Shadowlands bailouts...why?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Reinheld, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    I sometimes queue old content (especially on my premium accounts) to grab some quick salvage or just to tide me over for a few min if I'm waiting on someone to run something else. A few of those things I run quick like are Shady Nightclub, the Chinese Theater and Shadowlands more often than not....I also run Shadowlands on my PC toon because I always need marks and 2 drop in there daily, however I notice more often than not someone queues in...waits till Fate opens the door, then leaves. Any good reason why in this duo, seemingly more than others...this happens?

    I'm guessing it has something to do with Nth Metal, but as Nth drops wherever, you could queue a solo and walk out after getting your loot...or if you want a duo, queue into one that you don't have to wait a minute for someone to open the door.

    Not sure if I really expect an answer of if I just felt like ranting....go ahead and throw your 2 cents in if you have some thought on why this seems to happen...I'm sure it will not change anything.

  2. DaPhun48 Well-Known Player

    They probably want the feat where you activate all the orbs or whatever tf they are in under 60 secs I think it is. Haven’t been in that duo in years! They most likely see you as high cr (if that’s the case) and will just run through it asap. That or your toon smells.
  3. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    It's not after being in. but after activating the first. Usual way to get it is kill all the mobs on the way in, do not enter boss fight, turn around instead, get the first and every other of them in one clean rush. Unless they changed how it works since I last did that on a toon.

    So either they don't know how it works, look at the time and leave again because it's up :D or it's not because of the feat.
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  4. DaPhun48 Well-Known Player

    I know how it works. It more and likely is they dunno how it works, along with seeing high cr. either way... do you really care?
  5. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    The door Fate opens doesn't stay open very long after the first player goes through. So if you've gone through and they were a bit behind, the door shuts. Now it can be opened again, by either the gear Fate interacts with, or I believe there is another gear on the other side of the gate that you could turn. Neither gear has an icon over top of it, but when you get close enough to it you will see that you can interact with it

    At least that used to be an issue, I don't know if that was fixed. I discovered this issue when I was going for some feats in there several years ago, but haven't kept up on it since I have the feats now.
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  6. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I thought the same thing you did at first.

    Then I noticed that the yellow portal that appears right after the door opens is marked as "return to previous location."

    So I'm pretty sure what happens is, you go in first, the other person sees the yellow portal and thinks that they have to click it to get through the door, and... boom! They wind up in the WT. Poor saps. Lol.

    That's the only thing that made sense to me, because it's always right after you go through the door, am I right?
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  7. TheLorax Loyal Player

    There is a portal to leave the instance that pops up after Fate opens the door. When one person passes through the threshold, that door Fate just opened closes after a couple seconds. A lot of people leave the instance accidentally thinking the yellow circle will send them to the other side of the door. I've done it a couple times.
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  8. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    Ah ha...I thought that too...If I pop in with a low level...while we wait for Dr Fate, I normally type in, "If you need the crags feat, don't touch the it after the boss", and I also do not blow through the adds stranding them behind. Besides, they are in and gone so fast, they wouldn't have a way to judge if I'd leave them behind or blow the feat.

    And I normally take a shower every Friday (whether I need it or not) my smell can't be it.

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  9. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    Ah....Ok...well I guess that's a legit possibility. I do normally open the instance back up though, so I'd guess they could come back in...although the 1 min timer might lock them out.

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  10. Shark Dental Devoted Player


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  11. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    For some weird reason I care when people do not know how things in this game/games I play work. And if it's just for collecting evidence that the game is not well done in the point of being self-explanatory :D
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  12. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I usually did the feat afte rthe boss fight. The door opens 30 approx. 45 seconds afte rthe fight ended.
  13. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    There could be any number of reasons.. hey I had a guy on the Teen Titan Alert that was the right CR to be there... so one would "assume" he's here after armor drops and Titan Creds. Well we took down Mammoth and then POOF he was gone. Now there is a feat for cooling Mammoth off 3 times but no one , including the guy that quit, ever grabbed one of the cooling barrels. We all just blasted away til he dropped. SO ???? who knows ? Real life forced him to log off? He was only there for the feat but is also a scoreboard chaser so he wanted the feat (which if he did he never bothered to tell anyone about) but the rest of us were supposed to deal with the barrels because he had to keep shooting and be number 1 in damage? his computer glitched and he got disconnected?

    My guess in your case would be the feat for the orbs but as others have mentioned I too have been a victim of the mysterious glowing yellow circle and wound up in the Watch Tower instead of the part of the mission where you actually attack and defeat stuff.

    Oh and yeah when i go after that feat I usually just wait till after we defeat Circe and then.... and this works REALLY well. One of us gets at one end by the entrance and the other stays down where we just took out the boss. We count down and start together and work towards each other. Works every time :D
  14. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    Meh....upon further review of the situation, I'm not sure how people are hitting that portal. Fate opens the door to the room with the 'mystical' doorway on the other side. Someone enters and the 1st door closes. The exit portal is on the other side of the now closed door, so you have to run the cog to re-open the outside door to get to the exit. I'm sure it's possible, but once the door reopens, you have a portal in front of you on the floor and the 'mystical' doorway 10 feet further. Are people really that blind that they wouldn't just continue forward through the 2nd doorway? This also takes into account that anyone who has done the run once (ok maybe 2 or 3 times) should no longer fall for this mistake and I have had this happen several times with higher level toons.

    Not even sure why the door still closes. As the exit is there anyway, why stop someone from just going back through the outside door and leaving where they entered the bar?

