Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. K3str3lDC Well-Known Player

    I'd love a nice big Clocktower base and/or League Hall

    I'd also love to have NPCs, both Iconic and generic, that you can put in bases, sorta like the Ambush Bug base pal, so I could make them be prisoners in my prison base, sort of like the ones in League Halls (though it'd be funny if they could shout at you from their cells). I'd also love more Iconic items like the portrait of the Waynes often seen over a fireplace in Wayne Manor in a lot of media (been using Palatial Woman Portrait as a stand-in for a Martha Wayne portrait, but IDK what to use for Thomas), Flying Grayson poster(s) aside from the solo appearance one in the Bombshells poster pack 2, some Haly's Circus stuff, the Jor-El and Lara-El statue from the Fortress of Solitude, etc.

    And more pets so I can build my evil version of Damian Wayne's army of pets even more! Batcow, Golden Age Ace, modern Titus, Alfred the Cat, Goliath, Streaky, Dextarr would be great! As would Wonder Woman's kangaroo (be great for Wonderverse!), that mutant larva from the original Teen Titans cartoon, those lions/lionesses in BOP and Wonderverse (or maybe cubs if size is an issue), and some more generic pets that are a little less common than your cats and dogs like snakes, more birds, frogs, lizards, maybe even squirrels and bats (that fly around and chatter rather than sit stationary and silent like those sleeping ones and the model ones from Gotham Zoo)! Also be great if those pets had more pet items so we could make our "homes" actually look like animals live and are taken care of there like beds and bowls aside from the ones you have to get Wonderdog and Krypto to get, litterboxes, toys, cat trees, etc.

    A Themysciran or Greek base would also be super cool and perfect for Wonderverse! Maybe even more bases that are fitting for the powers like how that volcano base is fitting for fire toons, tech base is fitting for gadgets toons, and Atlantean base is fitting for water toons.
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  2. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    From Wonderverse:
    1. Source Crystals (the clear/multicolored ones we harvest in open world & Alerts) & Source Crystal Formations (the green ones w/glowy bits & atmosphere/particle FX), with 3 designs x 3 surfaces (floor, wall & ceiling) that's 9 basic decos, x 2 types (Crystals & Crystal Formations) that's 18 decos, before even getting to the LARGE & LEAGUE HALL versions! ;)
    2. Wall Sconces, lit & unlit.
    3. The New Statues for Aphrodite, Athena & the other gods.
    4. Boom Tube & Olympian Portal decos.
    5. Guardian Harpies, Minotaurs, etc., to protect our Lairs...
    6. Themysciran Crates, single, pairs, assorted stacks...
    These could be added to the event vendor, and be a great alternative for those who can't get the OP Helm or endgame gear!

    I LOVE the ORCL Decos from the Collections, but still want more:
    1. Computers; desktops & laptops, on tables & desks, on floor & wall mounted. Could even have 1-3 hang down from ceiling. Old computers, new/clean computers...
    1a. LAN. A table with 6 desktop or laptop computers, towers on or under the table.
    1b. Desks & tables that have computer systems/interface built in. Lex has them so does STAR Labs & Wayne Tech.
    2. Televisions & flatscreen TVs.
    3. Game Consoles & home entertainment systems.
    4. Server/Database computer stacks.
    5. Walls & room dividers. The dividers we have so far are so RARE that only 1 of my 50 characters has more than 1 divider. Also, actual walls/wall sections are preferred by most of the players I have spoken with.
    Plain walls, brick walls, tech/metal walls, bunker walls.
    6. Bookshelves & Bookcases. Occult and science themed ones, as well as 'plain' ones.

    New Lair: Yacht
    A big luxury yacht, at a pier in Gotham or Metropolis; maybe do Coast City too...

    New Lair: Atlantean Ship
    With how many the Atlanteans throw at each other and the crisis of the year, it should be no surprise that LexCorp has liberated and refurbished many of these and is selling them on the open Market...
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  3. K3str3lDC Well-Known Player

    If they don't exist already, it'd be great to have some Gotham U banners and such to go with the Met U stuff!
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  4. sweetbabysabes Level 30

    The new WW Verse has some awesome things in it for bases. 1. The source clumps being color tinted possibly in base. 2, the water pools in the solo and the raid would be awesome ground affects instead of the water puddles from summer event. Clean and clear or murky even. 3. The blood river/pool in the raid along with a few of those pretty kick a** creatures/demons chilling in the back with the blood waterfall plz. [IMG][IMG]
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  5. Gutbuster Supreme New Player

    This hasn't been said since 2017, and only 4 times in the life this this seven year old thread: Microphone.

    A stand, hanging from the ceiling. Either. Both? It would have been perfect for Birds of Prey, having Black Canary and all.
  6. Legoman Level 30

    Here's a crazy thought, what about the ability to apply materials and chromas to base items or parts of the base?
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  7. Cozminot New Player

    Please more blood themed base items like seen in the new WW Verse dlc raid. The river of blood, the blood waterfall, etc.
  8. K3str3lDC Well-Known Player

    Joker's hyenas would be super cool base pets!
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  9. Kestral Committed Player

    Is the Effigy of Poseidon on the loot table? I've been wanting to do a base display with Zeus/Hades/Poseidon since the first two statues were released early game and would think that this base item should be available now as his statue comes to life in the raid.

    Also the purple flame braisers. God i've wanted those since Throne of the Dead.

    This content just has a lot of gorgeous base items that aren't available to the players.
  10. sweetbabysabes Level 30

    This is a great idea! I thought a second lair would allow me to place precision and tank role armories and this is exactly what the base would be doing. I don't own a summer home with the same stuff as my main home :D
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  11. K3str3lDC Well-Known Player

    Can we get some more League Hall locations/themes?
  12. an81angel Well-Known Player

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  13. K3str3lDC Well-Known Player

    Can we get some more base themes? Maybe a Clocktower (also be good for a League Hall because it could be really big), some kind of Themysciran theme, a space theme (be great for our Lanterns and aliens!), maybe some more themes that correspond to power types (similar to how volcano - though it would be nice to have a bigger version of that - goes well with fire toons, tech goes well with gadgets toons, and Atlantean goes well with water toons) like maybe a nuclear plant for atomic lol. Some sort of jungle research center type thing could be great for nature toons!
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  14. Scourge o' the Cosmos Active Player

    - A Tawky Tawny base pet would be fun :)
    - An Underworld/Hell/Tartarus base theme (maybe for this year's Halloween event?)
    - An Apokolips base theme
  15. Torandrice Active Player

    @an81angel that looks awesome
  16. wisetoons Well-Known Player

    I want seperate generator for each of my base. It is not cool to link my 16 armories to one single generator. We need variety of generators for seperate builds.
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  17. sweetbabysabes Level 30

    Please us the Market Place and put more bases similar to braniac and the atlantean base. I should be able to buy like said above a greenhouse type, or a base full of trees and flowers using similar items like the treeline that doesn't affect my number allowance for items. Also, get rid of the amount of items allowed lmao. I should be able to get a kryptonian base theme or a haunted house base. there are so many themes your could throw on the MP even if you keep them cheap and make people buy more deeds. You get your money and we get what were paying for without hoping like a time capsule :D
  18. Brofessor X New Player

    Take away caps on how many items you can have in bases and league halls
  19. Apollonia Committed Player

    Kelex. Superman's Fortress of Solitude custodian robot.

    It's criminal we don't have a crystaline fortress of solitude style base theme yet. But even without the theme I'm sure players would love having their own Kelex to roam around their bases like some of the other base pets.

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  20. Batman2099earthcold Well-Known Player

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