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  1. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    As of now, people are bored with the redundant DLCs and Episodes. They get on for a month, get all the feats and gear, then disappear. Know why? It's again, redundant.

    Nothing new has been added to the game since the last new powersets. And if your claiming the House of Legends... they just made a new staging area that is just an alternative to the watchtower.... Not a playable area, just a standing around area.

    How about giving every account one player made arch nemesis that the game updates to keep him up with your stats. And he pops in to try and stop you randomly when your open world or in a solo (non-boss fight), or even make missions where you are goign to stop him. And in duos/alerts/raids, 1 or 2 random teammates AVs (or Arch Hero) will pop in to stop the team. Make feats for it.

    Something to throw some of the redunduncy out the window. Thats the biggest complaint of the game. No new idea are being implemented...just storylines and missions, but no newness. Nothing is being added to the game. Yall are just expanding storylines. Add something new to the game...

    Mission content needs to be there... but I'm talking about features like the above Nemesis idea... Something.
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  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I personally like that idea. Warframe has a few features like that where you’ll have enemies who “don’t like you” try to attack you for various reasons in content not revolves around that.

    However the community may not like that. I would personally love this but can see less skilled players get mad/frustrated because a random nemesis came in when a boss was at 1% and they died. As much as I love this I doubt it would be welcomed that well
  3. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I said, Non-Boss fights only....

    They already have a system where it randomly picks a league hall from a team member in one of the raids. They can use the system to pick an arch nemesis randomly to input into a mission. And have random pop up missions where your nemesis is attacking in metropolis or gotham. Gives us a reason to go back to Metro and Gotham again as there is NO reason to go there anymore.
  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    As a reference. In warframe you have a few similar thing. If you kill a boss there’s a chance that an enemy called the “Stalker” set sights on you and attack you in a random mission. If you beat him you get rewArds tied to the stalker. If you die than welp lol.

    You also have something similar to renown. Except that in warframe you have 6 syndicates. As you gain renown with one syndicate you lose renown with their opposite syndicate (their enemy). If you become negative with a syndicate they can have some of their goons try to attack you.

    And then you have liches. They are closer to a nemesis. You can get a lich through missions associated with them. If you get a lich than they become your nemesis.

    As much as I’d love this in dcuo I doubt it would ever be implemented here
  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Even if it’s not boss fights players would complain that a nemesis ruined a feat. Like the no deaths feats or the speed feats. Or other similar feats.
  6. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    I'd like to see some side missions you can do solo or with friends. Similar to when you level up to 30, but for later in the game. Send us out into different open worlds and maybe have a few places of entry to do a mission too. Create a new story not tied to the DLCs. Could incorporate the OPs arch nemesis idea.

    But regardless, I agree we need more variety in things do.
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  7. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    So boring now. To the point where switching powers doesn’t even help
  8. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    The nemesis will be equal to the CR and stats of the Hero/Villain toon of the player. Totally beatable but also using the same powers as a player would as the player who created the AV/AH would have to choose the same powers you would choose if you were creating your own toon. He is meant to be beatable, but no one shots or anything like a boss fight but he should have boss level health and power stat. It would be like a PvP except the opponent is player created but controlled by the game, not a player. Totally beatable...yet still a challenge. And for those who would cry, you could just turn off your nemesis in settings... and in missions, vote to have nemesis's pop up. That why those who want to do it can, those who don't won't. Fully optional.
  9. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I want to say, the Nemesis idea was just one idea I've been meaning to post... there may be more others have thought about.

    We need more to do and more bells/whistles. We need a reason to go to metropolis and gotham again. We need more than 1 solo/duo/alert and 2 raids. We need open world missions, we need a metropolis/gotham that has no bottles since we freaking kicked brainiacs butt 10 years ago. How is he still invading?

    Features, new powersets to learn, equalize the PI so powers like Electricity can use both Electric and Polorized based powers. Alot of powers in I bet every powerset that is never used b/c they are SOOO weak.

    As far as powersets, there are more powers that can be used based on Air, Source Magic, etc... How about customizing your powers to your origins. Or making choosing your mentor actually mean something other than who talks to you when your leveling to 30. Make chooseing Tech/Meta/Magic actually mean something.

    Give us features.
  10. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    The thing is that they can’t just add something just to add something. They have to be careful with what they add. They have people right now who complain that the game is to grindy. Adding more things will be off putting to these people. Ideas like what you mentioned would be short lived too. People would just spam them when they get released then not run them anymore within a month and complain that there isn’t anything to do. That’s more an issue on the community than the game. There’s a lot to do right now. People just don’t want to do them all. So how exactly do they make changes or add more stuff when the community will be divided in general.

