The new DLC anyone asking these questions same as me?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TechWarrior0329, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay to star off overall aside from the lag issues.. I have yet to run anything but the solo waiting till I SEE signs from the players you can run the alert and raids at a normal pace?

    But these question run through my head at time about just who thought this stuff up and got it in game?

    okay so let us start...

    1. Go look at the available feats for the DLC and see if this seems a bit off to you too. I am supposed to find and rescue 90 cats trapped in a tree by a dog. OKAY but unlike the Lions and Gorillas those don't show up every where and take a pretty good amount of time to respawn. NOW let's add in that when you do the Jimmy Olsen Missions on of your assignment is to have scoops get a shot of you freeing a cat. This creates an interesting "duel" in game.

    You have one group of players just trying to complete Harley's mission and the dog/cat do count toward that.

    Then we have group two that may have already done Harley's mission before getting their assignment from Jimmy so now those guys are freeing a kitty just to satisfy THAT mission.

    Now add in the players just trying to get feats that are running all over the place clicking every dog/cat they can find.

    2. then we have a feat for rescuing baby Blood Roots off the rooftops being attacked by thugs. NOT quite as bad as the dog and cat but that baby Blood Root does count toward Ivy's feet as well so again we have one group freeing those things just for the feat and another that would love to defeat those thugs, free the baby and get closer to finishing Ivy's mission.

    3. Now this one is not bad at all really they want us to defeat 100 rioters trying to steal Lex Corp weapons. If you are doing those dailies you know what that means .. The purple barrels (full of weapons) appear and then a group spawns that you need to defeat. Hey before I even knew this was a feat I had one ALT that already had 57 done just by running missions. but again it could cause a small problem when feat seekers run in and kill all those rioters leaving some one trying to finish Huntress's mission standing there scratching their head.

    Over all I like the outdoor stuff. No KILL X involved .. that that I really hated those but others did. Well no kill all here and hey in some cases defeating ONE thing gives you 2 or even 3 credits toward completing the mission. I also like the variety.... If I am doing Harley's mission I can deal with Lions or Gorillas or kitties trapped in that vanishing tree by the puppy. Doing the Huntress's mission? You can stop thugs from robbing armored truck, stop them from running off with crates of weapons (and you even get extra credit for taking the crates to the Police). Ivy's Mission? Defeats mobs of Pheromone affected citizens, stop them from attacking giant plant seeds that bloom into baby Blood roots when you are done or as mentioned above.. save the baby blood roots for the bad guys. Plenty of different stuff to keep us interested :D

    Oh I'd like to add this in as well. Things are spaced out more. I liked Thanagar but that could get very frustrating. You'd attack one metal affected Lantern and by the time you were done you had killed 2, 3 or more other bad guys.. but only got credit for the one if he had not timed out by the time you got done. I spent almost as much time in that zone positioning myself to avoid extra combat as I did engaged in the battles I needed to do. Please dev team keep that in mind for the future .. SPACE things out better.. use this DLC's outdoor zone as an example
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  2. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay so sort of to prove my points but more because I just wanted to get some of that stuff done and grab a couple feats I logged in and took my main back to BOP Metropolis.

    First thing I did was just fly around and drop down on any building with mobs on roof tops. I don't even recall how many I had before I started .. not many It was a day or so before I discovered the baby Blood roots even existed. But didn't take long at al to find and rescue enough to get the ten point feat for saving 33. :p Now in almost every case there was no one near at all so I was not "stealing" kills or ruining anything for anyone. I had two (or the same rooftop.. A BIG ONE :D) that a Villain joined me in defeating the mobs and I let him click on the baby .. we BOTH got credit so no damage done there.

    Next up I headed back around Lex Corp Towers and started taking on rioters stealing weapon. Now if your not familiar four (4) green circles appear and then a small probe??? drops and distributes three weapon containers … Must be Amazon's new way of delivering stuff LOL. Shortly after the canisters appear so do the rioters. Now even without any missions assigned it was possible for me to cause the spawning and I just killed everything in sight and clicked on them to get credit. Again.. in a number of cases I was joined by or other players that MAY or MAY NOT have been running Huntress's mission or I joined them if they caused the spawn. We'd defeat the mobs click to handcuff them for the cops and both walk away with credit ..them for the mission AND the feat and me for the feat. I started with 43 rioters credited and had my 100 in a decent amount of time and got the 25 feat points it awarded.

