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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    I agree Totem should be accounted for its range limitations or at least increase the range limitations if needed.

    Rumblecrush you can leave alone as another Inflictor burst option. But yes yes, let's get Debris Field to inflict Crushing but keep the damage the same. That would make some of the rotations more fluid.
  2. Xibo Loyal Player

    OK, so let's try to arrive in an agreement. Here's my suggestion...

    - Rumblecrush: as it is
    - SS: as it is
    - Stone: Power cost reduced to 100 and take additional damage on Crushed enemies.
    - Shards: Power cost reduced to 200.
    - Debris Field: Inflict Crushing but keep the same damage.
    - Totem: Increase the range limitations if needed.
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  3. L T Devoted Player

    Comments on Earth powers:
    • Debris Field: slightly higher damage than comparable abilities in other power sets.
    • Jackhammer: initial hit is slightly lower than comparable abilities
    • Totem: slightly less, but it heals your pet, which may make up for it.
    • Rumblecrush: very weak vs comparable abilities
    • Shards: slightly weak vs comparable abilieies
    • Striking Stones: very weak vs comparable abilities

    The other abilities are all in-line with those of other power sets.
  4. SuperPrime New Player


    Crystal super power (Epicenter) is healing the "adds" instead of doing damage
    Debris field is not showing the visual effect of cushing
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  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    After Today's Hotfix.. I just want yall to realize this, but now Earth has 6, 300 power cost abilities.

    No Offense, but If I'm gonna be trolling and expected to keep someone's power in check I'm gonna kick someone from group if they have a full 300 power cost loadout.

    No other powerset has this problem. At this rate People are gonna hate Earth DPS unless they restrict themselves to Aftershock Abilities.

    Seriously, like what gives? I've never seen a powerset so demanding on power on this revamp until now.
  6. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Is Earth going to be without a 100 power cost quick ability ?

    Striking Stones /Shards being with 300 power costs and Fortify Golem also at 300, Pet dpsing will be crazy power hungry.
  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    sparring dummies taking 100 k heals, fix please
  8. Mighty Committed Player

    Light's in a similar boat, even if you rock all 200 power cost abilities, every construct is 100, so PftT, you're basically spamming 300s.
  9. Xibo Loyal Player

    After the hotfix, here's my feedback:

    - Give us another 100 AoE ability non-aftershock that takes additional damage on crushed enemies. It can be Stone or even a new ability.
    - Fix the bug from Crystal, already mentioned.
    - Shards: Reduce the power cost to 200.

    Except that, Earth is almost balanced.
  10. KaizeBR New Player


    Crystal super power (Epicenter) is healing the "adds" instead of doing damage
    Debris field is not showing the visual effect of cushing
  11. DCUO Gaming Well-Known Player

    Bug Report: The Earthquake Supercharge cannot be activated even with full supercharge.
    Example: When I build up full supercharge to use Earthquake instead of the ability icon lighting up it remains in a darkened state, thus not allowing me to activate it.
    Bug Report: As many have already stated, Crystal's super power Epicenter is healing the adds/targets making it impossible to get accurate parse readings.
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  12. SuperPrime New Player

    I have tested here and what I saw is that it is only possible to activate it with 100% Supercharge, so I looked at the current and previous update notes, and I saw that in the update note of (June 09, 2017), it states that the earthquake Supercharge can only be activated with 100% Supercharge, so I believe the problem is in the description of the Earthquake Supercharge that says 50% cost and in the icon that when it reaches 50% shows that it is loaded but deactivated until it is full "100%".

    ***Bug report

    Description of Earthquake Supercharge says that it is 50% cost, but in the public update notes (June 09, 2017) says that it can only be activated at 100%, other problem is the icon that shows that it is loaded in 50% but can only be activated in 100%, it would be better if the icon only shows that it is loaded when it reaches 100%.

    Can anyone check this?
  13. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Pet dpsing needa quick low power cost abilities for weapon clipping.

    Pets are already reducing power restoring so why making Fortify Golem a 300 power cost?

    How is Pet dps speccing full Precision supposed to work with multiple 300 power cost powers?
  14. L T Devoted Player

    It sure seems like Stone is intended to be a 100 power cost spammer. It currently does the damage of one, but it costs 200 and inflicts crushing instead of benefiting from it.

    Debris Field is ticking off the exact same damage number every time-- the same as totem. Both of these abilities are doing poor damage now. Totem heals your golem, which is definitely worth it, but Debris Field is now doing about 15% lower damage than comparable abilities in other power sets.

    Jackhammer aftershocks only seem to be doing about the damage of a weapon melee tap.
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  15. Heart Well-Known Player

    Here are couple things I found concerning:
    • Entomb:
      • Doesn't do any damage or visual effect against sparring targets. I think it should do all of the damage and play some kind of visual effect regardless of whether the enemy is immune to your control effects or not because otherwise it won't do any damage in raids where most of the enemies are immune to dps control effects. :(
    • Earth Tank role:
      • Stone Skin is much weaker than Earthen Bond. I'm taking twice more damage when I'm using Jackhammer for Stone Skin than when I'm using Brick Golem for Earthen Bond against a Paradox Warrior in the Time-torn Area 51 with combat rating of 201. With Earthen Bond I feel as strong as every other tank powerset and I can stay alive and defeat the Paradox Warrior alone but with Stone Skin I feel significantly weaker and can't stay alive against the Paradox demon.
  16. Xibo Loyal Player


    - Earth and Sorcery should receive a damage bonus for the DPS side and a defense or health bonus for the Tank side for a non-pet loadout to compensate the damage or defense lost without a pet actived.
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  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  18. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player


    Can Totem benefit from enemies being crushed to replace Debris field?

    Debris field now inflicts the Crushing PI, back then it used to benefit from it.

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  19. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    I think Totem is fine the way it is without PI, if anything it might get updated for special pet ability who knows. I will say the range and damage on it is inferior to Soul Well IMO.
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  20. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    After update quick glance notice:
    • Debris Field still not inflicting PI crushed animation on target
    • New updated FX Reinforce looks different! I was expecting something like gemstone shield but I like it better than the gloves but then again it's a subjective discussion
    • Totem vs Soul Well? Hopefully it heals pets pretty well or does something else well like CC
    • Good job on balancing the power costs throughout and making it more evened out
    • Jackhammer seems to be parsing less than Upheaval in the same rotation. One is close range and one is ranged.
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