Tell us what auras or materials you would like to see next!

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  1. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Or an astral material based off the astral alloy set for example. Imo I much prefer the astral alloy's look to the original cosmic material and even color locked I would buy that. But these things people are suggesting if the devs decided to go through with any of them NEED to be in the marketplace not booster bundles nor time capsules. I want to buy what I want to buy not a lottery ticket but a style for my video game character.
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  2. Marshmallow New Player

    A underwater lair would be cool, and maybe have like a part of the lair (floor, ceiling, etc.) be a window so we can see fish swimming around
  3. IamINC Dedicated Player

    You mean like the league hall one we have in game currently?
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  4. IamINC Dedicated Player

    How about an aura and a material that isn't related to a TC maybe? Something actually obtainable by most of the player base , whether in a collection,random raid boss, a rare vault drop or whatever just something to think about for the players that enjoy DCUO and are on budget?
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  5. Marshmallow New Player

    Yeah but a lair not a league hall
  6. IamINC Dedicated Player

    Wait till summer event , buy a ton of portholes and you can get somewhere close to it , the portholes show water on the outside of the glass but no fish unfortunately , it looks cool and should be a viable option until they do something more like the league hall.

    I did on the lower level of my cave theme lair and it looked decent.
  7. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The newest event has two auras that you can get from collections. The last event also had the azure misted aura which was from a collection.
  8. IamINC Dedicated Player

    Yeah i've seen , should have been more specific in my OP as was mainly meant in regards to material but thanks for putting the aura info up.
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  9. Marshmallow New Player

    I did that on the pc and really don't want to spam something for that ya know?
  10. recoil Committed Player

    well they answered the speed force and lightning ones. unfortunately the negative speed force material is so paywall rng that no one seems to have a complete list of collections.
  11. Sugr Bear Committed Player

    I really like the idea of location specific auras, but wish they could be a separate slot. The killer frost aura with a snowflake aura or something could look pretty cool. While I'm on location specific auras, the killer frost cold shoulder is really cool, but it's disappointing that auras to follow are the EXACT SAME location and design, like the starro spore aura.
  12. 8balls Well-Known Player

    DCUO.... look at me... purchasable materials....
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  13. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    I may have already added my voice to the glowing material requests but in case I didn't allow me to do so now with this page from FLASH #100 released in March 1995
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  14. 8balls Well-Known Player

    Alright here's what you should do... make a chrome, cosmic and glowing material. Put them on the marketplace for 1000 MC so that people will still have a reason to buy the suits with those materials already added to them. Also? Make a water material, make it so I can buy it with sand dollars during the summer event, do the same with a wood material for the spring event. Maybe even make a cracked stone material for the Halloween event and an ice material for the Christmas event. I want to see materials easier to get if you have money. Auras started off as something you could only get rarely, and yet now you can get them on the marketplace and every event seems to have them. Why make materials unpurchasable when there is so much more money in putting them on the marketplace?
  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Ok, you all got me with the flash material, but 1 thing. Customization, please. The only use I can find for the material is accents. My original style done up in the material makes me look like I'm wearing a snuggie, per my kid. Hack attack hoodie, good, and jeans.

    I would like to see auras that compliment powers more, not just pretty colors. A fire aura, but with the ability to customize the color. Like the hero Fire, green flames.

    For Halloween, I would like to have bags flying around me for aura, and maybe spiders that crawl around your body, similar to the flash lightning, as material.

    A material that only goes on your skin, aka, a new skin type. I like more horror and gross things to help make kewl looking villains and antiheros. One toon has the bark skin on. The cor I've made it, and the outfit, make it look like I have no skin. Like you can see muscle tissue. It's pretty cool, but I would rather have the actual skin like that.

    The last couple of auras seem to come from parts of the body. How about something like a hand aura. If you like brawling, it would look like your charging your fists up, similar to iron fist.
  16. Ascended Well-Known Player

    Re-posting this from a thread I started last night, because I didn't see this thread at the time.

    First, we need us some tech-y auras. I mean, my mage characters are draped in mysterious smoke and shadow and my cosmic characters have Kirby-dot auras, but my high tech Bat-drone? My Cyborg rip-off? My gadgeteer? None of the auras fit. So how about it guys? Do we need auras directly aimed at technology based characters? Couple ideas I had (and Im sure ya'll can think of better).....

    "Matrix Code aura" for the technomancers out there, just a scrawl of green programming code.

    "Hologram aura" just to the side of the character's head you have a couple hologram screens with some scribbled writing or display face or what have you. That's it, just a couple small transparent screens, but how fitting would that be for your power armor Steel/Iron Man types, or your high-tech gadgeteer? I could see a lot of character types using this, honestly.

    "Force field aura" Hexagonal patterned force field, maybe similar to the Gadgets power displays. Good for a lot of character types like the gadgeteer or your higher-end street level guys.

    And I was thinking, why not some subtle auras? The glittering auras are crazy subtle and I like the new "shoulder glitter" auras well enough, but what else could you do along these lines? Something that stands out a little bit but isn't super gaudy. Why not something like....

    "Smoldering aura" Thin smoke rises from your shoulders, and the air around you ripples like a desert road in August heat.

    "Subtle Power aura" I've seen people talk about auras based on your Power, and I always think "then how do you know when Immolation (or whatever) is up?" You'd have to go under the wave with it, right? A few licks of flame for Fire, a ring of floating pebbles for Earth, a holographic, floating Green/Red/Yellow Lantern Corps symbol for Light/Rage, a thin sheet of ice crystals (like on a window) that melt and re-form for Ice, etc.

    "Trigon's Eyes aura" Four misty, glowing, ominous eyes follow you.

    And that leads me to the last of this already long post: Iconic auras. Why not have, I dunno, a swarm of bats, that "ripple effect" telepathy thing Aquaman does (would fit a Black Canary type too), or the Omega Effect drifting from your eyes?
  17. L33 Developer

    thanks so much for everyone's suggestions! I have been reading / listening ;)

    @shadowdragon with the Starro 2-tone aura.

    @Shark Dental
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  18. iMint Well-Known Player

    Honestly this has got to be the worse aura ever created (but thats just my opinion) It looks like someone ran out of ideas and decided to throw something together...also if you look closely it doesn't even look right on the looks like a bunch of mini-auras pieced together. After seeing auras like the Smoke/Nimbus/OG seems like the auras have gotten steadily worse over the years.
  19. iMint Well-Known Player

    Can we get this aura? Its already created...all that needs to be done is to put it on the different body types and scale it....also maybe make it a little bolder

    You can call it the Digital Aura, or Honeycomb aura...
  20. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    That's actually how most, or all, of the auras are built. It's multiple individual auras bunched together to make one big one. The reason you can see it so easily on this one is specifically because of how it's more than one colour. I think it's a bad look also though.