    Now at the same time I began my quest to save 90 kittens. I had three before I started and 15 when I quit for the night. Those are not as easy as a lion or gorilla to find and a pile of folks are looking for them. I think at least 4 times some one got to the tree before I did. I can see where this one will be the biggest challenge. The main reason ? one tree spawn. It has one dog at the base that has chased the poor kitty up the tree. You have to chase the dog away and then click on the tree to get the cat down. Then the thing despawns for a while. I now know of 4 spots to check and will try for a few each day until HOPEFULY I get my 90. The big thing here is I need to find 90 of the stupiud things to get 10 feat points. There were at least 4, 5 or some times more rioters each time they spawned to steal Lex's weapons and defeat 1oo and get 25 point.. but find and save 90 kittens and you only get 10?

    LOL the amount of time involved on that last one may become the reason I NEVER finish it. :eek:
  3. XPerfectX Well-Known Player

    It's suppose to be done a little each day so no reason to cry about it. If you want to rush it, don't complain please.
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  4. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay first of all.. I simply listed some concerns. Where exactly do you see me moaning and crying? Heck I even posted a 2nd time and said I went in and completed 2 of the 3 in about 1 hour and didn't STEAL anything from anyone.

    Now for the second part...…… How long have you played this game? Because we have a dedicated group of FEAT hunters that emerge the very first day any new DLC goes live and just keep redoing stuff until they have all or most of the Feats. Or haven't you ever noticed the posts on the LFG about a group spamming a bounty like: Starro or Shoog or the Shadow Golem or The Nth metal Golem or the Man bat or Oni Synn or the Metalized Teen Titans or the Giant Robet (titan island)? Do you honestly think for one minute there are not players out there that have run around in the new zone for hours and have all those feats?

    Hell I only flew around for an hour and all I have left is the one for rescuing cats.

    All I am saying is it seems like there are times the Dev team actually sits down and says "So what can we do that will cause players to get mad at each other?" LOL :p <---- See in case it escapes you that is a Laugh Out Loud and a Smiley Face meaning I just made a J O K E .

    And by the way just when did we have the election and name you as being in charge of these forums and give you the right to tell ANYONE what they can do or say. I have not violated the TOS in any way and I have been subscribing to this game for 8 years. I think that gives me the write to post what I think as long as I stay within guidelines. <--- see no LOL or Smiley face THAT is not a joke
  5. XPerfectX Well-Known Player

    You're right, I'm on this game only since the third day after the launch. Despite that, I think I have the same right to say what I thought as you and as I say, it's a complaint to say why this craps won't pop more. There's some issues more important and there is no emoji because i can be serious too. That's all I say if you like it or not!
  6. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    I liked the dog/cat, gorilla, lions thing. Something a little different. Saving the bloodroots was pretty nice too. The One shot kills you meta experiment not so much.

    I need to figure out which augments I want to use and then ditch the other 25ish I've accumulated (after getting any feats associated that is).

    Overall I think they did a pretty good job with creative content. The lag is to be expected with new content and the rush to enjoy it.

    I'd really like to see a lot more missions added to the older content. Maybe make the mission rewards collection pieces/Nth metal/out of date capsules/...

    Enjoy the game
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  7. RoBotkin Well-Known Player

    Whoa, really? You spend all this time grinding out feats that will most likely complete while doing daily missions but you're what, scared to try anything outside of the solo because of bugs?
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  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    OMG another one! Look I already said that the feats for rioters and baby blood roots are not hard at all. heck I have then on 4 alts now . And no I don't mean I got them on one and then BOUGHT the feats for the others.

    Now the one for cats is a lot tougher. Fly around and see how many baby blood roots there are available. I knocked that off in no time. The rioters took a bit longer but dang on a couple of those alts I was over half way to the 100 needed before I even knew there was a FEAT involved.

    CATS? NOT that many around. On my main I was looking for them while I worked on the rioters. I had finished getting 100 rioters and when I logged the main out for the night I had 15 saved kittens Add three more today so I NEED 90 and have 18. Now at 3 a day that means I need another 24 days to finish the feat and get a whole 10 feat point. Took me under one hour in ONE NIGHT to find and rescue 33 Blood Root Babies and that awarded me the same 1o feat point. Took less than 1 hour to defeat 100 rioters and THAT handed me 25 feat points.

