The elite duo...

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  1. ALB Dedicated Player

    It's damn near impossible to run with 2 dps. It's a duo. Not raid, but a duo. It's hell trying to find healers and tanks for anything on the villain server. Especially when content stale, but now you all take the grind further.
    I looked at the duoE on YouTube and it seems it has been buffed. Lot of adds but now turrets have been added. Do better devs. If tge testers told you all the duo needed to be hard, shame on them. If it was just DCUO, shame on you all
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  2. Wallachia Loyal Player

    If the elite duo is impossible to run with 2 dps, then don't run the elite duo with 2 dps.

    Follow me for more wisdom on how to learn that you can't pew pew your way to victory.
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  3. ALB Dedicated Player

    Your logic is illogical as usual. Wisdom isn't a word that should be in anything that you post.
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  4. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I managed to finish it earlier today with a random person, but they were a healer thankfully. Both of us were 349 DPS, their healer role was 344 or something.

    Anyhow, I didn't watch anything beforehand and they seem to also be figuring it out as we played it. But yeah, it was pretty brutal with the amount of adds that spawned.

    Also, the last boss fight just starts you off in combat.. Yes, you can leave back through the entrance before fighting Luthor, but still, that auto start was not cool.
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  5. Wallachia Loyal Player

    My answer isn't illogical because you don't like it. If the elite duo can't be run with 2 dps, then insisting on running it with 2 dps is dumb. Of course, unless you came here complaining and expecting the duo to be nerfed just because you are uncapable of realizing that DPS'es aren't meant to just stomp everything in their way.

    But yes, I am wise, and, above it, wiser than you, who came here just to judge the devs' work as bad simply because the elite duo is too hard for you. After all, it is VERY dumb to simply refuse to play another role.
  6. Wallachia Loyal Player

  7. ALB Dedicated Player

    Your comment is illogical because it's not based on anything that has happened. No duo, elite or otherwise, needed a healer or tank to complete.
    Your post doesn't bring anything to the post. It's dumb to comment "pew pew" on a post about a duo
  8. ALB Dedicated Player

    Duo shouldn't need a healer or tank. Elite or reg.
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  9. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I agree, just as the vast majority of players are DPS, and that is very likely what you will be getting when you queue into almost anything in the game.
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  10. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    If you have sufficient single target damage on last boss you should be fine. But in many cases do last boss with a DPS/Heal or DPS/Tank setup.

    That being said.....

    Maybe check over your gear and make sure it doesn't have any purple gear from Save The Universe. It was bugged when servers went up and gave no stats. I didn't realise this until after the duo as my weapon and neck were purple gears from Save The Universe. So last boss just managed it with supply drop rotation with the other player in group.
  11. Jaelia Committed Player

    I understand where you’re coming from when you talk about difficulty but I ran it today with a 343 Dps with 180 arts and me being a 349 Dps and heal I kept switching back and forth We did 1st boss both Dps then second I went heal completely then 3rd boss I Dps first half and when he got down to about the middle when the adds kept pouring in I went back to heal then we beat it.

    It’s not hard unless you have a heal or tank. It doesn’t hurt to switch a role. :)
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  12. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Correct. It should need two competent DPS. If you're failing in that situation, I've got bad news for one or both of you.
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  13. Whodini Well-Known Player

    Did pretty well with 2 DPS until Lex. Wasn't too bad until all the tiny source creatures appeared. Had to switch to healer to get through it after a few failures with the 2 DPS setup.

    I think it will be a breeze once we start getting geared up.
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  14. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    do the alert a few more times to get better gear :p Then try 2dps or dps and a support role.
    origin augment max increased, new Adaptive augments refinement bugged, 310 might or precision Traits stat points ceiling increased too.

    elite on day one.... u pug'n or forming a group with higher CR and use counter mechanics?

    I've run the raid a few times and the tank has been lower CR and not blocking after pulling in the presence of counter mechanics that they are probably too low CR to pull off. I've been pugging. Got to 2nd boss on first try. got to 4th boss on 2nd try. Botha tanks seemed to play as if line of sight was not a mechanic. and had a lower CR, one might expect to do the instance. no tactical mods. do they even have generator mods?? I was in the 2nd raid with a low CR tank and 3 or 4 healers... that tank seemed to never block. Watched many counter opportunities not be attempted. It was after a wipe at boss 3, someone inspected th tank. OMG!

    pug'n... [IMG] with random users that.... press buttons.
    Get aggro from certain powers and block. Pull adds and block. Do not move to a place that limits line of sight, to get heals and power. Tanks? Don't fight on the stairs. Pull the mobs to a flat space. tanks? If text of game says find safe spot or hide behind a column, it includes u. Notice skull ability. Use counter mechanics.

    Your opponents won’t just take the punches you throw at them, though, and will seek to counter your attacks just as you seek to counter theirs. This is best understood through the three basic kinds of counters.
    • Block: Hold R (NS), RB (XB), R1 (PS), or Shift (PC) to reduce incoming damage and to counter large attacks
      • When blocking, you are vulnerable to Block Break
    • Block Break: Use a Range (Hold) attack to counter a blocking opponent
      • When block breaking, you are vulnerable to Interrupt
    • Interrupt: Use a Melee (Hold) attack to counter a block-breaking opponent
      • When interrupting, you are vulnerable to Block
    When you successfully counter your opponent, you gain immunity from damage and from being countered for a short period of time, as well as knock them to the ground. Try to counter your opponents as often as you can!
    When you are countered, you are knocked to the ground. Try to avoid this, but when you can’t, you can hold RB (XB), R1 (PS), or Shift (PC) to Break Out and get back to the fight faster.
  15. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    The duo is not as bad as you’re making it out to be. It’s actually pretty easy. I soloed it on 2 toons and on my 3rd toon I beat it with 2 dps.

    The source adds spawn based on lexs health. If you are just trying to face role it than you will die. Slow burn lex until you see the a source wave. Source adds spawn. Kill add. Burn lex until 2nd wave pops. Kills smaller adds. Burn lex until another wave shows up. Kill adds. Burn lex until his last wave is triggered. Kill the baby source adds.

    And stay mobile. The turrets can stun you if you get hit. Get stunned while you have a bunch of adds and you die. If you are having issue with surviving all the adds adds shields to your loadout. If you are still having issues than find a tank or healer.
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