OMAC Nanite Circuitry???

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by chaosknight0331, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. chaosknight0331 Active Member

    This trinket is obviously specifically meant for the description says it increases health and toughness. So why in the world would it be unusable in PVP????
  2. Dogzday Well-Known Member

    I don't understand the logic of this but almost every Trinket other than Home Turf ones have been removed from PvP.
  3. Senshirou Well-Known Member

    I dunno why they removed that. I do know they HAD to remove the proto-repair bot, proto-mail bot, proto-bank bot, portable workstation, and all the expendable guises because they worked SOOOO well in pvp.
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  4. chaosknight0331 Active Member

    So do we get any kind of answer as to what use we have with a PVP specific trinket that isn't allowed in PVP?
  5. ToxicAngelDE Well-Known Member

    Duels maybe?
    I just use it because of the OMAC-look and the little healthboost... :)
  6. Giggles Well-Known Member

    It is not a PvP trinket simply because of where it comes from. Where does it come from? The vault. What is the vault? A PvE instance. What does it do? Adds 600 toughness, 1000 HP and 6% crit chance. It's OP in the right hands and in the same boat as all the other banned trinkets. Good riddance. Stop crying and learn to play without your crutches. As far as home turf goes, everyone who supports the game has access to them with a little effort. Suck it up.
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  7. Splinter Cell Well-Known Member

    Don't think all that was really necessary, do you? It was an honest question and you could have answered it without the insinuating insults based on no data to support your misguided senses. No one said anything about needing a crutch here.
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  8. Mountie Active Member

    So? Anyone that plays the game has access to the vault no matter if they support the game or not.
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  9. Giggles Well-Known Member

    The fact still remains it comes from PvE so it is a PvE trinket. All PvE trinkets except home turf were banned. Learn to read patch notes and use simple logic. Also not everyone has access to it. Tell me where do you buy it? Which PvP vendor sells it? Oh yeah that's right, no one does cause it is a luck based drop just like every other trinket that was banned. Again, suck it up. Oh and home turf trinkets are there for everyone who has DLC 7, with a bit of effort grinding MoT. You could run the vault 100+ times and never get the OMAC trinket.

    Did you read the OP and the original thread that discussed this very topic? The only reason people want this allowed is because of how powerful it is, otherwise this thread wouldn't exist. So yes, very necessary.

    The bottom line is it is banned and should remain banned. Stop the QQ already.
  10. Splinter Cell Well-Known Member

    Again, I think it is entirely possible for you to answer a question without being a grump. Yes, everyone does have access to it albeit that depends largely on luck as you pointed out. But everyone can run the Vault, not everyday like Legendary players, but they have a chance to get it nevertheless. Access, in the context of his post, means not having to pay real life money on a subscription, in order to get it. No one is disputing that it shouldn't have been banned, the OP asked a question and that is all there is to it. If you feel the need to rage on someone on a MMO's forum site over a question then I might recommend you seek anger management.
  11. Giggles Well-Known Member

    I'm not angry at all, in fact I love posts like this. Lets go through the OP together shall we? Look at how it is written. Read it over 3 times, slowly and carefully. The OP is not happy he cannot use his OMAC trinket anymore. I have an OMAC trinket, I know exactly what it does. If he didn't abuse it before, this thread would not exist. However because he lost his little crutch, he is most likely getting spanked in PvP now and upset he lost his little advantage. It is not rocket science man. If he didn't care about it, this thread would not have been created. He needs to suck it up, and you need to start using basic logic and common sense.
  12. ObsidianChill Well-Known Member

    did you have to pvp to get/earn it?
  13. Splinter Cell Well-Known Member

    I find it better to give people the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions.
  14. chaosknight0331 Active Member

    Did anyone have to pvp to get the henchmen, the orbital strike, the tactical mods, the supply drops....etc...your argument is invalid
  15. chaosknight0331 Active Member

    Just to clear up a few things, I never got the chance to use it in PVP so obviously not a crutch. I just don't see why they would make an item that is in effect useless for its intended purpose. Also, any crutches in PVP are basically pointless since the entire rock/paper/scissors aspect of blocking and breaking is completely broken thanks to lag, which makes most PVP matches completely luck based anyways....

    I started this thread merely becuz I wanted to know if I should bother letting it take up inventory or just delete it
  16. Nodens Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on coming up with the most twisted concept of logic I've read this week. The very idea that the trinket can't be PvP because it can be obtained in a PvE instance... ROFL!!! Where have you been buying your PvP gear all this time? -because every piece of PvP gear I've gotten was always in a PvE environment.
    Beside, the very fact that it gives toughness, which is useful ONLY in PvP battle, says it all.
    I also love how you imply that any use of the trinket is an abuse of it.
    You say that the trinket is a crutch? Does that mean you run PvP content without PvP gear? -because that's just as much a "crutch". I think we know who's really been crying over the trinket.. Life isn't always going to happen the way you want. To quote a really stupid phrase, "suck it up".
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  17. Yallander Well-Known Member

    They can PVP to get them though since marks can be converted. There is a whole discussion on this topic that already here:

    It is still useful in Open World PVP and when Arranged Matchmaking comes out eventually there will be features to allow/disallow certain items so I wouldn't delete it yet--maybe just put it in the bank.
  18. Naija born Active Member

    this was beaten to death in the developer section and now you bring it up again?? *sigh*
  19. Nodens Well-Known Member

    ...says the guy who actually perpetuates the thread by contributing to it! The subject can't be that far dead to ya, seeing as you care enough about it to respond, instead of simply ignoring it and moving on. :)
  20. Maxx_Watt Well-Known Member

    - They removed trinkets that anyone can get & are free

    -They kep trinkets thet require some sort of a purchase

    The logic is clear as can be on this, although they tried to paint it as though they were responding to player feedback

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