What do you think of Omnibus now, since its release?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Leveling up was never an issue though. Daily and weekly event instances, plus open worlds being unlocked, had people progressing to end game extremely fast already
  2. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    At 1st i didn't mind it, but now i find it it be a tedious pain in the *** and i'm tired of the clamped content and miss the unclamped days. I pretty much just play clamped solo or duo missions now days and stick with the end game stuff. I think they should rethink the clamp or clamp us less or add an option to play unclamped ,maybe keep the omnibus for Qing stuff.

    just my 2 cents
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  3. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    The trip down memory lane was fun for all of 2 weeks. Now you cant even build a group for 99% of these instances, and blind queuing omnibus is a waste of time with an abysmal finish rate.

    Since the second phase of STU, ive only been logging in for my daily rewards. I might log in the odd time to actually run something if people in our party chat are getting on, but this is a rare occurrence now too.

    I usubscribed for the first time in years because it just isn't worth it right now. Not quitting, but probably not re upping my sub anytime soon either. What I am getting from this game just isn't worth spending any money on. This isn't all on the game itself either. I've ran everything have a ton of sp, full arts, thousands of marks, etc. So i have also kind of played myself into a corner too. But this still doesn't leave the devs off the hook for turning this game into what it has become. Which is catered to the extremely casual/cosplayer crowd. So from now on I will just be a casual I guess

    Spending my time now playing games like ESO and FF14, makes me kind of sad at what DCUO could have been. DCUO seems like a baby game in comparison. Im kind of mad at myself for not cutting the cord sooner. Feels like a lot of time and money wasted to be honest
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  4. Bipolar Diva Well-Known Player

    I find if I give them more than 10 seconds some knucklehead will start it. I hate to abandon them at that point but I will. Prefer to leave in time to allow them another sucker to be fair.
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not for 5 minutes (or whatever the miniumum is) you don't. Sorry, but I don't have the 5 min to waste, I'll take the 1 min deserter if this situation comes up.. If I omni queue in, I'm always queued as role and DPS, but can(and will) do the roles I queue for. I'll step up if someone else can't do the job, but if I'm no a troll...I can't heal....if I'm on a tank...I can't troll....etc... Besides, most queue up groups you initiate a kick in just open the queue back up for more of the same...even when you say in chat 'Don't open, I've got someone' or similar, so you are back in the same boat most of the time.

    I've even played role as a toon that ABSOLUTELY has no gear or artis, and I only queued DPS on (like farming toons)....but others are not willing to change to the role they queued for. I'll say "I can give it a try in DPS gear...1 or 2 try's", and sometimes it will work out. I keep a 'role' loadout I can switch to on any DPS only toons I run. Again, normally just farmers, but I'll TRY and step up if no one else will. If it goes belly up, welp...I didn't queue in as that role, so I'm not feeling bad about it. This only applies to raids of course, in alerts the roleless buff will out perform a bad replacement role player.
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  6. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Ha, that's fair lol.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Who's accusing anyone of 'lying'. When you queue in as role, if you were asked 'Can you switch to XYZ role?' then you reply 'no I don't have the gear?' Cause that's the only way you'd be at a point where someone could accuse you of lying...like "Nah Controller...I KNOW you have gear...why you lying?' or whatever. If you are assigned the role, but stay in DPS for a more than reasonable amount of time (30 sec? 1 min), say nothing...and no one else is switching...yeah, I'm leaving because I'll assume the people NOT switching...can't switch. If they could, they should say so...or just switch. I might even ask "heal? tank? troll?"...if no answer and no switch...yeah, I'm out the door. That doesn't mean they are being accused of 'lying'...they are being accused of being bad players.

    Example, I'll queue in on most troll toons into alerts both roles. When we get in, I'll ask 'Anyone need me to go troll?' mainly for the healer's sake...but I ask the group. Most times it's 'nah' or 'your choice' or nothing...so I'll stay DPS. If someone then has an issue with no troll, that's on them. If they yell at me for not playing my role, I might switch still, but yeah...I asked up front. Now raids, I'll just switch if assigned role or I see no one else is stepping up. I'll even 2nd on things like ToTD for heal or tank because even though you CAN do it with 1, 2 makes it a lot smoother and I value a smooth run over a 1 or 2 min faster run.

    In what part of this is anyone in a position to be called 'liar'?

    PS. I think a lot of time where people 'poof' in a few seconds is when they see the majority of the group is on the 'buffed up' side of CR...not the 'clamped down' side. Not so much because they can't do a role, but because they won't know mechanics and best practices. If it's your first time in HH, I don't want to have to type repeatedly 'kill the drone!' just to keep wiping on Superman/BlackAdam going invulnerable 15-20 min into the run. Constantly having to re educate the un educatable noobs is exhausting.
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    IF only there were SOME way to solo(or duo...trio or whatever) that raid without affecting anyone who doesn't want to be there....gee has anyone mentioned a method of getting into a raid without having to queue in randoms?

    No? No-one? Some 'Adjustable Queue' type setting? Anyone?

    Hmmm thought I heard that mentioned once or twice before.
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, the practice is pretty much to blame on 2 things....1 the CR Skips and push to level up vs learn how to play and 2 (and I know this is weird to hear from me) the period of time pre clamp where double queueing might be the only way something would pop. If you wanted AnB, the chances of 7 others queuing at the same time was very low....the chances out of those 7, you'd have all the roles? Yeah, I can't count below 0...so double queue was a viable strat for getting in.

    Most of the times those runs sorted themselves out because roles weren't 100% needed (except a few like ToTD) and you could plow through. So yeah, people need to un-learn it at this point.
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  10. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Yes, especially when half or more of the team doesn't pay attention.