    The point is who came up with the totals and decided how many feat points we get for doing them?

    Oh and I have about one or two more alts to run through the solo...….. The regular one not the event.. and every single one has spent the half hour to earn the feats for defeating Hive operatives and grabbing the Volcano Lair to grab that one as well, Plus all but one has the added feat for taking down Lobo without his "sled" attacking them.

    I will get to the alert and raids when I am ready. I do it that same way with every new DLC. Wait till my CR is a little higher and more players KNOW how to play that mission. And the fact that people are still moaning about LAG just makes it easier to hold off.
  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Oh by the way for anyone interested the clock watcher feat isn't that bad. By the time you run from top to bottom of Lex's tower pounding on Hive Operative to get that feat you usually only have between 5-7 minutes of standing around. hey even less if you improvise. On one Alt I stopped and did a short dance on every level up and down.. Amazing how much time that can kill LOL
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  10. tukuan Loyal Player

    Dog and cat are pretty easy if you finish the other two dailies so the only white dots are harley boxes, bananas and dogs. Once you do that there's a few places to farm that are relatively far from the main building.

    My bigger two open world issues which I wrote in another thread but I'll bring up here are:
    • No bounty feat: means that if you don't get it thr-sat it will be like pulling teeth a few weeks from now
    • Bounty proximity: I see over and over people just staying down instead of respawning cause they don't think they'll get back in time
    Beyond that I really don't get no furniture feat. There's been one in 9 out of 10 of the last episodes. They give something worth getting once you max the gear as you can still pass em to alts.
  11. darth_paul Committed Player

    Also, it doesn't even seem like you are actually defeating "63" enemies. There is no actual counter this time to see how many you are actually disposing of, but I couldn't believe that when the feat popped that I had actually done that many, because it only seemed like half that if it was even that much! I think that you are actually getting credit for more than one guy for every single one that you defeat.

    (Now take a drink for every time I said "actually" above! :D)
  12. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    Haha! Actually (drink again :D) the count starts from the time you enter the instance... so everyone that you killed along the way to get to Lobo, and probably even Lobo himself, counted towards that 63.
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  13. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    LOL I think Darth has the idea .. They probably count all the ones you defeated on the way up to take out the Hive Master and the Main Man Lobo too. Because I didn't actually count them but it seemed to me that the ones that spawn after the clock starts ticking are no where near 63.

    Hey between taking them down and my dance regiment the time just flies by. LOL I actually went to Amazon and pulled up one of my play lists so I had some GOOD music to dance to from floor to floor

    Now I think I'll check something else later... On those rioters we need for the 100 feet does it only count the rioters or a weapon containers as well? I think not but those container do add to your total when doing Huntress's mission. I'll report back later on that. :p

    LOL I can confirm that the pair of thugs attacking the Baby Blood Root don't count you have to save 33. But the thugs do count when your doing Ivy's mission :D

    Sorry but ONLY the KITTEN counts on Harley's I don't care how many dogs you chase away :mad: Ruffe dug a dang dogs they are no use at all.... Well I guess they do trap the cat IN the tree :p
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  14. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I know what you mean.. I have seen that as well. Players have no clue if they can get back in time to get credit so they just sit there on one knee waiting for the Meta to drop. Not a huge help but I can not say I blame them. I have had that happen to me a few times on the Man Bat and it is a real bummer. You join the team and manage to stay alive long enough to have it well past half dead and then you drop. You try to rez and rush back only to discover you7 wer too far away when the thing died and EVERY ONE else on the team but you got credit for the kill.

    To make matters even worse.. same zone I have joined a team to do 218/rifts and didn't even realize on or two guys on the team were taking on a Metal Teen Titan. I was close enough taking out mobs and "SURPRIZE" I got credit without ever firing a shot at the Titan???? Go figure that out
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  15. myandria Loyal Player

    I can confirm getting credit for the open world bosses simply because of being in proximity and not firing a shot at that boss; this has happened to me in Thanagar with Onimarr Synn. I got credit for completing Onimarr Synn while working on the mobs near him for missions.

