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    Hey there Batuba :D

    With Light since stats revamp there has been a huge discrepancy in the supercharge generation as you will see in the table below. AND HERE CLICK ME FOR TIMESTAMP The actual "bug" is that there is no bonus tick of supercharge applied to Light Weight Strike while it is applied to all the other Controller Powersets. The larger underlying issue with Light is how the debuff powers are set up. Light Blast is the defense debuff and its a channel/unclipable, and the stun only applies during the channel, not ideal for a debuff in most cases. Whips Thrash is the secondary defense debuff but its not a max range ability so when you clip it at range or even midrange you will apply the debuff but NOT any supercharge regen. As shown in the chart Light has drastically less supercharge regen from the other powersets not only for Controlling but for DPS as well with Light Weight Strike.

    Possible Solution: Could the bonus tick of supercharge that applies to Light Weight Strike simply be 40% higher than the tick for gadgets/quantum? For example as it shows the gadgets/quantum is the highest at 48 base so if Light's was 72 it would allow Whips Thrash to be used at range and still have managable supercharge regen. It would also place Light Controlling in a unqiue situation where if they used Light Blast and held the channel longer or used Whips in damage range it would apply even greater supercharge regen and changes the playstyle up a bit. Considering Light is BY FAR the weakest controlling power I think having them with the highest possible supercharge regen would be an acceptable tradeoff when compared to their utility to the other 4 powersets.

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    It would also create a problem for dps when it can regen SC a lot faster with its supercharge generator compared to other powersets.

    An easier solution could be fixing the base value to be more in tune to the other controller powersets and then changing which powers are the actual debuffs. Impact(idk the name, train thingy) could be the new defense debuff for an example while healing debuff remains same and so does dmg debuff which is the Sc generator.
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    Not really, since the grim came out the majority of light dps have taken off LWS in favor of a higher damage rotation so they would have to put that back on nullifying the impact of the grim. Ballistic Assault is still a damage loss because of the animation duration and animation lock, if they use NVB its cooldown will prevent spam, and Strafing Run is a weak 100% that has dots falling outside EOG's duration and its a 100%. Light dps earning supercharge faster is not a concern.

    Completely reworking the entire Light controller powerset is not realistic for what Batuba is doing, we could list off paragraphs of whats wrong with Ice might or Mental power costs etc but these are quick QOL fixes that can make a real impact on the powerset which is what adjusting the values on the SC generator will have.
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    I understand completely and I'm not asking for a full change of the powerset. Changing one debuff around shouldnt be so hard, I'm not really a game designer but I feel like Batuba can fairly easily change debuffs if he can change the base value of supercharge regen. Anyways whatever fix is done will greatly improve hard light trolling.
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    Switching debuffs isn't as easy because we tried to do it at stats revamp. The devs base the damage of a power off several factors, does it set up a pi? is it a supercharge generator? is it a debuff? does it have a CC effect? is it a 100/200/300 power cost? What is the cooldown? if they made Impact to the defense debuff it changes from a 4.4s (light blast) and whips (2.1s) to a 0.85s. It also makes it so we have a giant construct train animation and sound every 7 seconds for an entire raid in a controller rotation. Is all the above bad? who knows but we're told alot goes into a debuff then simply cut and pasting attributes, which is why we had so much pushback at stats revamp asking for changes.
  6. Batuba Developer

    I've made a fix for this to generate the intended extra supercharge (should be approx 37 extra SC).
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