    1. No one can attack (except tank killing the essence) until Ares kneels. Then everyone needs to stop again when Ares only takes 1 dmg. Repeat. No pets out for that fight makes it much smoother.

    2. People have got to watch for hades to deflect attacks (they need to stop attacking him).

    If you blurt those points out and people listen, it goes better.
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  11. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Context is important. The poster previous said that anytime they saw people queuing up as both roles they were lying since they wouldn't switch. They said they wouldn't even ask people to switch now, they'd just automatically leave. Hence, they say people are lying when they double queue.

    And btw, 10 secs is too short considering loading times for console players. I'm on a stock PS4 and I often load in before I'm actually in the instance (I can hear sounds and such but I'm still on the loading screen).
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Ok. A few things. Assuming you are referring to KoscheiDeath saying someone was 'lying' he didn't (going from the proximity of your reply to his...I'm making this assumption...you didn't actually 'reply' to anyone). Ms Tickle Fate inferred that (incorrectly), that he means he thinks they are 'lying' about having an armory....like that would even make sense. i.e. They say ..."No, I cannot Heal...(snickering as they hide a 200 PHR, EOG and PAGE behind their back)".

    Now could it be meant that double queuing when you have no intention or capability of doing that role is 'lying'? Maybe...could be stupidity or being completely uninformed on how roles work too. So no, I wouldn't say objecting to someone double queuing that way is calling them a 'liar' either. But again...neither did KoscheiDeath...go back and read it again. If you are talking about someone else saying 'liar'...I apologize for assuming wrong, but again your post was not in 'reply' to anyone in particular.

    And as you ARE replying to my post directly, I said 30 seconds or a min(not 10 seconds) AND said I'd normally ask about people switching...if no response and no switching I'd leave. That 10 Sec 'BTW' note is obviously for someone else I guess. If it takes over a min for your screen to come up after entering the instance, you might want to get off the dialup. I also play PS4 and 20-30 sec is as much as it normally takes to populate the screen, and if you are hearing sounds, you will also see the progression in chat once you get your screen...where you will see someone asking 'can anyone tank' or whatever. Personally if I knew I was late to the party because of my console lag and I saw no tank/heal/troll and can do the role...I'd just switch without asking or being asked.
  13. Bipolar Diva Well-Known Player

    I'm on PS4. They get 10 seconds. Same goes for me.
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  14. KoscheiDeath Well-Known Player

    I thought my post was pretty clear, obviously I was wrong. Thanks for clearing things up with those who seem to be skim-reading.
  15. VariableFire Loyal Player

    It wasn't just one person, it was combination of posts that I read perfectly fine. Just because you don't like the interpretation that others can take from them doesn't mean it's untrue. Frankly I find a lot of the complaints about double-queuing very sheltered or inexperienced in pug life. Need a role, ask. If they can't do the role, try anyway and see if the role is actually needed. I've seen some brutal runs that got muscled through even though the group composition shouldn't have worked (yes, even post-clamp).

    It's the other side of the coin of people leaving after a single wipe. You're unlikely to get a perfect group if you random queue, stop expecting them or forcing them. You might be surprised at what can work.
  16. KoscheiDeath Well-Known Player

    Assuming you're referring to my post with this, please go read it again and please read Reinheld's explanation right after. I never said nor implied people were lying, I was pointing at those who choose to queue as both roles but can't actually perform both of them.

    EX: Person 1 queues as both DPS and Healer. Person 1 is asked to switch to Healer because one is needed but Person 1 exclaims he can't because he doesn't have Healer gear/Loadout, etc.
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  17. DirtyZerg New Player

    being a returning player after 4 yrs or so its def helped me and buddy
  18. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    I dont disagree. And your correct its the devs trying to force us into “instance roulette” rather then just Q’n what we need.
    The people acting like this option is new are simply wrong is all. We always had the option to Q this way. We just didnt do it lol.
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  19. KoscheiDeath Well-Known Player

    Honestly, Omnibus is nothing more than a "Queue all" button that could've been added to the old menu. People could run "Omnibus" before but choose not to do so. They gave "Queue all" a fancy name and a front page button and people think it's some sort of revolutionary feature.
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  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    See if you read my posts I actually clearly say they are bad players or dumb...not liars. See lying takes a certain amount of knowledge and planning....many in Omni do not have these tools. So yeah...twisting things a bit.
    When someone 'interprets' something wrong...then is corrected as to the intended meaning...and they still chose to 'believe' their interpretation is correct...well, that's twitter and social media in a nutshell.

    No one is queuing up an Omni run looking to get into a 'brutal' run. And as far as having missing roles but just plow through a 'brutal' run...sorry, but I've spent the last 6 months since the clamp was announced hearing that we'll now be playing things 'as it was intended' and 'no more just smashing through stuff'...so no, If I'm in a raid where there is no heal and tank at least, sorry....I'll boogie (or fill that role if I can). If we were meant to just DPS our way through stuff, dropping useless players as they fall with no healer or don't block through mindless mechanics, well, I guess the clamp was a fail.

    And remember this is a discussion on Omni queue runs. So yeah, if you put together a custom group and decide you want to go roll-less or make any staffing changes....fine, do so. But if you are Omni queuing in as role, be ready to play that role....or just queue DPS if that's all you can offer. Hey, I love a good DPS, just not as my 1 healer, tank or troll slot in a raid. And I realize you may not do this, but a LOT of people do and Omni is worse for it.

    Besides, I'm not sure why it would bother you if someone leaves once you are in a raid as long as it's not mid fight. Oh wait, because they were probably NOT mis-queued and actually ready to do the job they signed up for? Yeah...that can be frustrating for sure.