What's your least favorite thing about Dcuo and why

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Oceanly, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. N-IX Well-Known Player

    an option to Archive and one to delete has been requested with little success, it's been 10 years since this has been requested ....
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  2. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    Mepps doesn't get to troll us as much as he use to. I still have a pic on my ps3 of him spawning like a million gorillas in the WT. If I had his power I'd be trolling so hard like spawning villains to watchtower to get jumped on, but then again he's probably very busy these days.
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  3. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    Homeless characters asking me to buy them stuff from the broker, it's Dcuo not a shelter.
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  4. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    People acting like the developers running Dcuo are criminals for just tying to make money.
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  5. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    Brute large having a invisible waist when in primal stance. The aura also not being to small to adapt to the size of the character when brute.
  6. Kilbane Level 30

    Oh my.. so little time and room.

    1. The game is the only subscription based game I've ever played that still feels like pay to win on top of a subscription. So many feats and skill points are tied up in spending tons of cash to unlock hundreds TC's for rare styles. Everything feels like you're being nickel and dimed on top of the sub (more like $5/$10/'d). I just don't understand the game model here. It isn't a subscription based game, and it damn sure isn't F2P. It isn't buy piecemeal.. It's a weird hybrid of all 3. F2P is basically like trying to play without hands. Premium gives you both hands but only 1 finger per hand. A sub gives you 3 fingers per hand. You're going to have to constantly buy more stuff to really reach end game elite levels, or even catch up with end game content if you're new or took a long break.

    2. Artifact breakthrough. They take a absolutely huge amount of time and effort to level up.. then you fail to breakthrough costing literally weeks of playtime. I wouldn't mind the time sink so much if there was not a chance to fail on break through. I should not be holding onto thousands of nth metal in hopes a 2x weekend will show up and then have to break out either my wallet or valium. It should be exciting and fun to get an artifact up and to "break through" that's the point of the fancy interface right? Well it's quite the opposite. It's stressful and absolutely demoralizing to fail breakthrough. "Dev's gotta make money" is a bad excuse. Plenty of other real F2P games sell only cosmetics and they're still paying their bills and making new content. The chance to fail break throughs needs to end. It is blatantly abusive to the player base.

    3. There are so many things wrong with TC's that make no sense. Opening TC's (or gabling loot boxes) is also an extremely stressful event. For some inexplicable reason I have only 2 minutes to decide if I want 1/12 of a collection item, a 1/7 piece of a armor set that doesn't tell me what set it is, let alone if I have the piece collected yet, ~10 extra quarks to put towards a guaranteed piece of something for 100+ quarks, or the extremely rare chance that I get a material or aura that I have to go to the broker and check the value on and preview to decide if I even want it. 2 Minutes now go!. This should be such a easy fix, remove the stupid 2mintue timer and that'd go a long way in helping it become less crappy. Add the set item to the loot box and indicate if we collect the style or not and you're almost there. Add a way to preview materials and auras and it'd be a decent experience opening a TC. Increase the bonus quark value to at least 40 and it may actually be fun opening a TC.

    4. Old Content is nearly impossible to do at level, and pointless to do at end game. Open world 8man missions are nearly impossible once you hit JLD content. Below that they're possible basically only if you can solo or duo them.. but at that point it's just for feat farming. Players should get like a 100% dmg increase/reduction to these 4/8man bosses once the content is "retired" (Episode tokens are changed to source marks) so they can either duo or 4 man them.

    5. Kind of a lead on from 5, but all content should be open for any group size. If I want to try to solo Legion HQ I should be able to. If I want to go back and farm a old raid solo for feats, or a random 4man I should be able to. Trying to find 8 competent players to run old content for a old feat is damn near impossible. Just let me do it myself.

    6. Augments take way to much XP to level. Especially as a new or returning player. At a play rate of like 3hrs/day you'd have to spend months of grinding to get up to reasonably comparable stats for endgame. This wouldn't be a big deal if the player base was larger, or old content provided some reward to higher end players... but it really doesn't.

    7. Open world bosses. Not the worst thing in concept.. but the vendor costs.. WTF. 8 tokens per normal boss kill.. 16 for the "big" boss in Legion. ~6mins per boss spawn. 150 tokens for a generator mod. That's (3x8 normal) X (1x16 bigboss) = 40token/24minutes. That's 1hr36minutes of solid farming for a single generator mod. Feat for 12 mods.. that's 19.2 hours of solid farming just for the generator mod feat alone. Nothing but open world boss farming for 19.2 hours of very limited gameplay for a single skill point and a very moderate bump in might/weaponization rating. Lets ignore the fact that in reality it'd take an average player months to get lucky enough to find solid farming groups to get that many beacons, and the fact you need beacons for other things like augment breakthrough items that fail. This isn't fun. Stop worrying about the handful of elite end game chasers/cheaters that somehow blow through all the content in the first week and complain about not having anything to do. Most players I'd wager don't play for 8+hrs a day. Cut the costs dramatically, or remove the skill points associated with it.. or both. Combine this with issue #4 and you're going to be left with content that is basically unobtainable unless you're a serious masochist.

