Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Morrow95 New Player

    Sa serai cool de mettre un jeton reset pour le genre du perso(sex femme ou sex homme) je pense que cela plairai au joueur de DC univers online
  2. Kuno Loyal Player

    We should get a Katana, Chesire, a new more tight focused Deathstroke, a ninja Damien inspired styles.
    Even ninja Batman or Catwoman like the anime movie.
    We barely have martiar arts inspired styles, just LoA, Kabuki and Tech Ninja. All of them pretty old.
    There are so many gaps to fill in the styles section. Dual katana and single katanas or katanas holsters for back piece would be nice.
    I suggested them many times but no luck so far.
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  3. Kayla El Committed Player

  4. RipTide Level 30

    Give us styles for Darkseid, Mongul, Godspeed, Daniel West Reverse Flash, a new modern Deathstroke style, a Barbra Gordon Batgirl style or at least her bat cowl, Highfather, Murder Machine, The Grim Knight, The Batman who Frags, The Robin King, future state justice league styles, a Robin R emblem, a Nightwing bird emblem, a Kingdom Come Superman emblem, a Calvin Ellis Superman style & emblem, a Val Zod Superman style & emblem, a new Brainiac style, the npc Batman emblem, and please give speedsters a way to change the color of our speedforce lightning it’ll give speedsters more creativity
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  5. SlNISTER New Player

    Aquaman chest would be cool,we barely have his styles even tho he's an original member of JL, hawkman has more styles than him
  6. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    Any chance of getting a gothic priest style


    A Chest and Legs style set like this would work perfectly with existing styles like the Plague Doctor, Victorian Detective, Apparitional Elegance, and I kinda want to use the Escaped Inmate(Hands&Feet) style
  7. NinjaCatwoman New Player

    I would definitely love to see an episode dedicated to the Ninja Batman movie and the styles should be, Ninja Catwoman, Ninja Batman, and of course Ninja Nightwing I would love too see them in this game one day and I always have hopes of it coming to the game!
  8. SlNISTER New Player

    Ur suggestions are perfect
    I agree with them they gotta be added,we need main character styles more than unimportant characters like nightrunner and kiteman
  9. tokidokij Active Player

    Still would like Catwoman inspired gear.
  10. SlNISTER New Player

    a classic two-sided Deathstroke mask
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  11. nadeemew Active Player

    URSA chest what have fos 3 raid(sunstone matrix)
  12. LvlyChocAmazon New Player

    I would like to ask if Zatanna's boots are going to be available??? And, a strappy high heel sandal that ties up the shin to the knee would also be a great option...
    One other thing I think would be helpful... on some leg styles, black bikini panties have been added - it would be great if they were in the color scheme of the leg style so that they blend in better with the look... if possible, ty
  13. Icon Active Player

    Please make the Superwoman outfit from Earth 3 available. Make sure to separate the cape from the chest piece and make the emblem editable so we can place whatever emblem we choose.
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  14. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    Can we get military haircuts like what the NPC’s have in Age of Justice for Veterans Day?
  15. Hawkeye0128 New Player

    National Pride flag capes. Great for patriotic heroes.

    Black History Month- Steel fashion items. Chest pieces or capes with the Steel S symbol. Those would be welcomed.

    N52 Swamp-Thing wing set for the Spring event.
    Maybe the love tuber as a chest piece for Valentine's day or Spring event.

    The ability to change ring colors for hardlight powers. Evil characters can get orange and black. Good can get blue and indigo while female characters get violet (good or evil).
  16. Drgnx New Player

    It would be great to have cape styles that are double sided, meaning that when you apply a material to the Cape, the same style shows up on both sides.

    Here is an example of the capes having the material look one way on one side and a different way on the other side.

    It would be great to have a style that lets us have consistent effects on both sides.
  17. tehDarkNite Well-Known Player

    can we get powerset movement modes? like earth for skimming maybe a dust swirl for flight? a firetrail? Just have fun with it
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  18. DcHarleyQ New Player

    May we please get fishnet leggings style with the skin styles like the Hieroglyphics and Cybernetic skin features to be shown through the the netting. Have a shorty shorts harlequin style and panty style version.
  19. Minksie New Player

    Please add Athenas sandals, Ive been waiting for years for them
  20. DCUO Vet New Player

    Just going to throw this out there... Body suits (Muscle Pads)

    chest, legs, hands and feet that appear larger than the actual charters body. Make it so that the Style top can be as close to skin like as possible allowing us to change the color or skin match. Think like a body suit and since its DC if it needs to be inspired by a character use bane but we don't want banes outfit just his body. Oh and since we can mix emotes now how about we unlock that big dude walk and idle given with items like the clownsanity trinket for the walking and idle animations. Just saying the muscular body type is fine we look fat more than anything but its accurate I am looking for ways to blur the line and give characters more muscular builds like the NPC's. I understand the limitation with adding different body types so maybe muscular styles could be a fix. Fat styles might be wanted as well.

    PS Astro slimline but bigger if you want a lazy approach where most of the work is done. I just want to see and athletic muscular build Similar to superman. Geez The superman players would love it just take off the collar on the chest design.