    The only answer I can suggest is if regular open world enemies get close enough to an open world boss, they are tagged as being part of the open world boss' henchmen and therefore you get credit for taking out those henchmen without attacking the open world boss.
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  16. myandria Loyal Player

    I agree about the bounty proximity; the respawn point is just too far away. I wonder if the devs can set up a closer respawn point for the Rampaging Titanic Trenton, as they did with the Metal Manbat for Metal 2. I guess one of the closest safe points would be the Water Treatment Facility, or somewhere near there.
  17. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    Not trying to be any type of way. But Im tryna figure out how it matters so much that you had to type this much out.

    I personally enjoy all of it. Like it literally takes me 3-4 minutes to do ALL my dailies. I enjoy that way more than the last episode and before. They need to keep this up.

    Tech, I literally only saw complaining, but not in a rant type of way, just general "you dont like having to do what was given to you" rant.

    Hopefully next DLC satisfies you a bit more. Good luck man.

    Also, been here since Jan 11th , 2011. So thats irrelevant lol
  18. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    REALLY quick update as sort of promised :p My Water based Alt just finished the daily mission in BOP Metropolis and as I suspected hehehe the weapon container you click do add to your total for Huntress's mission but ONLY the rioters count toward the defeat 100 rioters feat.. Makes sense really .. how much trouble can a container cause by itself? but hey stranger things have happened in game LOL

    Oh and I already knew but decided to check again and you could take out 50 thugs around that baby Blood Root you only get credit for the Blood Root. And RELAX lol there are always only 2 thugs around a baby BR never 50

    Does anyone REALLY need me to confirm that the puppy does NOT count when you rescue a kitty? :D

    Okay back to the game
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  19. tukuan Loyal Player

    Yah they could put one where Mxy is during the seasonal opposite the Museum. Pretty sure there aren't any adds there.
  20. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    To be honest? My feelings about this DLC are quite the opposite of what you took from the thread. I agree with you.. the dailies in BOP are much better. Let's see

    1. Much better spaciing. OMG I am still running mission in Thangar with some alt because they are in that place where some of that armor can still be useful plus its another way to grab nth metal and even armor that is not real useful but I can salvage it. And everything in THAT zone is on top of everything else. Just today I was just trying to take out 1 metal lantern so I could grab the green ball he was guarding I ended up in a battle for my life with the Lantern and 3 members of the cult. IN BOP Metropolis I can open up and just attack stuff. In Thanagr? I spend almost as much time lining up my attack to try to avoid that stuff.

    2. Better placement of the BOUNTY. I was in Thanagar a few days ago when Oni spawned. I wa sno where near him and working on a daily when suddenly I was under attack by that "spirit" ?? of his and the thing managed to take me out. Heck I have lost track of how many times teams spend time clearing mobs away from Oni or the Nth metal golem before they even think about attacking. IN BOP? there id nothing around the Meta Experiment but him and the stuff he spawns.

    3. No kill all Now those never really bothered me that much but I'm retired abd have a lot more time to play than many here. Hey at least they have toned even that down from the 400+ kill days. I mentioned this in a post about Metal Gotham. first of 218 is a lot less than 400 and I managed to defeat like 75 on day one JUST doing the dailies. But I can live without roaming around killing hundreds of mob members.. I'd rather save that kitten in the tree from that naughty puppy LOL:p

    Now as I explained with the feats the first two turned out to not be a huge deal Heck in about 90 minutes last night I had the 100 Rioters and 33 Baby Blood Roots done and they can just as easily be accomplished doing the daily missions. Only one that still seems a tad overboard is that 90 cat rescue. There just are not as many spawn point around for them and a lot of people looking for them.

    Oh and let's not forget we have that small group of SHALL WE CALL THEM IDIOTS? Better that what I have called them in game. I have already seen them.. Running around killing stuff they don't even need to make it tougher for other players. HOW do I know they don't need them? Easy I am referring to the lions and gorillas.. Once you complete Harley's mission you can attack and kill them. S0 I am sure those same dumb butts (did I clean that up enough? lol) will be if they are not already clicking on dogs/cats so people that NEED them can't find any.

    Now I am working on the cats but after last night I'll get what I can each day and come back the next. Now with the rioters and baby roots I will let all my 8 alts jus complete the feat. With the cats? as soon as ONE alt has it all the rest will using replays

    Over all I enjoy the DLC but there is always room to improve :cool:
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