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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Rockhound665, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    For starters they raised the monthly rate to $15.99 but there are no benefits to being a subscriber anymore. Yes we get access to new content but if we drop down to Premium we lose it even though we've paid for it 10x over. We don't get any extra stabilizers for events like the Resurgence capsule so even though they drop like crazy, it will take us 10 days to earn enough fragments to open one and I'm sorry, I'm already paying $16 a month and am not going to spend a dime on stabilizers for this obvious money grab. So, devs, please tell me why I should keep on giving you $16 a month?
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  2. Zoe· Loyal Player

    I did a list of all membership benefits (Forgive me if I forgot any)
    1. 150 Replay Badges which can be used to unlock styles or feats, or replay a raid\mission.
    2. 500 Daybreak Cash(PC) \loyalty points (PSN)
    3. You can form a league of your own
    4. As a member, you get 10% discount at the market place.
    5. Free daily access to the vault
    6. 14 additional character slots
    7. Trade items\cash with other players
    8. 36 Additional bank slots
    9. Unlimited in-game currency - access to all the money you earned!
    10. More inventory slots
    11. Unlocking Promethium lockboxes for free
    12. 20 broker slots
    13. Access to all powers, shield weapon, skimming movement, free access to lair system and episodes
    14. Members boxes\rewards
    15. More stabilizer fragments
    16. Restore 1 Deleted item Per month
    17. members can buy legends characters for ingame currency
    I say we have a lot of benefits that are good enough reasons to sub, but I agree that maybe we should get a free stabilizer or something as members. I'm not against updating the benefits. They are abit outdated though they are still useful.
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  3. Crash Allen Dedicated Player

    While I'm a firm believer that this remains the best way to play, I too agree it may be time for the devs to up the ante a bit when it comes to membership benefits.
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  4. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    We should be able to recover unlimited of whatever we accidentally delete. Why 1?
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  5. Zoe· Loyal Player

    Hmm, totally agree there.
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  6. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    And did it actually go up to 15.99 or is he just seeing the tax we now have on it. I thought mine was still 14.99 plus tax. (US)
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  7. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    Two different games but ESO from what I heard updated there monthly Membership perks. I don't see why the devs or who's ever in charge here can't do the same for dcuo .

    We get good benefits as a Subscriber but they can be updated a bit.
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  8. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    and why a character limit...the servers have no room??
  9. xAcHieVeD Well-Known Player

    3,5,6,15,16 and 17 are pretty much useless especially 17 when no one even does pvp anymore. No one uses alts anymore let alone 14 of them, making a league isn’t even a true benefit, sure stabilizers are cool but if need to wait 10 days to open a resurgence capsule then that’s just plain out stupid. The vaults useless 6-7 days until weekly reset. That 1 Mark isn’t helping anything if you gotta wait 10 days to even buy a catalyst. The gear is also extremely useless and the styles have been outdated since the style vendor came out and everyone bought the sharpshooter style.
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  10. Zoe· Loyal Player

    The Vaults gear is meant for alts. My thread requesting for more character slots will prove you wrong on People not using more then 14 of them, a lot of people love creating alts and would love more slots. Legends themselves still give feats (Doctor Fate + Felix Faust for example gives a feat if you get both), and there's Legends PvE. Yes, People still run it. Creating a league is still something you need membership for so I included it. That's why I said that giving us 1 or few stabilizers as members should be fine. Sure, Vault can be updated, I don't mind or against it, but the gear isn't useless if you are gearing alts. It's not meant for main, anyway.