  15. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    I've been kicked by the game out of finished instances too often to risk that. I hate it when I want to farm on Oolong and get the loading screen after maybe 3 or 4 collection items picked up - with me the only player left on the island so it is for sure the game.
  16. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    While a failed feat attempt is an option, I think on the TT alert, especially when there was the event option running, if you queued in and landed in a running instance you'd likely come in right before cyborg after someone rage quit or was kicked and the LB fight wiped a few times (maybe in the laser wall hallway too....I know some people hated that), so you'd get LB, then re-queue and just do Mammoth and leave. Honestly, ignoring the poor gameplay factor of bailing out, if you can get just the LB fight then hit Mammoth really quick it made the run very efficient...skipping all the junk in between. I know on my event level toons I saw this a few dozen times, and (I must admit) even bailed after mammoth myself when I ended up in that situation.

    There are several runs in this game where get loot...get out makes some sense. I used to see it in Bombshell too...quick 1st boss fight, then bail. Not so much now that we are all a bunch of thugs, but anytime there is an immediate boss fight some people just want the quick loot vs a full run, especially when the last boss is a long way away and might be a wipe in the end.

  17. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Ooolong is an operation, shadowlands isn't. You can farm the regular Ooolong Island or Gorilla Island infinitely, but not operations - there you have 5 minutes, maybe only 3 minutes.
  18. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Oolong the Alert. The Operation is a re-use of the map. But like the time when Area 51 was added to Legends PvE and the spawn behavior on the normal alert map changed, the operation re-use could have accidentally added the timer to the alert map.

    Which is something to keep in mind here as well: Shadowlands is a re-used 1 player map.
  19. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    okay you just confused the heck out of me because the Mammoth battle I talk about in the titan alert is the actual first thing you encounter once the barrier comes down. you run down a hallway with absolutely no mobs to battle at all and after a quick cut scene you are in the first of three boss boss battle. (with Deathstroke coming next and finally Cyborg). The alert I refer to was not a case of anyone leaving after a long period of time with multiple team wipes ... We arrived at the missions entrance, ran down the hall way and beat the tar out of Mammoth with no problem at all and then grabbed our rewards and except for the guy that either Dc'd or quit we moved on and continued .. taking down mobs and the other two bosses with no issues at all.

    Some how you took that and twisted it to me joining after some one else left after a team wipe and some how have us at the Cyborg battle? Just went form beginning to end of the entire alert and then back again????? You even mention some thing about....

    WHAT stuff in between? The Mammoth boss battle is the first thing any team faces when they run the mission. No mobs, no other bosses that come first, no objective to click on.. just run down an empty hall way and attack.
  20. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    Not sure how it's confusing....but I'll make the description overly detailed so you can understand better.

    At 12PM (approximate time for reference purpose only....I have no idea when your run actually was). 'Randomplayer5' queues up into an already running TT alert. He is able to get in because at 11:55AM after repeated wipes on Cyborg, another group let's say 'Randomplayer1, 2 and 3' decided to kick their ineffective healer 'Randomplayer4' who was not healing but was costing them the healing buff. They then opened the queue for additional players. 'Randomplayer5' comes in and is a better player so they beat Cyborg....they all say 'GG' and go their separate ways. Now 'Randomplayer5' then wants to get his 1st boss loot so he re-queues....ends up with you (Techwarrior) and 'Randomplayer6 and 7'....or 2 of your (Techwarrior's) leaguemates (we can assume you were in a group of 3 or less because you obviously didn't know the 4th guy who left)....he helps kill Mammoth and then he loots and leaves. You(Techwarrior) then say "gee I wonder why that guy left after just Mammoth?", without the knowledge that he really only needed Mammoth at that point. How could you(Techwarrior) know, the guy was after all....a random queue in.

    So in this scenario....'Randomplayer5' has actually made the alert very efficient (as stated previously) because he got both loots from both bosses with none of the stuff in between. He got to skip 4 drawn out cutscenes....the laser hallway....people going looking for briefs and investigations, a non-looting Deathstroke fight, etc.... While still getting the 2 boss loots. Not that he did that on purpose, but it's just how it worked out....PUG life and all.

    Now....since the Event is over, I'd expect this to happen less as I mainly saw this in event runs (also stated previously), and with the fact that most every group will now have at least 1 if not more above level players, AND the content is now established....there will be far less chances of wiping on last boss....therefore less chances of queuing in for JUST last boss. I know personally I came into the Event TT alert AT CYBORG at least a dozen...probably more like 2 dozen times, and in most of those cases I'd then re-queue after and get the Mammoth loot. Sometimes I'd stay...sometimes not depending on my time constraints and the rest of the group. This also happened in the 'at-level' alert, but less often. On the 'at-level' runs normally I'd just leave it be just getting Cyborg done as that's where the catalyst dropped...I got the prestige and treasure box too.

    If you personally never had a run where you queued into an already started and failed LB fight, that's great luck...or you only ran with put-together groups of 4. Either way I'm guessing the above scenario never applied to you....which is great.

    And BTW....
    Sorry....I should have said it like this.

    Honestly, ignoring the poor gameplay factor of bailing out, if ONE could get just the LB fight then hit Mammoth really quick it made the run very efficient...skipping all the junk in between

    I did not mean 'you' like YOU Techwarrior.....I meant 'you' like if general. I did not realize you'd take it personally to mean you. I did try to define where I was talking about you specifically above for the scenario example....hope it helped. I can get more detailed, but it will required graphs and 3D modeling...also I'll need a slide rule and projector. Hopefully this will do.


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