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    Villain EU
    Danne - Jack Of All Trades, Master Of All
    Tiny Demon - Atomic Tank
    Wet Pants - Retired Water Heal
    Danne with R symbol - Rage tank
    The Dinosaur - I Made This Because Of The Name

    Survival Mode Season 1 Round 30 Completed as the number one lunge spammer


    Hi my name is Danne and I am a player on the EUPS/PC Server. I play on villain side and my sp is around the higher end but still a bit low compared to other players.

    I started playing DCUO 2012 but did't like it much which resulted in me coming back around january, 2015. Since then I have played the game all the time without quiting and I've played with every power on my main toon and have a good understanding of every role in both Pve and Pvp.

    I am currently in the league "The Brawlers" on villain side and hopefully I will stay here in this league for a while.(503 days atm :eek:)

    I am not the most organized person but I will try and post some nice guides or at least update a post regularly with tips and tricks, loadouts and other stuff that I use and stumble upon when I play. As said earlier, I have played as every power and role on my main toon which means that I have a lot of experience and I like to switch powers a lot so just hang in there! And maybe I'll make a post about the power you want!

    If anyone needs help with anything I'll gladly answer questions. You can find me on PSN: Danne0075, YouTube: Danne DCUO or Twitter @Danne0075_
    No question is stupid and remember there will always be someone that knows more than you. :)

    Link to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/danne0075
    Link to Twitter: https://twitter.com/Danne0075_