    My thread >>
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  11. xAcHieVeD Well-Known Player

    How many of them are end tier? How many have artifacts above 120? Alts have been pretty useless since artifacts and the grind to even get them up is absurd. People still run it? Interesting judging when I tried a few days ago I couldn’t even get a queue to go through. LPvE is and will stay a flop. Also why should the vault gear be alt only? I don’t run alts so why should i get useless gear out of there? And still creating a league shouldn’t even be a benefit at all because those don’t serve much purpose besides a few minor buffs from the league halls that don’t even get used anymore either.
  12. Zoe· Loyal Player

    Almost all of my characters are between 240-270 and if I don't use them for content (like my water healer etc) I don't really bother with artifacts. My favorite part about dcuo is the option to create a character with original story and play it out- just run content I enjoy.
    I had no problem getting into LPVE, I do agree it needs some tweaking and new maps\legends but that's another subject for another day.
    From what I understood vault gear meant for alts as we get vendor gear anyway for our characters or Time capsules gear. Vault does help main if you are just leveling for the first time, though.
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  13. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    I actually miscalculated. We get 6 stabilizer fragments a day, right? It takes 15 to make 1 full stabilizer. Given that fact, it takes 3 days to make 1 stabilizer. Using simple math, it will take 21 days to earn the 7 stabilizers to open 1 Resurgence Capsule. 21 days. Leaving out the obvious fact that this event is nothing short of a cheap money grab, the fact that subscribers who pay $180 per year to play, get no advantage on this is ridiculous. The fact remains that DBG cares not for subscribers. We are barely necessary as they obviously make the most money on micro transactions.

    As for the Vault, the Vault is completely useless after a certain time. None of the styles are tradable or even account bound. And Promethium Lockboxes, they're useless too as they rarely give me anything useful. In fact, there is nothing on that list that is earth shattering enough to continue to sub.
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  14. Zoe· Loyal Player

    Well I just listed all the membership current benefits, if they are earth shattering or not, that's not up to me. I do think membership is Still the best way to play, tho
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  15. Rejchadar Level 30

    Well, anyone can be indignant, but it will offer benefits that are both useful for players and developers it’s another matter, and so I’m interested in hearing offers (I think it’s not only interesting for me;)) which are beneficial for both parties, which are truly beneficial not nonsense "In the long run, if you are lucky and 100 different circumstances coincide then the developers will earn on this
    1 dolar" .
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  16. Irvynnge Committed Player

    I tend to agree with the OP, I'm afraid. it seems to me - & obviously I am only talking about me, personally - that the value of the sub shrinks more & more when I look at it. access to all the dlcs? not much use when no one queues for any of it. more characters? why would I create more characters when I can't get in to stuff with the characters I've got? 150 replay badges? no use to me at all. can't replay stuff I can't play in the first place & can't unlock styles that I don't have because I can't get in to the content to get the styles. are we sensing a pattern here yet? lol. 500 mp cash & 10% discount? meh. more bank slots / inventory space? eh, I can buy that stuff outright, don't need a membership for it. daily vault? again, meh. access to all powers, etc. once I've made my characters, I don't need access to all powers etc. why on earth would I keep paying for it? form me own league? not interested. right now, the only real benefit that the membership gets me is me in-game cash & broker access, & even that is pretty much one big "meh" as I have no interest in auras / materials / accessories / shiny things. honestly, for me, & again I stress I am only talking for me, the only way you could make the membership worth every penny is to do something about the mass of completely dead content in the game that I pay for every month but can't actually play.
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  17. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    TL ; DR of it is yes there are benefits for new and returning members but there comes a point where the member benefits aren't actually beneficial and are just like background noise yes they are there but don't do anything.
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  18. Zoe· Loyal Player

    Thank you for taking the time to make those points. I can agree with you you completely. Hopefully this is a feedback that can get through.
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  19. Brit Dedicated Player

    I am a Legendary Subscriber. Have been forever. To be brutally honest, there is only one reason why I remain subscribed: the cash cap.

    You are correct on several points. It does feel ridiculous to pay a subscription fee month after month to rent the DLC, when for less than one month's sub you can buy it and own it outright. The subscription does come with a lot of peripheral perks, but many of them seem to be of little use. For example, getting 10 extra character slots beyond what a Premium gets sounds great, until you realize that you probably never actually play most of those alts. And even if you did, you could buy those extra character slots as a one-time purchase and keep them forever as Premium, instead of paying a sub to rent them, with the constant threat of losing them if you un-sub.

    You can divide the sub benefits into 3 catagories.