    8. The value of Market items is terrible. I purchased a Perfected Exobyte mega pack hoping to push my 268 might implants up to 287. I got a total of 6 levels for $5. That is basically 60 of primary stat increase. for $5. It's a joke. I will not buy anything like this again from the market. For $5 I expected to max at least one implant. It sure doesn't make me want to buy a $10 Artifact xp token to not come close even close to maxing out a artifact.

    9. This game with so many interesting and varied powersets and character ideas is absolutely hostile to the concept of playing alts. Several of the issues above contribute to this. I want to play different powersets for fun and for RP/Cosplay purposes. Buying power change/movement change/name change tokens to accomplish this doesn't work. Flash does not look like Wonder Woman. John Stewart does not look like Batman. This game has some of the most interesting and best comic book cosplay ideas.. but the core structure actively discourages, if not outright prevents the ability to play this. I have 21 characters.. I can only actually spend enough time and/or money to play 1.

    10. Daily maintenance at 8am CST. What the hell. Every.. freaking.. morning. I lose 2 hours of really prime potential playtime before work. I shouldn't have to play another game, or find something else to do with my 2hrs when I want to log into the game I'm actively paying for. If you need to do it daily, do it at a more user friendly time, like 3-4am. I know a lot of non-us folks play, and it's always "8am somewhere" but it is a "US" server after all.

    11. Spammers, beggers, and leeches. Ignore should be account wide. I don't want to have to ignore "sfglkjerf" on every freaking character, nor do I want to ever see "Iamthebestleech" in any of my group ever again. In fact, I wouldn't mind if ignore was account wide as in if I ignore one of your characters, I don't want to ever play with you on any of your characters.

    I could go on those are my biggest complaints that I feel are seriously negatively impacting this game. I could list several positive things as well, which is why I am here. I generally enjoy most aspects of the game, but it could be so so much better.. and I so badly want it to be better.
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  7. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    Generation Z
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  8. Lovora Liaht Level 30

    The thread asks to list what you hate about DCUO and WHY...and some are ignoring that part.

    Some of you are forgetting to also explain WHY you hate the thing you listed. Giving a reason WHY would probably go a long way in getting the change you want instead of just saying "I hate this" and saying nothing else.

    That's my two cents.

    Anyway...as far as what I hate about DCUO...I hate the Valentine's event race because it seems to be very buggy. When I fly through a pink heart, there's a 50/50 chance I get the speed boost. So annoying. Ughhhhhhh!!!
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  9. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    I’d love to elaborate on my comment, but frankly, there’s not enough hours in the day.
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  10. tukuan Devoted Player

    Or at the very least accessories. I was hoping optimistically for a proty with the current content
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  11. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Elite/ sm. It allows people to get a “ im better attitude “ and takes away from the devs making content everyone can play.
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  12. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Kinda thought that not liking players trying to block other players (who have met the requirements set by the devs) from running content or someone else telling me how I have to play my character (not theirs) didn't really need explanation as to WHY I highly dislike that behavior. Seemed a bit self-explanatory. :D

    Plus since it's player behavior, it's not anything that's gonna change unless those people decide to change that behavior on their own. As frustrating and highly irritating as I find those actions there isn't a whole lot the devs can do to solve that particular problem.
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  13. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    I would say artifacts but I think time capsules take the cake. It’s an RNG based P2W system.

    You want certain feats? Open some time capsules and test your luck. Wanna get this style? You have the option of paying upwards of 500 mil for it or again. Open 300 million time capsules and hope you get it.

    It’s crazy that I’ve opened at least 1000 Qwardian TCs and have yet gotten a void essence lmfao. Thank the lord for the qwarks.
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  14. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    I gotta disagree with this one. DC needs hard content on this game. Otherwise it kinda takes away the accomplished feeling of beating certain content. Which is what makes gaming fun. I personally don’t like when the game is super easy and that’s the base game. SM and Elite content allow the game to be challenging while letting those who want easy quick runs to still run the easier version.
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  15. Solarbound Well-Known Player

    When the business approach for the means of making that money becomes unethical, people are entirely justified to feel that way.
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  16. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    I get that, but most people just cry about arts and stuff when it's been proven you don't even need arts to run elite content.
  17. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    Lmfao who are you playing with that you don’t need arts to run elite content? Now if you’re talking about max arts. I agree. You can have 120-130 arts and still be viable enough to run elite content. But no arts? You’re pretty much useless in comparison to somebody with arts
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  18. fm0987 Well-Known Player

    If you’re referrIng to arts or time capsules, it’s already a subscription based service, micro transactions are one thing, tying them directly to your effectiveness is another.
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  19. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    I'm saying you can have high sp and get by without even needing arts. Yeah the raid may take a little longer, but the point is you can still get past the raid is what I'm trying to say.
  20. TheRealDemon Well-Known Player

    I get what you're saying, yea a lot of feats are from time capsules and stuff. The thing is you can buy all of that stuff mostly with in game cash. Even then arts can be grinded without you having to spend any real cash except for on breakthroughs. So really it's not as deep as people make it.
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