Time to say goodbye

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  1. Darth_Andrea Well-Known Player

    I've played DCUO for about 7 years or so on and off. And I've finally had enough. Between the constant gold sellers spam in chat everywhere, the racist and hateful comments made by far far too many in the community. And the cost of DPS chasing. Just getting artifacts to a reasonable level, not even maxed has cost me in the end far too much money. Not to mention the hours wasted waiting for queues for older content to pop in order to try and get feats for skill points. I'm just done. The amount of grind in this game, and the amount of blantant cash grab is just to much for me. I mean putting Feats into lootboxes .. which is exactly what they have done with the time capsules, I've always hated it and I've finally had enough of it.

    As such it's time to say goodbye. I deleted all my characters uninstalled the game and removed it from my steam profile.

    I have play DBG's game since they were SOE. I started when Everquest was released. It's not the same company, it's not the same community and it's no longer my games of choice.

    For those staying I hope you have fun. I hope you enjoy what you find. But I just can't justify it for myself anymore.


    May The Mother Protect <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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  2. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    You want the easy way out so YOU pay to increase your arts yet you been playing for seven years. Such a shame all that time and money invested on it only for you to quit. Do us all a favor and give your account or other stuff to players who actually stick around.
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  3. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Toxic players are winning the more I see threads like this, they can't get rid of me, I tell you that.

    Because I love this game!
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  4. The Con Well-Known Player

  5. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    DCUO is for heroes and villans not much space for snowflakes maybe if you knew MR Freeze :)
    The rummor is they get more money on DCUO development im about to quit as well but i keep an eay on it !
    The game not good atm specialy with refreshing old instances and this ally system became not friendly for alts toons so if you play on more then 1 toon you F.........ed becouse you need to find 2nd job to afford all this crap they trying to sale us and then no time for playing at all so whats the point ?
  6. Roocck Committed Player

    As much as I like the game, I too have decided stop playing for some of the same reasons, the stat clamp is what definitely did it for me… Good luck….
    Lucky for us gamers there are other games in the market that we can get into…
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  7. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    You don’t have to quit. I mean, you only truly quit when the game gets its plug pulled because there will be nothing to return to, and I’m fine with that.

    Just take a break, keep yourself updated and if it changes for the good you can come back but if it’s stays bad you can stay gone. That’s what I do. Just find other game to play in the mean time. I can guarantee you there are more fun games out there for you to experience.
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  8. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    This makes me think of that tori amos song where she mentions hanging out with neil gaiman.
  9. Random Mind Committed Player

    I have felt like quitting several times, mainly because of loot boxes and how much everything is monetized. It could also because I'm at the point where I don't enjoy levelling up characters as much as use to and because of that I looking at things like how much it is to say alter a character, like change their power, name and movement, that is $27 (for members) more because I don't want to start over again. So in order to level less characters, I've become more interested in creating shape-shifting characters, so I can focus on armories rather than levelling up new toons every time I have an idea for a character. However, the price for the number of armories I would want is ridiculous (my brain loves creating toons). If there was ways to earn respec tokens and armories in-game, I would definitely enjoy the game more.

    I enjoy DCUO because I can create custom superheroes and super-villains as well as create comic characters you might not get to play as in any other game. Sure you could play as Batman in any number of games but where could you play as Mister Miracle or The Question? They may not be exact, but is there another game that is closer?

    As of right now the enjoyment outweighs the hate but when that scale tips in the other direction and it is has gotten close sometimes, (**cough, cough**, House of Legends, **cough, cough**), I may have to say goodbye too.
  10. Rip Kurrent Well-Known Player

    Because supportive, right? I get it, OP. At some point you have to say that enough is enough. I don't fault you for your choice. I do think it's a bit extreme to have deleted all of your characters. As others have said, keep an eye on things.

