Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

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  1. Big Will Level 30

    MEPPS This us not a base item but everyone knows we can't mail money to your alts anymore due to what happen in the past but is there a way a bank shared money account be added
  2. Demitri13138 New Player

    Holographic, 3d posters of classic comic covers. Basically, they would work like lair windows to the outside world, shifting with the point of view. Use the in game models to recreate, aka Starro v JL in Deluge.

    I'd also like some framed posters of comics starring my character and their respective league. The comic title headers could be based on missions and raids. For solo comics, maybe just a simple "DC Showcase" with our character in a predetermined pose based on a combination of powerset/movement/weapon type. Just like a League hall statue, you can dave the outfit you want featured.

    Question: Is there a place for suggestions that dont fit these developer discussion catagories? Should I assume that if there is no thread for it, it probably isnt in the cards? Like, I didnt notice a new power thread, or gameplay ideas.

    All I'm saying is a comic book, cel shading filter would be cool. Or photography/video mode. All these cool, custom characters and the only good view we can get is when we wedge the camera between our characters and a wall. I'd like to get some dynamic captures or even make a short video with my characters and friends. Photo modes are free advertising.
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  3. EthanBlack Level 30

    I love Halloween, and all the darker side of comics, so bare with me.
    • I want way more pets. Krypto is great, but how about a hell hound or police dog, same animation, different skin.
    • I want a ghost that haunts my house. not the little cartoon one, but one that fades in and out in random parts of the house and makes spooky noises. Think Jacob Marley.
    • more house plants and paintings, and why is it so hard to find a toilet in this universe? lol
    • Other pet ideas: Spiders, money, alligator (You already have the one in the Omac mission to size down and put in our base), birds and bats as interactive as Krypro and Isis, snakes, rats, dinosaurs, frog or toad, maybe some mythical creatures like dragons.
    • A butler (a nod to Alfred)
    As always, everything you guys do is great! Thank you for reading this.
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  4. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    This statue please. :)
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  5. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Some wanted posters (both general and with specific characters, maybe even ones you could put your own or a friend's toon on) would be super cool! If we have some already, more couldn't hurt!
  6. EmpressEvelina New Player

    1. A cave entrance with different elements such as Ice, Lava, Rock, Foliage rock mix; both for wall and floor placement.
    2. Hovering boulder to can stand on maybe ranging in size big to small next to it. Floor placement. Ice, Lava, Rock, Foliage.
    3. Small floor warp device to go in different places in base. Cool looking magic rune or Hi-tech.
    4. A Cosmic like base design.
    5. A base wall that matches the bases that have a false panel that can be open and closed.
    Example a brick wall with a fireplace that moves to the side.
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  7. Good vs Evil Active Player

    Not so much a base item but rather a base itself; A Joker/funhouse themed be honest I dont know why there isnt already one in game, we have a base type for dang near every faction except one of the most popular characters...

    Hench Uplink would obviously be joker goons/clowns with the base itself being checkerboard floor, color customizable painted walls with words like "secret base this way", painted arrows on the walls, etc. Guarantee it would be a best seller on the marketplace.
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  8. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    - A jukebox that is interactive and also plays music. It'd really be cool if it played music from DC cartoons, DC TV series and DC movies. The 1966 Batman TV show theme would be so much fun ;). If that isn't possible then maybe the music from the DCUO game itself.
  9. GouverneurSon New Player

    I would like access to green lantern base items, they are impossible to get and really on the broker. I've been a green lantern for 7 years and still have nothing to show for it in my base. I would like a base lantern theme and letting the theme be color changing would be awesome like a theme for each lantern but its just one skin that looks off world.
  10. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    - Can we have a wall item that looks like a Brainiac ship that has crashed in?
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  11. khera New Player

    larger item for the league haull and augmanté the item number the deleague halls seems empty and the large base also we are limited to do the decoration.
  12. MISS ANNE RICE Active Player

    since you have webs and cacooned bodys how about adding a spider to the deco vender so we can add it to the webs it can even when players walk by grab then

    also how about a zombie half comeing out of the grave that grabs at players that walk by

    or have a zombie that walks around the base chasing people
  13. Avelox Active Player

    I know this isn't a base item but I think what we really need is the ability to place items at our entrances. In the last few years we've gotten several very nice looking door base items. It would be great to be able to place them over our door to complete an ascetic. I'm sure that area was made limited so as to reduce glitching out of zones or something. But in some of the newer bases we can freeplace without issue. I don't know how much developer resources this would eat up but I do believe it would be worth it.
  14. Clawed Active Player

    Walls other than brick or stone. We need walls for the tech lair, industrial and now the space lair. The brick walls look funny in those.
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  15. Sleepis4theRich Active Player

    Metropolis/Gotham’s sky as a ceiling base item. It would be cool for outdoor themed looks (similar to what was done with winter seasonal clouds with snow coming down and the cloudy ceiling. This would just be metropolis daylight sky and Gotham’s night sky type of theme.
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  16. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Hmm... Umm... Alfred totem?! Butler or\and maid npc.
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  17. Dead13 Well-Known Player

    i have too many base items to delete. pls add this function
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  18. Scourge o' the Cosmos Well-Known Player

    - Can we have Lobo's bulldog as a base pet?
    - Can we have Lobo's space dolphins as a base item, maybe as a construct (like the Swarming Jellyfish)?
    - Can we have the statues of the Seven Deadly Sins (from Shazam/The Rock of Eternity)?
  19. Aren Sul Committed Player

    I have one character who's lair is set up as a club with the seasonal bar items, plus the gambling tables and some dining in the back. What I would make it perfect if I could have tables with people. Specifically, the ones in the Iceberg Lounge. The patrons don't need to move around anymore than they do in the Lounge, so we're talking a stationary animation.
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  20. Dead13 Well-Known Player