Test Discussion Preview: On Duty Custom Play UI updates

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Jul 14, 2022.

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  1. xxsniperxxjacob Level 30

    Awesome thank you for clarifying
  2. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Yes i love the idea that the game saves your favorites on duty missions every time you log back in.. KEEP THAT..
  3. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Why on earth would you want the events tab 1st and Favs 2nd?? lol

    Favs tab should come first and all the OTHER missions should be behind the FAVS Tab IMO..
  4. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    It's probably just devs expect the events page to always be the first one to show up, not a big deal, I'm sure they can shuffle it around.
    If they also take my Episodes column into consideration then the order will be something like this:
    [Favorites | Events | Episodes | Solos | Duos | Alerts | Raids | Arenas | Legends]
    I'm liking more and more having LPvE and LPvP under the same banner atm.

    I also want to add a bit more to the purpose of the [Episodes] tab:
    1. Easily find those particular content during spotlight weeks or farming specific drops at anytime
    2. Follow a storyline, whether they've just started or want to revisit them later in a chronological order
    3. No longer require Episode name in front of any instance to reduce the word count
    To expand a bit more on specifics:
    For Classic stuff, I'd split it into several subcategories, which might be useful to indicate where faction renown is being dropped:
    (This I haven't sorted in chronological order, and given that not all content is on On-Duty, I'm not sure how that would fare tbh. Could future STU content introduce those to the queue menu?)
    (Maybe there are other ways to sort this ala story arc names as outlined in Briefings and Contacts, but this should be the basis rather than lump all classics into one giant package)
    [Classic Magic]
    8th Precinct
    [H] Manheim's Chinese Theater
    [V] Sentinels of Magic Citadel
    [H] Lair of the Spectre
    [V] Sentinels of Magic Base
    Circe's Stronghold
    Gotham University

    [Classic Meta]
    Meta Research Wing
    [V] Metropolis University
    [V] Old Star Labs
    STAR Labs Facility
    [H] Gorilla Grodd's Lab
    [V] The Watchtower: An Opportunity
    [H] Hall of Doom: Recovery
    Gorilla Island
    Stryker's Island Penitentiary
    The Chasm
    Power Core
    Sunstone Matrix

    [Classic Tech]
    [V] Gotham Warehouse
    The Joker's Funhouse
    [H] The Greenhouse
    Gotham University Warehouse
    Old Gotham Subway (Solo)
    [H] Gotham Sewer
    [H] Monarch Playing Card Company
    East End Regal Hotel
    [V] Gotham Mercy Hospital
    Cape Carmine Lighthouse
    Old Gotham Subway (Duo)
    STAR Labs Satellite
    Ace Chemicals
    Arkham Asylum
    Outer Caverns (Alert)
    Inner Sanctum (Alert)
    Outer Caverns (Raid)
    Inner Sanctum (Raid)
    Brainiac Sub-Construct

    [Classic Global]
    HIVE Base
    Metropolis City Hall
    OMAC Base
    Gotham University Warehouse
    Area 51
    [V] Hall of Doom Armory
    [H] Watchtower Containment Facility
    HIVE Moon Base
    Oolong Island
    League of Assassins Stronghold

    I've added (Solo) (Duo) (Alert) (Raid) at the end of some names to differentiate between instances with more than one version and I think this should be fairly easy to implement in-game.

    I also strongly recommend having those monthly episode era instances be reorganized into separate episodes, here done in chronological order:
    [Bombshell Paradox]
    Bombshell Paradox

    [War of the Light Part III] (name to show a clear continuation of previous storylines)
    Corrupted Zamaron
    Oa Under Siege
    Blackest Day
    Blackest Night

    [Raven: Daughter of Darkness] (name in reference to her solo's subtitle)
    Desecrated Cathedral
    Unholy Matrimony
    Deep Desires
    Wastelands Wonderland

    [The Demon's Head]
    Flash Museum Burglary
    The Demon's Pit
    The Demon's Plan

    [Age of Legends] (name to show a clear relation to AoJ while also referencing the CW show inspiration)
    The First Piece
    Prison Break
    A Rip in Time

    [New Krypton] (this is actually tough to name since it's inspired by several arcs so placeholder name?)
    Phantom Zone
    Science Spire
    Brainiac's Bottle Ship
    Kandor Central Tower

    [Halls of Power Part III] (name to show a clear continuation of previous storylines)
    The Will of Darkseid
    Darkseid's War Factory

    [Gotham City Sirens]
    Harley's Heist
    Iceberg Lounge
    Wayne Manor Gala

    I hope all of this is useful and urge you strongly to consider implementing this.
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  5. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    Slight corrections:
    Gotham University Warehouse - Magic renown
    [H] The Greenhouse - Meta renown (?) (Feels a bit off but okay?)
    [H] Monarch Playing Card Company - Meta renown (???) (This should definitely be giving WayneTech/ The Rogues' renown and be sorted into the Tech house...)
  6. Mister Hando Active Player

    Like your post and hope the Staff do something like that.
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  7. DraHouse New Player

    it is possible to create a tab to put the feats available for the instance you are wanting to do, this would help a lot?
  8. Tygerfyre Committed Player

    Any news on when we might see this? I was hoping it would be in today's GU, but it's not on the release notes.
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The custom play UI is back on test. Please continue to use this thread for feedback and bugs.
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  10. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    It doesn't seem like it is possible to play Legends PvE anymore. You can queue up for the mission, but you can't select a player:

    Also, where is the weekly LPvE mission?
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  11. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    Why is 5 and 6 player content categorized under "4 Alerts"?
  12. RTX Well-Known Player

    You can select Legends Practise, however to select a legends character you will have to go on the legends tap and then ready up.
    That isn´t obvious and many wouldn´t try^^
  13. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    Changes I noticed:

    Legends now has a tab of its own. That's good.
    It's now emphasized as Legends Character Select. Also very good.
    It's only for LPvP. Can be better.
    Actually the Legends alert seems to have gone missing entirely. I would still like to see both lPvE and LPvP under one banner.
    I'd like to add that PvP do not have Solos/Duos/Alerts/Raids, they are 1 v 1/2 v 2/4 v 4/8 v 8.

