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    "Make every ROLE matter. Give every ROLE a purpose in all group content."

    "You can usually gauge the difficulty of content by how many DPS players you can stack in it."

    "Give me my STAR SAPPHIRE RING!!!"


    A NEW Violet Lantern Aura (Non-Misted Aura)
    Violet Weapons Pack
    A PROPER Violet Light Stream (The current "Purple" Light Stream looks very ULTRAVIOLET / INDIGO Lantern)
    Violet Material
    Violet Chroma
    Violet Uplink Device
    Violet Lantern Henchmen
    Violet Supply Drop
    Star Sapphire / Zamaron Base style
    A FULL BODY Star Sapphire Suit (Based on New 52 Carol Ferris)
    A FULL BODY Star Sapphire Suit (Based on New 52 Yrra Cynril)
    A MALE Star Sapphire Suit (Based on Star Sapphire John Stewart)
    A MALE Star Sapphire Suit (Based on Abraham Pointe)
    Star Sapphire Corps Powerset OR just add a Color Slider for the Lantern Rings
    Tamaranean/Starfire Gear Style
    Tamaranean SKIN
    More Personality Types
    A different Personality Type per Armory
    Multiple styles of HEELS to use with casual dress styles
    An ON SCREEN Notification that tells me I am being REVIVED
    PLEASE FIX our Open World PVP gear STATS. PVP vs PVE dueling should ALWAYS be in PVP's favor by a wide margin. It shouldn't even be close.
    Bring back ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS PvP Balance as a first step to fixing our in game PvP

    - Lovora Liand'r - Star Sapphire of planet Tamaran
    "Approximately one gram of mercury" enters a 20-acre lake each year. Over time, just this small amount can contaminate the fish in that lake...."

    Google This > The False Consensus Effect