    This is a FTP game that has a pay to win OPTION. You never HAVE to spend a dime on arts or time capsules. You can do both organically through game play. Choosing to spend money? Well, that's on you. If the game at its core is something you enjoy, support it. If you legitimately don't enjoy it, then you should move on. Please, dont blame money that you spent for arts, etc as part of why you're leaving. Yes, they're there. Yes, they cost money. Do you HAVE to spend real money on them? No. You can get the collections and gear for feats from the broker without personally spending time. Especially now. Anyway, I wish you well. :)
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  11. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    well. i too have played SOE mmos since the early days, i played SWG, from 2003, to 2010 , and play the private servers, i have a pretty ok, EQ2 account, never got into Eq1. i was learning Ashrons call, to get into mmos, SWG just took up all my gaming time,
    SOE aka Daybreak aka Dimensional Ink has really buggy games, that's a fact, anyway, cheers and deleting all the characters, is a thing i never did, that is really throwing the key away after locking the door,

    i know how hard it is to see a games community and game itself, just go poof, im such a fan of DC that gives me enough to play still. but i do not like how all mmos have taken the fortnite F2p, style and copy pasted the style sales. we should be able to just pay the 15 dollars a month, Sub to the game, as it should be, shouldn't be called legendary or w/e, u sub to play or dont play, but, its a smart business tactic, but bad in the name of content, cause we should be able to loot, earn, grind for ANY at least most of the style items that are in the game, but its just not how it is thanks to freakin CSGO , PUBG, and fortnite, every game has taken on that SEASON PASS, with skin selling and made that the entire way to make money from a game and calling the game f2p, they put a season pass on freaking Arkham knight LOL, there are some bad A$# skins and cars in that game, which should of all just been 2 to 3 purchases max, but it keeps games up longer, and makes the publishers rich.

    Cheers, from another SOE player wish ya well.
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  12. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    What you trying to justify ? Shity artifacts that unbalance game in the name of profit for devs ? same with allys now :) good luck with that to be honest i dont care about yours opinion at all. There are few people at this forum who will justify everything guess they got salary for it.What collection should i buy from broker to get Legendary allys did i miss something here ? :)
    If they want some cash ( they want all of it) at least they should do it right and dont release broken stuff at MP also no one gona play same old content over and over again and now again and again . If they not ready with next dlc becouse .............. **** happens new SM even with old/NO rewords to keep people bussy would be way better then refreshing FOS or Inner .
  13. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Good for you!
    It takes a lot of will power to walk away from something that you have invested years of time.
    You should be proud of yourself for doing that. Deleting your characters and uninstalling the game is the best way to ensure that you don't get caught in the same DCUO trap again.
    May you find peace in game that is less predatory.
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  14. Rip Kurrent Well-Known Player

    You make a fair point on allies. HOWEVER, again...its a choice to purchase them. Would it be nice to have them in game and not on the marketplace? Absolutely! However (at least for now)..you earn ally favor organically, you buy the catalysts from cyborg with source marks and there's a 100% breakthrough on every rank of allies. Not everyone agrees with the business model and that's fine. I'm not justifying or defending anything. I'm just providing an objective look at things.

    I understand you don't care about my opinion and that's ok. Who am I to stand in the way of angry people? Have a nice day. :)
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  15. OnlyNomad The One Above All



    Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!
  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I will always say this in these threads:

    Just take a break. There is always a chance you can come back unless the lights go out at the company.

    (Actually, I usually say, "Who?" or "Can I have your stuff?")
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  17. Saami Loyal Player

    I started this game since day one and i have quit it for several times. However i never quit forever yet.

    Sometimes you just need a small or long break from mmo. My longest break being 3 years.
  18. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    I have read and re-read just in case what Rip Kurrent said, and I do not find that he is attempting to justify anything. He is merely stating facts about the ways we the gamers choose to play the game or not play the game. As far a allies go, they are luxury items that are not required to be successful in this game but serve as a status symbol with minimal benefit for those who want to flaunt it.

    The OP gave his reasons for leaving the game after years of investing time and treasure into it. His reasons for leaving the game differ from mine, should the come I ever do decide to leave, nevertheless they are his reasons. I wish him well and hope that he made good memories while playing DCUO that he will think back on fondly.
  19. Sammy Well-Known Player

    I am never going to quit. not until a week before my stomach kills me . Which should be in about two years or so. But until then! I'll keep playing!
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  20. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    This is why I left in 2016, and the acquisition situation in 2015. The TCs arrived after that acquisition and I felt the direction they were heading was bad. Took a 5 year break. Came back for a year sub, had time available (pandemic), and wanted to see the changes and new content. Not a fan of artifact grind, but have done a bunch (TY bonus week for artifacts. Gotta monitor them bonus weeks and hope your not away that week for work. Announcing the bonuses ahead of time -per quarter- would be greatly appreciated. Spring, summer, fall, winter. although, i get it, acquisitions and whatnot, planning ahead seems dizzying. I wonder how far back they planned the update 41-stat clamp??)