    1) Things that are sold in the store as a one-time purchase, which the subscription model only permits you to rent instead of permanently own for your money. This includes Episodes, Powersets, Extra Inventory & Bank Space, Lair Permissions, and Character Slots. If these are the reasons you have subscribed, then you are playing the game wrong. The FTP Your Way model was designed to allow the player to spend the way they like, to get the things they want. These features are one-time purchases from the Marketplace that could be done cheaper (and permanently) by playing as a Premium player and buying them a la carte.

    2) Benefits that get consumed. These are subscription benefits that you can use, which a non-subscriber would be expected to purchase each and every time they wished to use it. These include the stipend of Replay Badges and Daybreak Cash, as well as the Promethium Lockbox keys, the extra Stabilizers provided in the Stabilizer Duo, and the extra Vault Trips. If these are the reasons why you subscribe, then you need to sit down and do the math to determine what your best path of playing is. For example, considering that you only net 2 extra Stabilizer Fragments per day, that works out to be 4 full Stabilizers per month that you receive extra for being Legendary. A nice benefit, to be sure, but if you were a Premium player and spent your $15 on the game just buying the Stabilizers outright, then you would actually receive a lot more for your money. In this category, it is beneficial to be Legendary over Premium, if and only if the difference in what you are using (not what you are offered, but what you would actually pay for to purchase as a Premium player) exceeds the cost of the subscription. If you've been playing for a long time and you find that the Lockboxes no longer have anything new, and the vault isn't worth the headache of deleting the style pieces just to get the tiny amount of Nth Metal and the 1 Source Mark, then you may prefer Premium to Legendary. If you're still using everything offered, then Legendary remains the more efficient financial decision.

    3) Benefits which a Premium Customer simply can never have. This is the Cash Cap. Premium Players can purchase escrow access, but buying escrow is basically never worth it. For a cheaper cost than the escrow tokens you could go ahead and subscribe, have unlimited cash access, and also get all other benefits. If the cash cap matters to you, you should definitely be subscribed.

    Is the subscription cost worth it per month? That's a personal judgment call. It works out to be about 50 cents per day, and compared to the number of hours I play, it's a way better deal than, for example, the $180/month I pay for Cable when I really only watch 3 hours of television per week. It's a question of how much you use it, versus how much it costs, and what else could you do with that money. That $15 for me would buy 1 ticket to the movies, giving me 2 hours of entertainment. It would order a pizza and save me 45 minutes of cooking. It could buy 9 sodas while I'm at work, allowing me to drink 2-3 per week. Or it could go to a video game that I play at least 2 hours every day.

    There are certainly things they could do to improve the value of the subscription. Since the inception of the FTP model, I have advocated that the 3 month plan should also come with a permanent unlock of any Episode released while you're subscribed. Legendary Subscribers want more for their money, but that's no surprise. Everybody wants more for their money. Premium Players constantly try to convince the developers to raise or remove the cash cap so that their Premium status is even more financially viable. It's all businesses everywhere. When I go to McDonalds, I am annoyed that the McNuggets 4-pack gets 1 dipping sauce, but the 20 pack only gets 4 sauces, meaning I have to pay extra if I want to continue having 1 sauce per 4 nuggets so I don't have to eat them dry. Everybody would like to get more. And the companies do their best to balance servicing their customers with turning a profit.

    The purpose of the Free To Play Your Way model is that you can decide for yourself whether you get more value out of the Subscription, or if being a Premium Player and making your purchases a la carte is more suited to your playstyle. And whichever one works best for you, Daybreak has provided you with the option.
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  20. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I have made a post addressing this several months ago about how several of these "perks" have become relatively obsolete while still costing the same. Not trying argue with you really since other people have made their points but...

    1. Some games, i.e GW2 have style unlocking automatically for free. And honestly 150 replay badges doesn't even give you the chance to replay a raid twice does it?

    2. This might actually make more sense now assuming they updated the market. Though at one point the marketplace was underused and this meant nothing unless you wanted to change names or powers.

    5. Not even updated consistently. Has it even been updated since adding nth metal to it?

    11. Similar situation to the vault.

    17. Hasn't it been like a couple years since the last Legends character was added to the game? Not to mention PvP is in shambles.
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