Open Letter to the Devs: Stats Revamp.

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  1. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Wit Ive known most people didn't want Am's because its completely off balance. When Wm came nobody wanted it and they did it anyway.

    The people just using weapons as a power is called munitions and now there is no way just weapons, playing from the tray and hybrid will be balanced

    More or less its too many thing to balcance so their going to make everything cookie cutter and their they go too complicated again.

    The fix weapons stay wut they are and you go back before am and wm and use the parser system because we didn't have it.

    No supercharge genrator unless the generator opens up one power above it to put ur super in. People wanted supers balanced not generators.

    Stats matter wit sp. in 3 months they'll need to do it again cuz they didn't add enough.

    I like wm for trolling and healing but I despise it for dps.

    Am's are way too easy and should have never been put in the game.

    You have powers that are slow and steady and are decent in long bossfights.

    Mental and Ice are crazy op rite now.

    Next would be sorcery which is the same as earth cept grand summon best super in game so that the difference.

    Munitions is the perefect example of imbalance. Every big gun they kill adds and get further ahead of the group padding it.

    Mental n gadget sorcery and earth munitions compared to light and celestial does that exact thing that munitions does to all powers.

    It makes the game stupid.

    Not only will it make pve go in a better direction it will make open world pvp alot better and both those reasons will bring people back.

    Stop with the easy mode unbalanced Am's sure if your an op power you like it but if your nat , elect, light cept pvp and quantum you hate the game but heard some hearsay it might have gotten a ninja buff but idk.

    The game is wack with them. I do agree with crappy just go back and accept failure don't reinvent the wheel.

    Id rather have it anywhere in its history before am wm pick one then how it is now.

    The game is dumb like this.

    I know one thing they try and reinvent everything the game will die because too many screw ups and its getting old.
  2. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    I also like WM for Trolling....

  3. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Guess wut use your head cuz light gnna go back to pushing through powers instead of those dumb long casts.

    I get well I like looking at them ! Well go watch a cartoon because how something is better mechanicly is better the if it looks good and that's downright stupid! Go watch the dumb gl movie or cartoons with it.
  4. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    This is because of the exponential curve of purchased stat points. If you split your sp between two stats, neither will benefit you very well and you get more from mods and generator mods. If you put all into one stat, you actually see a difference. Of course, they lowered the sp weighted increase by 33% in the last build because of the change they did to power and other parts.

    So everyone was doing half and half for a hybrid build, when the intention of the devs was to go one or the other. Only both if you have maxed one.

    So this person's response is related to skill points only. Stats matter, but he wants skill points to matter the most. Which would cause other issues. It has to be a harmony, and they are working on that.
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  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    I would question the people making the contradictory statements. Like if they have actually been on test and tested things themselves. Ive seen a lot of comments from people who have not played 1 second on test server.
  6. Backseid Devoted Player

    Why can't it all just be simplified?

    Basically make all Weapons and Powers a carbon copy of one another, with only slight variables.

    Put Weapons back to how they were originally. Doing longer combos, gave better damage. Balance them by length of time to pull off a move vs how much damage is done.

    Same with Powers. Make all powersets work the same way. Length of time to pull off a move = how much damage is done. Again, with very slight differences here n there.

    Weapons do slightly less damage than Powers, because Powers use "mana". But, Weapon use builds mana, so you will want to use both regardless if using all Powers would technically do more damage.

    Weapons n Powers should be very close in damage potential. Powers do a little more, but can run out of Mana.

    Let us the players decode how to play. If people can't manage their own Mana well, kick em.

    There used to be a pride in doing great damage, but having a low Mana consumption.
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  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Believe it or not that is the goal that avair said they are shooting for.
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  8. Wallachia Loyal Player

    You are the cause of this. Yes, you, WHO QUOTES A GIANT POST TO ANSWER WITH A SMALL SENTENCE >:{
  9. Backseid Devoted Player

    When used in a wedding ceremony, the saying "I do" is arguably the shortest, and longest "sentence".

  10. Roocck Committed Player

    PATHETIC!!!! People complained about they way things are and still complaining about where it's heading. I hope the Dev's make it where it's balanced for all players, The good thing is that PFfT, Weapon and Hybrid play styles is an option, that way no play style has the upper hand over the other. Everyone thinks that this revamp is going to the best thing for DCUO, can't wait to see the upsets and again pages of complaints, I am interested to know how the Dev's will feel and handle it. Can't wait to see the decrease on subscriptions when this revamp hits live. Been through wm and am, unfortanately I will not be going through this next upsetting. I am still a member for the moment because AM not s still in affect and will continue to have fun with it.
  11. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    You want to see the game fail due to something that may cause less problems in the future? Instead of trying to give constructive feedback (they aren't stopping this) you want to bash it and hope it isn't successful? Ok.
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  12. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Although I like the idea I'm not too sure how longer = stronger will work. Does that mean HL or celestial would hit harder than the others? I wouldn't mind this if they made the risk higher though because I do belive higher risk should = higher reward.

    For the weapons part what about powers that cant do super long combos such as HB? Or powers that can't do a full long combo without being interrupted such as DW? And what about dual pistol?

    I like the idea but I'm just curious on those things.
  13. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    You live complaining that the game is just DPS!
    But seeing this discussion and all the discussions in the majority, I only see everyone talking about DPS, and changes based on DPS!
    I did not see anyone here talking in the revamp about the problems in the healer and the lack of a healing power altogether.
    Or the problem of the atomic tank that can not adapt to this "weapon and power" scheme.
    Out the high cost of several powers!

