Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    some rusty battledamaged armor sets.
  2. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    I hear you friend.
    It irks me to no end when the devs started to give use slimlines that where only the chest styles. Hopefully, if players raise enough of a fuss, we might get more Kyle Rayner styles for the winter event. It is the one time a year that the devs seem to have scheduled for the most Lantern themed items. At most, I'm thinking the legs, feet, and hands styles. I fear the asking for the emblem would be too much. At lest for the last two examples that I have provided.

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  3. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    First chance, bring back the 80th emblems. Need that classic yellow and black Batman emblem. The rest are just meh in comparison. Batman inc., something on those lines.
  4. issa New Player

    I've really been a Poison Ivy fan on DCUO even before her model rework and now with her remodel on Birds of Prey, it has been such an big upgrade! I know we have certain style sets like Flash, Batman, Aquaman, Mera, and many of the others. I do hope we can get Poison Ivy style set like her leaves, vines spread across the character's body, and the gradient green color on the leg, and especially her plant body suit (as seen on the image attached below) on the upcoming Spring event this 2023.

    The old "Plant" themed style that's available in-game for a long time desperately needs an upgrade in my opinion and the style has its problems as it seems have voids and empty spaces when seen on different angles that you can see through. (As demonstrated on the pictures)

    So please, I've always wanted to look like the new crisp and high quality Poison Ivy in-game so I hope it's not too much to ask for this to be a thing ^-^

    Official Birds of Prey Poison Ivy:

    Proof that the "Plant" style armor has some problems like voids/empty spaces:

  5. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    If we end up getting a "Torchbearer" or "Ion" emblem. My top pick is this one.

  6. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Being a big Two-Face fan, I would like to request a more accurate Two-Face face style that looks more like his in-game model. Neither the Split Personality face style or the Two-Face Inspired mask really gives you an accurate representation of Two-Face. Maybe if you were to mash them together, you might have something. Or instead of making it a face style, you could make it a skin style.

    Another request, could we get a Two-Face inspired Hairstyle?
  7. Swirley New Player

    indigo one hairstyle or braid hairstyle for females, why is it guys are the only ones to get it?
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  8. Kaladin Well-Known Player

    A batgirl cowl that lets her hair hang down. The batman cowl doesnt quite cut it on a female toon.
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  9. TwilightsInferno1701 New Player

    Hair variety is still really lacking! I would love more true curly hairstyles not just waves, short and long styles. And especially for POC is really lacking. I saw that one female hair where the hair is pulled up into a puff style in Dakota City and would LOVE to have it as a player hairstyle!
  10. Wolfkueen New Player

    Low long haired ponytail with bangs hairstyle.
    Baggy pants (like the new Shadow bender) style but with a long sash in the front and back. (like war-metal)
    Bunny tail accessory.
    Some more female feet styles because the game is lacking it; High heels, heeled tall boots, stilettos etc
    More face mask/ventilators
    Floating Sanguine orb ball accessory with bits of blood rotating around.
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  11. Caroline Dedicated Player

    This type of a gear set that we can change to any color we want. I think it'd look very cool.
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  12. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Getting the pants/boots would be nice.

    But any slimline pants and the Scion of Ion boots works well enough.
    Especially if you have the Green Metallic Chroma material. ;)

    Having the Kyle Rayner emblem would be nice. But the Alan Scott emblem will do..... for now. ;)
  13. SmokeyBear Active Player

  14. Valkjur Level 30

    wider variety of short hair for women characters. so far the only one I like is the con job John Constantine style
  15. Loki2911 Well-Known Player

    Yh they should really care him more Two Face is such an cool char like many others like solomon grundy scarecrow ras al ghul mr freeze firefly and may more...

    But i dont see an real chance anymore...i think u remeber who i am :p

    but lets be honest as long as ppl would like any copy and paste batman...lantern...ww and flash style i dont see why daybreak should even think about villians :(
  16. Zizvak New Player

    Please give us the NPCs Lois Lane hair with a nice hairline
  17. Blackjack PV21 New Player

    is there a way when we get an option to select a gear box it can show if its collected or not, would be awesome if we did not have to guess and possibly waste an option where we could have chosen something else
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  18. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Pretty sure it's been mentioned before but.... here we got again. ;)

    Legion of Super Heroes emblems
    There is a truckload of LoSH emblems that could be used.
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  19. SirHyper Active Player

    the huntress hood but including the hair like we got ravens with the teen titans capsule
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  20. JLU MManhunterTM New Player

    We need an iconic Batman cape, Superman Emblem, a Martian Manhunter face style with a nose, a martian skin, a Fernus style!
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