SEPPUKU (USPS) Hero League Recruiting

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Greenman_x, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Longshot Well-Known Player

    Helpful, awesome, Greenman-----one of these words don't belong.

    Join Seppuku now!!!
  2. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

  3. Redman_x Well-Known Player

    Would it be possible if I could join this league? I just want to get that much more closer to greenman_x.

    I also have over 190 skill points with a 111cr on my main character. I think I could help.... ALOT.

    Have greenman_x and ONLY greenman_x pm me if interested.
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  4. profsmalls Active Player

    Back from a 2 year hiatus.
    Seppuku is worth checking out as they treat you like family and you always have a group to run Raids/Alerts with :D
  5. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

  6. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Looking for a few end game tanks. 110 cr and above

    Send me a pm on here or send a tell to any one of Greenman, Flesh Light, Zim, Not Again, Almighty Alpha or Plague Hunter in game if interested
  7. Longshot Well-Known Player

    The doors are open again for recruitment.

    We currently are looking for 100cr/100sp minimum players.

    We have never been big on DPS only type players. We prefer people who can play multiple roles. We encourage alts and will accept them into the league.

    We have also discussed if there are any other leagues who would like to merge with us, it would be something we would consider.

    Currently in game contact our fearless leader-Zim.

    You may also send tells to: Greenman, Flesh Light, Not Again, Almighty Alpha or Plague Hunter.
  8. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

  9. Redman_x Well-Known Player

    I like these guys and gals, A LOT! Not only do they know how to have fun, but they also know how to get stuff done.

    I am told they are looking for new members and the requirements are not to high. 100cr and 100sp is all you need and you can join up.

    They also always have every proficiency unlocked in their league hall.
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  10. Longshot Well-Known Player

    BUMP, we really need some more end game tanks.
  11. Greenman_x Steadfast Player


    We're looking for new blood. Any role above 100 CR and 100 SP, primarily Tanks that are Throne of the Dead ready.

    If your league is dying out, or becoming more inactive, we'd also be willing to take all of you in.

    If you like running content nightly, beating content at release and old men (some with boston accents) then send a tell to any one of Greenman, Zim, Flesh Light, Not again, Allmighty Alpha, Plague Hunter or Bulldozer 22 in game or send me a PM on the forums.
  12. Longshot Well-Known Player

    What Greenman said^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. Redman_x Well-Known Player

    What this guy said^

    Looking for some end game tanks, heals, and trolls that can also DPS.
  14. Greenman_x Steadfast Player


    Still looking for players. Any role, above 100 CR and SP.

    We would be very interested in absorbing a group of players/small league. So bring your friends.

    If interested contact me on the forums, or any one of Greenman, Zim, Flesh Light, Not Again, Allmighty Alpha, Plague Hunter or Bulldozer 22 in game
  15. Redman_x Well-Known Player

    Bump bump, bump. What Greenman says... goes!

    If you are a player that plays later in the evening you could also reach out to Grimmzy or professor hokie.
  16. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Quoting myself to bump.

    Everything above applies.
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  17. Longshot Well-Known Player

    TGIF BUMP!!!! Join Seppuku, Greenman gets a little crazy on non-school nights.
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  18. not_again Dedicated Player

    ^^^^ What he said
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  19. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    It's true.

    Looking for players above 100 CR and SP.

    As always, we'd be willing to take on groups as well. Just contact any one of Greenman, Zim, Flesh Light, Not Again, Bulldozer 22 or Plague Hunter if interested
  20. Nemeses Prime Dedicated Player

    People from SEPPUKU are very good players. I played sometimes with them and I just have good words.

    See you in the game dudes!
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