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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    All multi-imput combos still need a good buff still. Smite and Haunt seem to have got a nerf and thats cool but other combos must be brought up. Then after other combos are adjusted correctly maybe Smite and Haunt can be toned down a tad more cause imo they still do to much damage for what they are.

    Smite and Haunt should be filler powers i really don't think they should be good enough to be a stand alone rotation by themselves, they should need other combos to compliment them.

    Right out of the gate we said multi-imput combos were super weak and smite/haunt were way to good. I don't know how weeks later we're still in the same place. Not trying to be rude just frustrated.
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  2. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I felt like the iconics were slightly lower but I'd have to go back and check with old footage to confirm it. The other celestial combos we tested were still in the 35-37 range, but smite/haunt was parsing at 38-41 depending on crits for 30s reads consistently and it used to be 40-44k even after the last nerf back in April. I'm gonna go through and add the robot sidekick like I had in the video I posted on the 6th for comparison just to make sure it's not adding 3-4k damage per/sec somehow.
  3. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    After testing robot sidekick, it seems that that was the difference. I have it recorded in case you need it but basically robot sidekick seems to be performing differently at different ranges.

    - Point Blank Melee Range -
    He's hitting the sparring targets for 4-5k, occasionally 7k with his arms basically every second without fail. This would produce the solid 3-4k dps I wasn't expecting. However, he'll start to float up after attacking for a second and he'll keep going up higher and higher until he's touching the ceiling. After a set height he switches to doing ranged attacks which is where the problem lies. He'll do 3 quick missiles for 14-1500 damage and then maybe a hit for 5000, but then he'll pause and won't attack for 4-5 seconds.

    - Far Range -
    He stays in the weak missile and long pause mode. Doesn't float into the air infinitely sometimes.

    - 1 Square Away -
    Went back to the video I had posted awhile back and noticed i was staying at the 4-5k hits I had at melee so I went back to the exact same spot barely 1 square away, and he stayed there and kept hitting consistently like the video.

    Hitting consistently for melee, he'd be at 4-5000 dps reasonably especially with frequent hits for 7k.

    However, at range:
    1sec - 3 hits of 1500 - 4500 damage
    2sec - 1 hit of 5000 - 5000 damage
    4-5sec - pause

    7-8 seconds with 9500 damage total. Barely 1260 dps.

    Aka the 3.7k dps loss I noticed roughly.

    1. Is it intentional for there to be a quantuple damage difference between his ranges which seem to be set based on when I first engage and not updating to melee when I melee?

    2. Is him floating infinitely in the air til he reaches the ceiling even after starting at melee range and sometimes doing it at a range a bug? Even I chose to melee range, if I don't seem to be at that sweet spot when I start, he won't stay there and as soon as he goes to missiles, my damage drops down significantly.

    P.S. - Crappy had his Crystal floating toward the ceiling as well.
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  4. spord Developer

    We will look at the attack rate for Robot Sidekick but no the flying to the ceiling thing is not right. I'll let the engineering team know.
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