    As for your earlier reply about the nemesis being scaled to the player. You assume to much of the average player. People were complaining about a solo that all you had to do to win was spam lunge being to hard. Difficulty is subjective.
  11. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    The game is grindy b/c no features are being implemented... just new missions. Missions are all grindy. We need things that is not grindy.
  12. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I say why not, the biggest issue with this game imo is the same cycle and formula. People are definitely playing dcuo but many more are taking breaks and playing elsewhere but when the new seasonal drops some will come back when the new episode drops many more will come back a lot more.

    After a month or few weeks now a days and definitely after two months and even more so after 3 people will leave yet again lol. Then when the next dlc drops many will yet again come back and after a few months folks will leave and then come back for the next dlc etc etc the same cycle.

    We will get new shinys all in-between and arts and all those goodies but need something fresh something unique and different added and honestly I hope they can get there staff together to really flex this games potential but we'll see.
  13. myandria Item Storage

    Sounds like you've been playing Champions Online;).

    When a game is tied to a major IP like DC Comics, long periods of redundancy can be expected. The Marvel Avengers game is the same way; it's a bit grindy. Only one new character and no new maps since launch.

    In my opinion, the "heroes and villains working together" theme has become stale. I'm hoping the devs will bring back some of the classic "hero vs villain" content with new maps. I think it would be cool to fight Gorilla Grodd on his home turf or join Martian Manhunter on a Mars mission.
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  14. myandria Item Storage

    Well, we do have a feature; it's called the Seasonal Vault.

    The Vault used to be part of the regular game routine and it could not be replayed. Now, it is only available during seasonal events, drops better loot and can be replayed. Still grindy, but more acceptable in it's current form.
  15. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Thats not a feature... it's an old content slightly updated and not available all the time. Features not missions or mini missions.
  16. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    No I havn't. I left NCSoft when they killed City of Heroes. But in DC, every hero has an arch villain. Superman it was Lex, Batman is Joker, Flash has Reverse Flash, Green Lantern has Sinestro, etc... We need the option to have us one too.
  17. myandria Item Storage

    Champions Online is under Arc Games, like Star Trek Online and Neverwinter.

    Champions Online has a Nemesis System: you create your own nemesis from the character creator at level 20. You pick the power archetypes and minions (yes, your nemesis has "minions"). Special Nemesis missions are generated when you complete your nemesis; they will be at your character level but with special "stat bonuses" that will make it a challenge. Your nemesis "minions" will randomly pop up while you are in the open world to harass you and will drop "clues" to where your nemesis will appear next after you defeat them.

    You have 5 missions or "chances" to arrest your nemesis; on your last chance, you will put your nemesis in jail. When that happens, your nemesis is no longer available to you and you have to create another one. There is no time limit to when you finally arrest your nemesis. A special permanent Nemesis mission is available to all players, and your "arrested" nemesis and/or active nemesis may randomly appear as a boss.

    As far as this game, I would rather fight a powerful, misguided exobyte enhanced citizen everyday than the bigger villains; leave them for new content in my opinion.
  18. GermanM Committed Player

    I would love daily missions when there was a chance for a NPC Nemesis appear instead of a boss or something, this guy can drop Ally favor, Nth metal, maybe a few more marks and stuff like that.
  19. Controller Devoted Player

    I'd accept a "Mini-Boss" type scenario in between bosses....

    For example, take the New Apokolips duo in the latest DLC. You have a set of adds before the Three Sisters fight, a set of adds after them leading up to Brimstone, and then a set leading up to Batseid.

    For my Main Green Lantern character, introduce Sinestro. Allow him to randomly pop in anywhere the adds are. Don't make him as difficult as the bosses but fairly difficult enough so that you have to beat him to advance and allow him to give you AT LEAST one piece of gear and perhaps a rare Lantern item.

    Allow this "Random Boss Encounter" to coincide with the DLC storyline.
  20. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    ok, Champions Online was supposed to be the successor to City of Heroes developed by Cryptic Studios. Cryptic Studios is still the studio that owns Champions Online, Star Trek Online and the others. Arc Games along with Perfect World is a sub-company of Gearbox Publishing, which is a publisher, not a studio. Cryptic is the developer.

    Anyway, I might have heard about the Nemesis system, but I've never played Champions Online. Still would be a good idea for DCUO.