    They only care about DPS ...
  14. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I'm not sure why your surprised lol. If you've been here a while; DCUO has gotten the nickname "DPS universe Online" stuck to it for quite sometime.

    If your surprised on how much things are being centered and DPS centric on the Revamp, Just wait. Water will be Uber DPS focused and probably Uber OP too.

    And I'm probably willing to guess that only a few players will actually see how the Healer side is.

    Not disagreeing with you, just being realistic on the matter.
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  15. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Yes, yes ... I understood your point ...
    And I'm not even surprised ...
    I just decided to show that everyone lives complaining about something, but in the end they do nothing real to change!
    The mentality is already fixed!

    I only regret these "few" who really will be able to really see what is happening when the revamp comes out ...
    (If nothing changes of course.)
  16. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Tell me about it. When I read that people were complaining and burning cars over the RNG time capsules, I thought they were gonna change.

    The next weeks after.. Despite the complaints or concerns people had about time capsules there were folks that spent over hundreds of dollars on stabilizers.

    "They do nothing real to change!" Unfortunately, I learned along time ago that statement is very true.
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  17. TheCursedOne Well-Known Player

    One thing you guys have to think about is some players only want to dps. It's really hard to play as only support role because of the how the game works. Some players may only have time to keep one role up to end game. Also with the output and glitches of the AMs hitting so hard people found it much easier to just stay dps.

    Just like the OP said. What we thought and what most players want was twisted by the devs. I don't think the devs are doing it out of spite, I really think they are listening to some of the wrong people on these forums. While these players dont want any harm to come to the game, they either want the game back to how it was before the WM and AM days, or want the idea of the AM to go away, either from themselves not knowing how to fully use them, or that they find it to easy to use them. Then you have the changes to support roles, which to me needed no changes, but some players on here wanted to be able to "battle damage" while doing support, or be able to run the duos and solos as support. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but damage should be done by dps. That is the role of dps. Having it to where support can do around 70% of the full dps damage is wrong. By that way of thinking then all dps should be able to heal and troll. All of this mixed together is what the devs are reading, but I have a feeling if you was to ask players on live you would get a totally different answer. I could be wrong, I could be the odd ball in the group. But the fact that these threads keep come back up should say something.

    I'm sure I will catch hell for the above, but that is how I feel about the path this game is going down. If you really want to know what the playerbase wants then go ask them......ON LIVE!!!! Most player don't even come to the forums because of those said players from above.

    I think the revamp should make SP matter. It should cut the high damage out of the AM's. Bring weapons up to AMs. Remove the cr thing. If the devs and players are wanting more "loadout options" then they can do another type of AM. I do feel that would be pointless.

    Either way the devs do this revamp, there will be something that is over looked, or not though about and when it hits live, the players that are still around will start to find the best way to dps. Then that "one" way will become the next "AM". It will just like live. If you are not running this "one" way then you will either be kicked or called a noob and be laughed at. This has happen every single time the devs do a "revamp" of the dps side. It happen to before WM. It happen during WM. It's happen now during the AM's. And with the change to dps will follow people leaving because of the "change". Every "revamp" population takes a hit. We lose players cause they liked the way it was and then for most log in one day and find it ripped it out from under them. It will happen again with this revamp. Never ending cycle.
  18. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    The weapon only would not be bad. I'm sorcery, so I already focus weapon damage anyway. The bad side of weapon only damage. We could see the ups and downs of weapons before WM and AM came along. If I had a PC to make a chart it would be funny. Very early days duel pistols wrecked. Then it went back and forth between bow and rifle for some time. When people started playing more melee, duel wield and one hand became the norm. Heck before WM everyone stood around doing charge shots with one hand and duel wield. The powers themselves were more like dots anyway.

    I do hope things work out with the revamp. I'm not very hopeful when the very first round of testing included a visual change to reflect. SMH.
  19. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Forcing weapon only would be bad though, unless it was worked out that the powers that were made to work without weapons from design didn't need them (which of course will make folks mad that their power didn't get the "special treatment" which is why it will be another all or nothing type of thing.

    Weapon Mastery truly obliterated the concept of Celesital and Hardlight (rage came after Weapon Mastery) and Munitions would suffer a total loss of true concept that it was designed with (since it was designed with the AM in mind). Also Celestial Damage was so bad after they nerfed the buff powers (taking the 45% away and making it back to 15%) because that was how they were "keeping up" at that point.

    I'm not sure if things are going to be the way any of us truly want but I'm hoping what eventually goes to live is sometype of comprimise that folks can live with. What currently exists on the test server (when the right build is up) isn't anywhere near a comprimise though (and yes folks I understand they aren't done yet).
  20. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I know. I'm not feeling what they've been changing. Tanking is a big one for me. I hate what they are doing with tanking. They are killing it without knowing it. Whichever tank power is the strongest dps power, that's all we will see. Since each tank will not be special anymore.

    I don't want only one way to play either. 8 also don't want my munitions alt changed, or my atomic, but it's happening. People are putting a lot of stock, faith, whatever, that the devs can come thru and balance the game. I don't think that will ever be possible. Being this far into a game, which has never had true balance, and thinking this update is a good idea. Kind of the reason they wanted all powers to go might, cause it's easier. They have had issues with precision from weapons and powers almost the entire span of the game. I just don't have high hopes the current path is the correct one, which at the same time do hope it will be something I can stomach to play. This is the longest game I've played. I stayed thru the multiple mass exodus this game has had. I am not sure it can handle another.