Neon material drop rate?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ColdFuzion, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. TANK69 Active Player

    So you really think that a company, who forces you to pay extra money over the subscription to be your character relevant in the game, is care about the players? The company who over using old contents and sell it as new, a company who declared that won't fix a big part of the game, because it won't produce money... Do I have to continue?
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  2. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Nothing you just said related to my post you responded to. So no, you don't have to continue, but you can by all means start over and fill me in accordingly.
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  3. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    I have seen three total on the broker that sold for 999,999,999 each on day one. Havent seen a listing since. They are easily snagged up real quick because of neon material vultures. Rare collections and rare capsule collections are the most absurd theyve been right out of the chute, imo.

    This has been going on for a long time. Nothing addressed other than" report it if you see something" I'm sure some are reporting something about it, yet it still marches on. You can see posts in forums and elsewhere about as well. Seems nothing is done and cash glitching exploiting still marches on. Seems like some sort of investigation is warranted to just look deeper and much deeper at various and frequently on such in to it based on all the posts about it. Maybe it is, was or has, but yet still marches on. it'll continue and get worse and worse, but the money piles up for DB and the money piles up for glitchers because nothing if major and severe consequence is done about it. "i iS SoRrY I wOnT Do iT AgIaN Plz UnBaN mEh" DB "since you're sorry about it, ok."

    I am curious as to what the Switch DCUO auction house has neon mats listed for?
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  4. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    I'm not usually lucky.... quite the opposite.....but this week was nothing short of a Thermodynamic Miracle week.
    I got the 2 Neons after 10 TCs and I got the rare collection I was still missing for the Reactive Feet style.

    I would have more chance to turn air into gold then this. ;)

    So this week..... life is good. ;) ;)
  5. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    I used to be on the devs like everyone else about re using content. But I took the time this week to read up on the actual story this episode is based off of. While they still dropped the ball, imo, it's not because they re used certain raids or environments. The storyline takes place in all these places so going back to them actually shouldn't be an issue. I just think it could have been done a much better job of explaining the story and why we were going back to these areas. They glossed over a lot of important stuff that could have made this episode amazing, but it seems to be the norm for epic storylines like these in DCUO.

    Now on topic. We always have a group chat of 6 of us every TC drop. All of us had between 30-40 stabilizers saved up and only 1 of us actually bought a pack of 20 extra. Almost everyone in the group got at least 1 neon chroma. Also 1 person got two Chromas and one of each rare collection piece. Only 1 person got nothing, and guess which one it was....The one who bought the extra pack of stabilizers lol. The RNG is the same as it's always been imo. It's just a perfect storm of billions of hacked/exploited cash that was allowed to stay or got passed the devs when the exploiters got their ban lifted, and this ultra rare piece now having a feat attached to it. The PS/PC economy was headed this way already. When a TC items price exceeds what the broker allows you to even ask for, the game economy is now fully broken. When you are forced to go to trade chat for brand new items, the game economy is broken.

    I have had a ton of money that I made in game by playing my butt off since before the last exploit and the economy was already seeing issues back then. Now after the exploiters were allowed back the prices for everything have skyrocketed and billions of dollars are being made and spent like they are just thousands. I also realize a lot of us "clean" players also have benefited from this because no one would have the kind of money to buy the legit stuff we have been selling for so much money. Things like nth caches used to be 1-2mill are now 4-6mill. TC auras and mats used to be around 100mill or less, are now over 5-700mill. There's simply too much money in the game now. I used to say I would quit instantly if they took away any of my hard earned cash, but at this point, I have changed my stance on that.

    No matter what they do to fix this, people will be mad. The decision to let those exploiters back could definitely be on that have killed the game when all is said and done. Just imagine all the stabilizer sales right now from people trying to hit the jackpot......

    I can live with horrid RNG, but not sure how much longer the game itself can handle an economy like this that is only getting worse
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  6. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Honestly if I gotten 2 neon chromas, I wouldn't sell one, I would give it to an alt. Honestly, I don't need 1.5 or 2 billion fake money. Now if it was real cash, it would be a different story :D
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  7. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

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  8. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Says the guy who admittedly cripples the economy to gain said pretend money.
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  9. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    Why do I feel like 95% of forum conversations are people responding to comments that don't exist or not reading context.
  10. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    So if you want to increase your RnG, you have to play the test server, record you play time, play with the dev's or there friends or family. So that a mess up RnG system that is what I'm seeing.
  11. nawanda Dedicated Player

    One thing (the drop rate) has nothing to do with the other (exploited cash).

    Exploited cash might be impacting the secondary market, but let’s not pretend that the real villain here isn’t Daybreak with its rotten money-grubbing schemes.
  12. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Yes please do so I don't have to.
  13. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Lol, if you don't see how the two the two has everything to do with eachother and both contribute to the current situation, I don't know what to tell you. It's pretty obvious and self-explanatory.

    This "real villain"-talk is BS, let's skip the blame-game. No matter how good or bad the droprates are, it doesn't justify players exploiting their way through it.
  14. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    I totally agree with you. They need to just release Zach Snyder's Justice League movie.
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  15. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Is it possible you can contribute to this forum in a polite and respectful way that disagrees with another poster without getting a snarky, dismissive and passive-aggressive response such as the above.

    I disagree that there is any relationship between the drop rate and the existence of glitched cash. Unless you can provide evidence to the contrary, you have no basis making such a smug, self-satisfied rebuttal.

    And as for my views on Daybreak - I’m entitled to them and I don’t need you policing my views, I’ll post any opinion I please. I said NOTHING in defence of glitchers. Get off your high horse. Thanks.
  16. FreyDCUO Well-Known Player

    They really should.
  17. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    behave yourself. don't make me have to get out of my chair.
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  18. Zneeak Devoted Player

    I'm very blunt most of the time, overly sensitive people seem to take that to heart. Sowwy! The topic though, I like to talk about that, not forced "personal attack!"-angles.

    Can you provide evidence to YOUR claim regards to this? Asking for data when your own response and opinion lacks it won't take us anywhere. Pretty ironic too, when you try to tell someone else they lack basis, just sayin'.

    Like already mentioned in another thread, the TC exploit and the inflation that came after it is evidence right in front of our eyes. It didn't just magically happen and items didn't suddenly get too expensive to even be put on the broker because some people "know how to play the broker", lol. You can "disagree" with it however much you want, but it is what it is regardless.

    You can have whatever point of view you want but their supposed wrongdoings doesn't justify other player's wrongdoings. You can post any opinion you want, but guess what? So can I. If you can't handle that you should probably reconsider posting and commenting on other people's posts in a Public forum. Thanks.
  19. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Nice lecture.

    Let’s get back the statement I made that you responded to with such derision. Because you’ve replied twice at length and not explained why I am so misguided.

    One thing (drop rates) has nothing to do with the other (glitched money).

    Please can you just explain what makes you think the developers are considering glitched money when setting drop rates.
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  20. Zneeak Devoted Player

    You seem to forget that you're the one that responded to a statement of mine, a statement of which you still haven't proved wrong more so than just disagreeing with it, but yet somehow thinks it's smart to tell me that I'm the one who lack basis.

    If anything, explain to me how bad droprates combined with exploited items/cash is not the main reason for the current inflation? It can't be the first time you hear about it, because I'm far from the first person noticing it or bringig it up, lol.

    That is a an entirely and completely different statement you managed to spout out than anything i've stated or claimed in this thread what so ever, by the way, but nice word twist-attempt though.

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