you can place items anonymously
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  18. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    First of all, you're posting on a public forum. I'm allowed to critique/disagree to your threads or agree with your threads as I see fit. There's the ignore option on here if you don't wish to see my replies if it's that bothersome.

    And second, I'm not hating on your threads. The problem isn't your ideas, the problem is the community will take your idea of using broker negotiations and those negotiations in question would turn into toxic DMs and discussions more than what we have now.

    "Bro your such a scammer bro, you undercut my precious mat and now it won't sell!"

    "Bruh stop undercutting!"

    Do you ever read the trade chat when your on the DCUO game? Every-day there's always someone going "this guys a scammer, this dude's a scammer, he scammed me out of 130 mill, etc, etc." If we allowed people selling items on broker, not only would you be getting hateful DM's but then the conversation would be moved to "This scammer is selling X item for a ridiculous price, scammer."

    Your asking for transparency but with the way the in-game folks talk to one another and treat one another, it's transparency that would create a more toxic environment than what goes on now.

    Everyone has elaborated on my point. Even the dude who was in this thread had to go on defense for simply just being a guy who admitted he's reselling broker items, are you kidding me? If the community was more civil and chilled out when it came to who got X item and who's pricing X item, then this idea wouldn't be as bad.

    And as far as "comments" goes.. People aren't hating, they are disagreeing and being constructive with their points of view. I've had ambitious ideas in the past, but people disagreed and it never came to fruition. It happens.
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  19. BƖack Committed Player

    Fair enough. Nah i don't add people on ignore for petty reasons. And turned off my trade/lfg chats cuz of the reasons u described above.
  20. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Here's the thing though, anyone currently putting stuff on the broker is generally not looking to negotiate. They list their items for a particular price, and either that price is met or people speak with their lack of interest and items get relisted at a new price. People interested in negotiating go straight to trade chat and LFG (even though LFG was not intended for that purpose).

    If an item is going for 130M+ and I list mine at 125M, the last thing I want is a message from anyone asking me for a lower price for my item, especially if i'm doing something else. That's what the broker is for. Seeing messages from Tom, Dick or Harry trying to negotiate the price I already decided on would annoy the crap out of me and might earn them a trip to my ignore list.

    Conversely, people can decide to get on LFG and shout to the rooftops to not buy from Tom, Dick or Moe because of any number of reasons (legit or otherwise), all because they could see who is selling any given item(s). And if you think people wouldn't stoop so low, realize that right now a community member is having issues with someone who has decided to somehow fake his identity and try to trash his reputation (which needs no help). Those are the kind of people we have here, and that's what would happen.
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