    I see the view Feats aspect have gone missing. Interesting.

    So the cross-faction indication is still a red target at the background. That is very dissapointing.
    New players don't conciously look for that symbol, let alone understand it, unless some old players passes that knowledge to them.
    It also doesn't make sense that it is present on all faction-specific solos.
    I strongly recommend that non-cross faction content be the ones that have a text warning instead of graphics, since those are in the minority.

    Speaking of graphics, what exactly does the icon next to "Combat Rating" indicates? Whether I can enter a tier or not, it is always colored green even when the number next to it is red.

    Have not encountered any new issues with Favourites.

    Just to reiterate some requests:
    • Have [Favorites] before [Events]
    • New [Episodes] between Events and Solos and ditch the episode part from the instance name entirely.
    • Have an icon in front of the instance name to denote [Elite] and [Elite +] on the left column, like [Return to Earth 3 (Elite)]
    • Settings icon that quickly leads to queue-related options such as [Enable Suicide Squad] [Enable Role Optional Alerts] [Allow Placement Into Instances In Progress] [Lock PvE/PvP Phase for Operations].
    • An [Auto Deselect Completed Instances] On/Off for queue persistence, maybe from detecting if you have all loot locks?
    • Add new system option: [On Duty Front Page] <Quick Play (Default) / Custom Queue>
    • The [Back] button on the Custom page's lower right corner should be changed to [Quick Play] as well.
    • System should remember your last selections before you get invited to a group, and once you leave a group you'll get your own selection back.
    • Add a tick box for the sub-categories
    • Collapse arrow on the right instead of the left
    • Instance' Combat Rating requirement just below the instance name
    • Non-cross faction indicator under instance name
    • Separate description into [Brief] and [Rewards]
    • Image should reflect the instance, episode keyart will do for now, but individual screencaps of the individual cases would be great. Having BoP representing all custom queues is very awkward.
    Extra Quick Play update suggestions:
    • All Quick Play options should be collapsible before we reach the [Start Queue] page.
    • Latest Episode X needs the [Solos] [Duos] [Alerts] [Raids] [All Episode] subcategories.
    • Save the Universe needs the [All STU] subcategory.
    • Can have a [Spotlight Episode] when it is time for that.
    • When there are difficult options, replace both [Start Queue] and [Change Difficulty] with the difficulty options.
  14. Penryn The Gadgeteer



    The background never changes.

    The text is located all in the bottom half and has a scroll bar.

    All of the text is centered. Trying to discern a specific line is difficult.

    Everything is in this difficult to read blue text.

    Can a person quickly pick out key information with this formatting and text color? NO!

    Even the line that is supposed to be in gold to denote "Elite" difficulty is the same awful blue color.

    I know the old "description" element from the old UI wasn't particularly flashy, but it was far more legible than this. All of the text was left-aligned and it was much easier to pick out specific lines. The white text contrasted better with the dark background.
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  15. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    Background thing doesn't seriously bother me just yet as even making episode specific keyart for this UI can be time-consuming, let alone images made custom for each instance. Still, it would be nice to know if they plan to change on that.
    If so, I would further suggest have Quick Play's Omnibus image be represented by ARGUS soldiers while STU be represented by the STU keyart, so they can free up the E3 image back to where it's properly associated.

    I do think Cr Requirement, Suggested Dominance, Cross-faction (and elite difficulty?) should be information under instance name instead of being lumped into brief and reward, so they can be more easily recognized.
  16. inferno Loyal Player

    What do you guys think of putting the Favorites tab out in front with Quick Play and Custom?
    Or below the Omnibus tab.
    My scenario would be this: as an endgame player just wanting to go back to older instances that I like.

    after choosing the instances I like the most, it is easier to just go to favorites rather than having to go to Custom>Favorites.

    Under Favorites, i would prefer an option to switch Sorting from tiers to instances (as in type of).

    It would also be nice if there was a general tab under the requested instance tab, that I can toggle to indicate I want to run all the instances in that favorite section.

    I hope i explained that well, if not just ask and I'll try to explain better.

    The reasons for the request:
    Why have something on a favorite list if I have to toggle each instance to q up? it's just an unnecessary step. it's in my favorite so I probably like running it a lot.
    Why do I have to go to Custom and go to Favorite (2nd tab) to get there. These are my most favorite and preferred instances, it should be the easiest to access.
    Why ask Favorites to be sorted from tiers to type of instances? As an end game player it doesn't really matter if i'm going to end up in tier 1,2 or5 or 6. It's all the same rate of challenge. But i may have preferences whether I want to do solos, duos or raids.
  17. inferno Loyal Player

    Also, would you consider changing the color used when something is selected? Almost everything in that UI uses the color range that has Blue in it. I guess I'm getting older and its less visible for me to see where my selection is. Perhaps the use of Orange to indicate selection or Yellow.
  18. inferno Loyal Player

    Also noticed that when I am trying to remove an instance in the Favorite list, I assume I would press the "1" button as that was what I used to add an instance in there, yet when I do it clears the ENTIRE favorite list.

    How do I remove specific instances in my favorite list while in the Favorite section.
  19. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    if we are improving UI the Feats section needs a serious overhaul
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  20. L T Devoted Player

    Are all these green numbers CR indications? If so a label of some kind would help.

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