Why did you choose your name?

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  1. General_Gear New Player

    I chose General Gear because I was basing my character concept around a cyborg, and the word gear, which is commonly associated with machines, came to mind. I also worked part-time as a mechanic in a car shop.
  2. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    I choose mine because I felt it was fitting with the plot of other timelines, other Universes Batmans, and the Future story mixed with having Batman as my Mentor (also cool that he is voiced by Kevin Conroy like in their Animated Series, Batman Beyond, JL /U, and games.)

    Plus this games story reminded me of a Batman Beyond appearance in a Superman Adventures Comic from the 90's where Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond/of the Future) has to travel to the past to help aid Present day Superman from a mistake that would lead to a disaster and battle with Braniac for the Future and its Tech, and the two have to team up and fight Braniac in the present which reminds me of this game lol. The story in the comic had Braniac take over the Beyond suit's future tech, which reminded me of exobits lol.
  3. iluvapples New Player

    I chose my name because I love killing people.
  4. WonderCleric New Player

    I chose "Medea" because, in Greek mythology, she is a powerful sorceress and the niece of Circe. My character's origin story is, in a nutshell -- the receiver of Circe's exobyte was found by Circe shortly after receiving her powers. She feared what the woman could do with her magic, so Circe tricked her into partaking in a ritual. The goddess summoned the soul of her deceased niece to possess Constance Guillory, insuring that the vessel of her power would remain loyal to her. Medea serves Circe as her right hand.

    I chose "Cleric" because, the character herself is a very religious woman. Her powers are Celestial, as well, so it fits. Sarah Priest's origin is basically she received the powers of Raven and was trained by Wonder Woman and the Amazons, giving her the martial prowess of an Amazon as well as powerful magic, leading to the nickname Wonder Witch. She has become part of the Wonder Family, too, wielding a lasso given to her by Hestia (the Lasso of Righteousness -- it harms those that oppose Cleric and heals her allies).

    As you can see, I really like to insert my characters into their Inspired By's mythos. ha
  5. Captain Just New Player

    Choose my name? My name was given to me. Fate chose it ;)
    But seriously...
    Captain Just - nickname in college was Captain... He is a hero so Just was appropriate.
    Cognition - mental powers
    Meta Morph - Nature meta toon
    The Microbat - Batman inspired
    Crag Oosni - Ice toon. Oosni: means cold in Lakota
    Tritz - just a name I always use in games.
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  6. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    I've been Quantum Edge since March of 2012. Renamed from Magic Metal. I really just wanted a name that hinted at Quantum Mechanics, and yet also had a modern feel to it.

    Quantum powers coming out was once of the worst things that could have happened for me, name wise, because I went from having a name that people noticed and commented on, to people assuming I jumped on the FOTM bandwagon in May.
  7. melvinpox Devoted Player

    My name chose me.
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  8. MissWatchtower New Player

    I chose my name based off of Smallville's Watchtower, Chloe Sullivan. A very short bio: A friend (also a Smallville fan) called me Watchtower one day, because my name is Chloe and Chloe Sullivan (from Smallville) is someone I look up to (yes, I know, she's just a character, it's a long complicated story and I do not want to bore you with the details). But I could not call myself THE Watchtower or simply Watchtower on here, it just didn't feel right, so I added Miss in front of the name and became MissWatchtower, as a reference to Chloe Sullivan.
  9. Drifting Dreamer Steadfast Player

    Typically I'm MrDriftingDreamer, but not every site lets you put in that many characters. But I gave myself the name a few years ago because I move places and jobs quite often and also haven't yet found 'my place in the world' (thus Drifting) and I am a prolific writer, I'm terrible at it, but I do it all the time anyway (thus Dreamer) and a-course I'ma dude so Mr. :D