Why did you choose your name?

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  1. JokerWing Level 30

    I chose the name JokerWing because two of my favorite DC characters are Nightwing and The Joker. I combined there names and thought it sounded nice so I stuck with it. I now use this name in multiple games and can't really think of a reason to change it. A couple months ago the Death of the family story happened in the comics and they had some nice covers. One of those covers was actually my avatar on the old forums because it kind of matched with my name.It was from Nightwing issue 16. I did however, make my name over a year ago so it was pretty cool.


    Anyway, what made you choose your name and do you use it anywhere else?
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  2. Worlok New Player

    used it since diablo 2 '99. i have taken quite a liking to it.
  3. risen New Player

    I wanted something fun but semi serious and still original and I really liked how hollidae sounded.
  4. General Powers New Player

    ... I was feeling a bit power hungry at the time.
  5. Battle Man Committed Player

    Because I'm funny.
  6. recespieces31 New Player

    I chose recespieces because it has been my nickname since middle school...back then my dream job was to become a rapper and someone told me "Will, we already have an Eminem. We don't need a Reese's Pieces." The name has stuck ever since, but I couldn't copy the candy, so I put my twist on it
    31 was simply my high school sports number
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  7. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Because its gangsta
  8. FeelsGood New Player

    Because who doesn't like to feelsgood (can be taken multiple ways)
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  9. BlueVariable Committed Player

    My characters name is due to the origin of his power.
    He was basically born within the center of a Luminous Blue Variable star as it went hypernova. LBVs are also called S Doradus Variables which was another idea for the name, but I liked the simple Blue Variable title better.

    They are unstable supergiants producing 250k times the luminosity of our sun. It's a beautiful celestial powerhouse that I wanted to introduce into a character storyline.
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  10. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    most all my names were about a life time love of a girl called Mary Jane and had them all for 2 years until I put in a help ticket about the game not working and had them all taken away in one fell swoop.

    hence why my main villain was called BongHits and is now named Deprive because i was deprived of all my great names
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  11. Feenicks New Player

    Phoenix was already taken. :)
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  12. Doctor Erevos Committed Player

    Lord Lucion: He's a villian sorcery healer so I wanted a demonic name. Lucion is the Lord of Hatred, son of Mephisto from the Diablo series and Lucion also sounds similar to Lucifer. The previous name was Doctor Erevos (hence my username). Erebus, also Erebos, is the greek god of darkness. Erevos was a variant I came up with from of the original name. I changed to Lord Lucion because I didn't like the "Doctor" after a while.

    Dreadknife: I got inspiration from Deathstroke and Deadpool as he is a tech gadget user. I tried different "Death" and "Pool" combinations. I was also going through weapons in my head.

    Voltstrom: I thought of actual things that are related to electricity like Ampere, Volt, Resistance, and thought of names like Hailstrom and Firestrom (weather-type names) so I combined Volt with strom.

    I like being creative. :)
  13. Delta795 New Player

    It was my training battalion when I first enlisted. It was my first PSN name & I've normally use it on pretty much every game I've ever played.
    Delta company 795th Military Police Battalion
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  14. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Mine was what I was called many years before the game came out. I'm known a little around certain circles online by it.
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  15. The Jeff Well-Known Player

    Gothena evolved because the character was loosely based on the idea of an evil Amazon and was thinking of Greek names, Greek gods, etc. I was watching Anger Management and Selma Blair's character was talking about being a Goth when she was younger. Goth + Athena = Gothena. When I started playing, my characters were hero side and my first character was Freezypopp. It was an ice tank and the name sounded like a dessert Eric Cartman would eat. "Mom I want a freezy popp!!" "Yes, poopykins, coming right up." My naming conventions are usually fairly simple.
  16. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Because it is... Magnificent.

  17. Fourth New Player

    My name is L** R****** B**** IV.
    And I have 4 brains. And 4 arms. And 4 giant....Hearts.
  18. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    I designed my toon to be a cyborg and Atari 2600 sounds like a cyborg name while paying homage to the old school system that propelled the gaming industry forward. To boot my toon is Gadgets. It just flowed all to well.
    When Quantum comes out I will be changing my name though to represent my character evolving. What yet will be a secret until DLC 7's release date;).
  19. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Forum name, it's a mix of my first name and the first character I ever made in Star Wars Galaxies years ago. Funny thing, that character was named Flynne Cordova in an homage to the main character from the original Tron film oh-so-many years ago. I just added an "e" to "Flynn" because that's the kind of thing they seem to do in naming Star Wars characters. LOL

    For my characters, it just depends on the concept I come up with.
    • Will Chill seemed like an appropriate Ice character name, for example.
    • My other Ice character was a little more challenging. I had it in mind to use the Water skin from last summer for an Ice character and go with the name Liquid Cooled, but I couldn't get that name so I went with WaterCooler.
    • Headlong was a name I've used for other heroes, both in pen-and-paper games and CO.
    • Flynne Cordova was recycled for my Hard Light character
    • Techhawk was for my Gadgets character, but also my own take on the Hawk motif in DC
    • AmericanArcher pretty much says it all, patriotic archer. But I couldn't resist adding the Shield weapon to his skills. Don't you judge me! :D
    • Amelia Powers was a roundabout name. Amelia is a name that's always bounced around in my head, and since her backstory involved being a huge fan of the Superman family, having the last name "Powers" ties her in via Power Girl without being too heavy-handed about it.
    I've got something in mind already for Quantum as well. Not gonna say anything about it, though. Don't want to jinx it.
  20. BlueVariable Committed Player

    I do also have a villain that I named Zaxxon Prime. His name came about because of one of my favorite old video games Zaxxon, never really had a good reinterpretation of what Zaxxon might look like. Prime came from the idea that my incarnation of Zaxxon would be the advanced version.