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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. RSL New Player

    so i reluctantly respec'd [so close to armories i really wanted to wait but i was bored] and did some arena matches. boy are they not fun as a healer. it seems like PVP has become even more pure FOTM DPS [celestial and HL dominating] with the requisite clippable weapon and this new invention [it's been a while since i really PVP'd] the "DPS can debuff healers but healers can't debuff DPS" routine. this got old really fast. no other healers it seems. no controllers. weirdly a handful of tanks every time.

    i know this is a QQ thread. i used to like PVP. if wasn't ever the best but i was a tough little healer that count stand his own for a bit. it definitely seems like it's become the place where the out-of-balance elements in the game all meet up after church now though. does the rest of the community think it's balanced? do the devs? it is just me? am i okay? please don't close the door, mommy. i'm scared.

    flame on.
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  2. RSL New Player

    oh a little about my gear. i'm about half vengeance from last season. got bored chasing the dragon and figured i'd pick it up next season. i had enough SP at the time [prolly 140-150] to make it a pain in the butt to respec from PVE healer [pure heals] to PVP [some damage/precision in there since you never have a controller]. i understand, but am no uber-master of, the counter mechanics.
  3. Rëquiem New Player

    I know how you feel m8, DPS have the clear adavantage now in pvp. I must have done 60+ 1v1 matches over the weekend. I saw maybe 3 healers, 2 trolls, few tanks (all ice btw) and the rest were DPS.
    Im a fire tank, full punchline exp modded 160 sp. Before movement debuff i could hold my own against DPS as i had health adavantage and health buff. But since season 2 PVP and the stat increase on all existing gear, DPS now have almost the same Health pool as a tank. They can strip my health buff, so when a tank fights a DPS they are simply a weak DPS. Before you say 'Tanks have higher Toughness aswell'. Penetrating strikes chest mod also strips that advantage.
    Im not sure how the Dev team decided to add movement debuffs for all support roles, but didnt include a 'Damage Debuff' for DPS. This would be the simple fix and would even the playing field as it once was.
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  4. Phil Miller Committed Player

    I simply do not run Arenas any more. I don't care if I leave those feat points out there because it is simply not worth the frustration of running that content. If I want to PvP, especially outside of the league, I will stick to Legends.
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  5. RSL New Player

    i'm running them now to get loser marks. yes it's a shame. and i DO give my all at the beginning but once i see where it's going, i just want it over. i might take off my armor to make it quick. i don't enjoy one-sided battles that just prove my opponent can clip better than i can and wasn't foolish enough to try to be a support role and help anyone other than their score. which oddly... ends up helping their team win. can't win there, can i? hehehe
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  6. X hood Well-Known Player

    I run legends... Who does arena nowadays? o_O lol jk :p
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  7. RSL New Player

    oh i hate legends the worst. as a support role, i can't stand that i can't heal up myself or teammembers. and again it's still all about who can clip the fastest. i'm not a kid. my reflexes are not my strongest asset.
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  8. Zodiac Well-Known Player

    The problem fella is support roles arnt really 1v1 capable (by mistake or design I dont know).
    But I can tell ya one thing, there is no way in hell I would jump into a 5s match with 5 DPS!
    Chin up
  9. Myrdin69 New Player

    well at least you win mark if you lose, thats the only good point of this season so far
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  10. RSL New Player

    yeah if it weren't for that and the removal of lockouts, i wouldn't be there at all.
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  11. Deathmike Loyal Player

    As an Ice DD in tank gear (or tank in damage stance, whichever you want to call it) I find PvP to be 100% balanced.

    Deathmike out.
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  12. RSL New Player

    looool. yeah i was told there was a lot of this when i was asking why there were tanks but no other support roles. doesn't it chap you though that you aren't FOTM'ing it?

    no. you're deathmike. you know you got it down from yr solo antics so you don't have things to prove. ;)
  13. SilentTrollerMan New Player

    You are unbalanced Deathmike. I think the last update came out so late because they were trying to figure out how to nerf you.
    Hopefully they will figure it out on update 34, LOL.
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  14. Rëquiem New Player

    Lols, it would be and ice dps saying 'oh its balanced'. The fact Tanks are running DPS in tank gear shows theres a problem. Which is why 'Real' tanks complain. If everyone had that mind set there would be no support roles.
    No offence but rotating shield/reflect doesnt take any skill, added with the fact you can use regen shielding mod... ice tank = god mode.
    If it was about winning i could switch to ice today, with 160+ sp i would be untouchable. But personally i h8 ice, its too easy :p
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  15. Deathmike Loyal Player

    Only one of the ice shields triggers the HT mod. Any other powerset benefits from regenerative shielding just as much.

    Deathmike out.
  16. Deathmike Loyal Player

    Oh.. and for anyone who didn't realize, this post is meant to be funny.:)

    Deathmike out.
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  17. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I hate 1s. Simply not a fan. Half the time it's throwing dice to see which role you get tossed up against. It's probably not true but it always seems to be a healer if you're a tank, a troller if you're a healer, and a tank if you're a troller.

    Luckily we have debuffs now. But those don't help against dps in general. I'll usually load the tank one though going in to arenas to combat those freakin Ice DPS rotating shields. They still get to use bitter winds though which is pretty lame.

    It's an imperfect balance between powersets. Imperfect balance between roles, and an Imperfect combat system. 1s really focuses on these aspects as it removes all other variables. So I find it leads to the most frustration. When you lose a fight because "you should have gotten that BB" ohh it's infuriating.

    I've been doing most of my farming in 2s and some 5s. Just more fun that way.
  18. RSL New Player

    hard light shield triggers the HT mod though. that's two shields that regen. pretty awesome when yr tanking. not so awesome when i'm trying to beat yr butt as a healer. ;)
  19. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Aye even tank debuffed Ice guys will still have Bitter Winds (no heal but still a shield) and HL shield (w/ heal from mod). You need healer debuff to strip HL shield, and nothing will block Bitter Winds.
  20. Enickma Dedicated Player

    I ran solely 1v1 legends to complete the Android set. Legends isn't perfect either but at least matches don't take 15-20 minutes.
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