PS4 Features that DCUO Uses Over PS3

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  1. SoylentBob Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to get the game to fit on the screen on PS4?
    USB keyboard isn't much use when half the text box is off-screen.
  2. Sore Well-Known Member

    There's a UI option called Screen Scale within the DCUO settings menus.
  3. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    Yes. I believe under video settings there is a way to enlarge the PS4 viewing size (I can't share exact location right now as I am not at my PS4). Make sure that the edges of that features reaches the edge of your screen first. Second if DCUO still does not fill the screen use the Screen Scale slider under UI in the settings.
  4. undrline Well-Known Member

    1. wasn't auto-update already a PS+ benefit?
    2. as someone already said and you answered, this can be done at the character selection screen
    3. if they coded it to work for the PS4, maybe it works on the PS3 now, too. Do you happen to have some keybindings I could try out?
    4. I don't think I've ever had the game crash instead of a console freeze.

    So far, I only see two benefits of the PS4: better hardware specs, and auto-capture. The latter, like you said, has drawbacks. One of which is only being able to share it to FB, rather than YT. Are there aspects outside of this game that would make it worth buying?

    And, for all the "I can't wait until everyone's on the PS4" people ... yes, you can. So long as the hardware requirements stay old, it will be easily digested by the PS4. When the older hardware stops being supported, they can start pushing the limits of the new hardware. That may mean new fancy features, yes, but it will also mean eroding performance.
  5. SoylentBob Well-Known Member

    Nothing happens when I move the sliders.

    I can tell the PS4 to resize, but then everything else has an extra inch margin.
  6. Sore Well-Known Member

    The effect isn't observable until you hit SQUARE to save your changes.
  7. SoylentBob Well-Known Member

    The effect isn't observable after I hit square or even relog.
    I can get the individual voice slider to work but not in real-time: I have to back out and go back in to tweak if necessary.
  8. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    1. On the PS3 the actual update for DCUO happened in the client. You can download the new client patch but that is it. In order to install the actual game assets you needed to launch the game first.

    2. It can but a) requires that DCUO character servers are online (they are not when the server is completely down) and requires you to launch the game. To view these patch notes all you have to do is press Options when hovering over DCUO and select Update History. This is different than what the PS3 currently is limited to.

    3. They do not work on the PS3 client. Some keys do such as the shortcuts but not the actual movement. Keybinding is missing from the PS4 client at the moment though.

    4. Because when the game crashed the console would also crash. This is because the system OS and game OS were not separate. On the PS4 these OSs are separate. This means DCUO can crash but your console will not crash as well. However this is not entirely related to this specific advantage I mentioned.

    On the PS3 there is an error reporter but all you do is send information to SOE. You cannot add your own comment to that report. You can do this with the PS4 error reporter.

    As for the share feature note that I also said you can export from Facebook and then upload to YouTube. You can also export a private Twitch stream to YouTube but you would need to be recording when the error occurs which is unlikely. Even if you don't want to do any of these you can simply ask SOE to view your PSN profile on a PS4 and they can see your recent DCUO captures from there as well if you make it public.

    Per your last question I am not going to answer that. That is for you to decide. I am just sharing how the PS4 improves upon features that DCUO can take advantage of to give them added incentive on top of any other reason they have to get a PS4. I would never recommend (and have not in a different thread) for someone to get a PS4 just to upgrade DCUO. However if you someone had a reason already to get a PS4 but were still debating whether to get it is what this thread is for. Whether these features are useful to an individual is up to them though.
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  9. Sore Well-Known Member

    That's interesting. I had the same problem (chat and mini-map off screen). I wiggled the slider all frustrated. Once I hit squared, I saw movement and them started making minor adjustments from there. For some reason my mind thought I should be moving it in the opposite direction than I needed to. I'm not sure what you're seeing but I'd recommend keeping at it a little more before checking out other options.
  10. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    Left on the slider stretches it and right shrinks it. If you focus on one element of the UI the slider would make more sense for example the chat box. Moving the slider left will relatively move the chat box left on the UI and moving the slider right moves the chat box right. This is opposite if you select an element on the right of the center line.

    I tried this on day 1 and it worked fine. I haven't tried it since though. I can try when I get home though.
  11. SoylentBob Well-Known Member

    The amount of clipping is random. Sometimes it's hardly noticeable, other times it clips the SP progress bar (just under the powers) and part of the minimap. Relog (no adjustments) and it changes.

    It's more bewildering than finding out I'm fighting Superman in the Knightsdome.
  12. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    The PS3 supports this feature but I didn`t think the PS4 would support it. I just confirm by setting up the Wedge keyboard from Microsoft that bluetooth keyboards do in fact work with the PS4. You register it like you would register any other bluetooth enabled keyboard. After that it works as you might expect.

    This means for people like myself that like the keypad that attached to the PS3 controller that a keypad like them for the PS4 controller may not be far off (I am hoping, I don`t want to have another keyboard that I have to switch to for long :p ). I thought I would share this information for people that don`t know. :)

    I am planning to test a bluetooth headset (first edition one for the PS3 specifically) latter on tonight. I`ll post my results for those interested.
  13. evilhomer54 New Member

    Well I would just like to play for godsakes I can't even leave the starter night club without it crashing. now everytime I load it it crashes because it is stuck at the load screen when I leave to enter the world. great free game I guess.
  14. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    What's the web browser like on the PS4? Does it finally support flash?(About 6 years later) LOL.
    Just curious because the web browser has always disappointed me on the PS3. It never bothered me that much as I hardly ever used it but I always wondered why Sony never bothered to try to fix that.
  15. Sore Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried it but I really doubt it supports flash. Flash is a dying technology.
  16. Superskull85 Well-Known Member

    Though it is dying browsers can't realistically stop supporting it. Apple tried and well they didn't push their no flash policy through all of their products because there are too many websites that still use it. ;)

    That being said the web browser in the PS4 is still the crappy NetFront browser with a low memory allocation, no flash, no actual HTML video support (it can play it but it does not properly run common implementations such as those used by the desktop version of YouTube). It still doesn't have a true popup blocker and you will still notice hickups when moving around pages with a lot of div's. Like the PS3 browser it does support full screen video, but the controls for those videos are badly location and the click boxes are not adjusted to suit the larger resolution of the screen.

    The only good thing about this browser is that it can be used while playing a game. However if you have a laptop next to you or a mobile phone you should use that instead. This "improved" browser only has improvements in the UI and that is about it.

    For those that like YouTube though you can use and it works just fine. I have no idea why it plays the HTML video on this site but not the desktop version with HTML5 enabled. I assume because it doesn't read the cookie properly and if that is true then that is one more reason to avoid this browser.

    The browser is simply not very good. They should really drop NetFront all together and use an implementation of Chrome or Firefox to be honest, but I doubt they will do that. :/
  17. ishkabibble5710 New Member

    I see the ps4 uses the constantly offline upgrade as well. good thing. I was getting bored of going on to the game i pay money to play whenever I wanted too.
  18. CraftNinjaOPS New Member

    Would it be possible if you can play PS3 DC Universe Online with a keyboard and mouse. I would really like to try DCUO with it because my computer can play the game i would like to try the game with different controls. And mainly because i don't have money to buy a PS4
  19. Zerefu Well-Known Member

    Keyboard bit is a big deal, we can finally clip like PC
  20. Drathmor Well-Known Member

    one thing to note is that DCUO will only download the game update if it is on. it wont start the download in standby or off completly but your right you dont have to start the game to start the download

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