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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Duck X Active Player

    Please devs i beg you guys to make fortified golem in tank role a clipping tool. It feels very weird not being able to do my pull into fortified golem. This bugs me badly. I would love it if fortified golem was a clipping tool in tank role kinda like sorcery ritualistic word. Pleaseee
    Ps. The reiforced effect is still extreamely ugly.
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  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Has anyone been able to find a sweet spot loadout? With an Aftershock loadout and a might spec, I feel that the it is much easier to sustain power, obviously. I like JH and Upheaval, but I just wonder what the sustained DPS will be. I know duos are not an accurate assessment but I have lagged heavily behind Rage and Light players with both a Crystal loadout with WM/prec spec and JH loadout. I was using backup and they weren't. I have not tried a hybrid spec yet.
  3. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Upheaval \ Jackhammer \ Sand Blast \ Unstoppable \ Gemsone Shield \ Meteor Shower
    It's PftT loadout. Mods: Might & Power x8, Might & Health x2. Also you need atleast 100 sp in might\power.
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  4. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I was worried about PI dropping off so I had RC in there as well. I want to run some ability comparisons as well. Thanks!
  5. Xibo Loyal Player

    My PFTT loadout is: Earthren Grip / Debris Field / Striking Stones / Upheaval / Earthquake SC
  6. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    So some observations about earth.

    Rumble Crush and Stone are your range PI set-ups. Both cost 200 power. RC is a fractured burst while Stone is just a burst. RC is 8 target, Stone is 4 target. The damage appears to be comparable between the two abilities. When Stone crits, it crits very high.

    Tectonic Break, Striking Stones and Shards are all 300 cost abilities that benefit from PI. Striking Stones is the only full range ability of the 3. Shards and TB are tricky because they can both miss on the 8 targets. Shards, for being a cone ability, seems to have lower damage.

    Possible bug report: with PI up, Striking Stones does a double hit.

    Localized Tremor, despite lower power cost, it's a near range ability. Damage works out to be virtually no different than the previous through abilities.

    Earthquake is a nice improvement as the burning DoT is much stronger than before. But I don't like the fact you have to get to full SC to use it. Meteor Shower would be better as less chance of interrupt, IMO.

    Possible bug report: Entomb is only damaging one target. I tried it on the 3 dummies and the 8 dummies.

    I did try a hybrid loadout. It wasn't as bad as I thought in terms of power consumption, using an SK clip at mid range. But I did a quick switch to Electric and I felt it produced better results on the dummies without any range restrictions, so I feel Earth may lack a bit. Perhaps Totem could receive a slight buff?
  7. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    I really am very disappointed ...
    We are almost in the final stages, and you have not released the two forms of Rumblecrush ?!
    Is this serious ?!
    Even with all the requests for years?
    Even with everyone speaking they use the power of the earth as a substitute for super strength?
    Do you really do this?
    And why can fire have both rocks?
    And Earth not?
    In what Fire is better than the Earth?
    That he deserved to have the two rocks from the beginning and us from the earth even begging we do not deserve?
    This is unfair!
    And it really has only kept me away from the game ...o_O
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  8. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I went to Typhon to try Entomb. Pulled a bunch of adds together as DPS and cast Entomb. It did not encase the one, just k/o'd it and there was no damage to any of the surrounding enemies. I know it the past you would not get the splash damage until the encasement broke, but there doesn't even appear to be any encasement. Is it a Dominance requirement?
  9. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Retested with a tank spec. I didn't see the crystal form as it exploded immediately but it did damage the surrounding enemies.
  10. Xibo Loyal Player

    After finish JFAn today the Scorecard shows 36.702.516 Healing Out from a Earth Tank.
  11. Cyro Committed Player a fair point. The ability is there in legends (wonder woman and bane maybe wondergirl) It makes sense to just add the ability to smash the ground and throw a rock. Would make a lot of people happy, with i imagine very little work on their part.
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  12. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Out that formerly it was so on earth! After that they changed by DPS complaints.
    But unlike the fire that was given the two options, for us Terra, they just took one and put another one!
    Without thinking of the other players who like the old form and not of a simple stone falling from the sky ...o_O
  13. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    The problem was that it glitched out frequently and became a huge dps loss. If they can get that fixed them sure bring it back.
  14. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    That's why I told them what they should have done like on fire ... Give both options! Because not everyone uses a power just for DPS! Many use to impersonate your character ....
  15. Earth Sisters Well-Known Player

    Are pets still based on CR, or did they move them to a might/prec stat based? Because if pets still are based on CR, then Sorc and Earth with still be forced to chase after CR for max damage rather than enjoying OP gear.
  16. Xibo Loyal Player

    But that's not the case in this revamp. Today you give 50% damage from the player and 50% from the pet so no need to chase the CR while on Live you are obligated to chase CR.
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  17. Earth Sisters Well-Known Player

    By what you are saying then, it is still the case, just with 50% less severity.
  18. Xibo Loyal Player

    If your pet are doing more damage than you, that's wrong because pets are no more than helpers and this issue happens now on Live. Being CR based or Might based or Precision based the pet should not take more damage than the player.

    I just think that if pets are Might based or Precision based this probably means that the pet would have your own stats which represents more skill points to spend unless they allocate it along with Might/Power and so on.
  19. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Noticed during a test run that Earthquake is bugged. It only works when it's at 100%, you can't cast it at 50% at all or any time after that.
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  20. Rokyn Dedicated Player


    I'm finding it annoying to cast Rumblecrush or Unstoppable before every single DoT cast of Debris Field. Could we change Debris Field to inflict Crushing and keep the damage the same since it's a field DoT? This would make my rotation a lot more smoother. Then you have a DoT that can inflict Crushing or a Fractured Burst that can inflict Crushing.

    Things that are similar that come up in mind are Ice, Rage, Fire, and Sorcery field DoTs.
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