Lifetime subscriptions removed.

Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by Kali Mortis, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Kali Mortis New Player

    So I heard lately that SoE has removed the lifetime subscription from those who purchased it. Is this how SoE really thanks those who supported their game early on? without these people I'm sure the game wouldn't have even survived.

    I believe these people should receive a full refund, or at least free DLCs for life.
  2. Bioinc Skull New Player

    Can I ask if youre one of these people?

    and i think the removal should have happened but yes those with that subscription should be given some kind of consolation or something
  3. Laff Riot New Player

    Are you serious? You got it taken away? Wow. That is just seriously messed up. Did you at least get your money back?
  4. Kali Mortis New Player

    no I did not have a lifetime subscription, but someone I know had one.

    and they just reduced him to premium, no DLCs. no warning either. I've heard they even charged some people's credit cards if they had one attached to their account.
  5. Bioinc Skull New Player

    Yeah ok was wondering, your point stands I was just trying to see how impartial you were.
  6. Tocimus New Player

    they havent been removed. your friend is lying.
  7. Kali Mortis New Player

    I'm sorry if you think that he is lying, but I trust this friend as do many people, and he is not the first person to say so.
  8. Doc Nocturnal New Player

    Well I would love for them to pipe up then, as I have a lifetime and have been here since alpha testing and I still have mine as do many more.

    And on top of that, why should they be removed? What kind of logic is it to take people who made a major commitment to a game fresh at start up and tell them, hey but we are going to make you start paying even more than your substantial investment and ignore your commitment to the game. Just seems like another attempt to start drama for drama sake, which is really rather pointless.
  9. Sanctimonious New Player

    Have a lifetime, And also have more than 2,000 cash on my character so.........
  10. Brit New Player

    Mine works fine. They removed the option for new players to purchase it; that was done long ago. They have not, however, removed the actual subscription from those whom have already paid for it. If you got it, you still got it.
  11. Duryan New Player

    Lifetime sub has been taken away from some people
  12. Kali Mortis New Player

    I'm just saying, I'm hearing it come from a few people. maybe not all of them were removed, but some were. and if its only some people, I wonder why.
  13. Duryan New Player

    there taken it a few people at a time it seems
  14. twist New Player

    Actually (and this is a good example of the oddness of mixing PC & PS3 forums) even though I bought the disc and have been Legendary since day one, I was never allowed to buy a lifetime. Only PC players were offered that. While I don't begrudge them getting such a good deal, it still leaves a sour taste.
  15. Doc Nocturnal New Player

    Well then, and mind you this is to honestly find out what may be going on, but why not just start a informational thread in the the account issue area or customer service with details of which platform, when they noticed it, and other such relevant information, instead of starting what will amount to a thread that will break down to name calling and flaming eventually. It makes more sense to start a thread like that where it will do a bit of good than just starting a thread that will lead to people getting fired up and confused.
  16. Duryan New Player

    well 100% mine is gone and 3 friends are gone and a league member lost his so
  17. Duryan New Player

    so some people have lost theres
  18. Fenix New Player

    I don't want to hear about how your lifetime subscription was a "huge commitment " to the game early on. We on the PS3 werent even offered the option for a lifetime sub. I have bought the disc ($60) and have payed 14.99 a month since launch (thats approx 25 months), thats $434.75 just in the game and my sub.That is well over what the lifetime subscription cost. I'm not even gonna count the micro transactions like addition bag slots,bank slots,weapon skins,legends character and deeds since those were extras that i chose to spend my money on and not part of the subscription.

    Those of us on the PS3 who have also supported this game early on have already surpassed your "HUGE SUBSCRIPTION COMMITMENT". We don't get perks like double and triple station cash.Just because you play on a PC doesn't make you any better or more entitled than those of us on the PS3.I hope they do remove the lifetime sub.Count what people payed for the lifetime sub as back pay and put them on a monthly,3 month or yearly subscription plan just like others in the DCUO community.
  19. SuperiorMouse New Player

    it's a false rumour. US players haven't lost their lifetimes (I haven't heard of a single one anyhow). However, ProSebien in the EU did remove players' lifetime accounts for many players who hadn't logged in during their transition period. So, many players on a break (as is common for lifetimers) who didn't transition over during their window lost their lifetime -- this has been talked about ingame for a few weeks now.
  20. Physique Committed Player

    I play on both platforms and so far as I've seen, my PC lifetime subscription is wholly intact. If people have lost their PC Lifetime subscriptions or they are not registering, rather than escalating the matter here for debate, each affected player should be posting a support ticket. In that ticket, they should be able to easily identify the account in question by going into the account history and pull the order detail for the payment transaction on the Lifetime subscription. Once this is sent in to the support team, they should be able to easily restart your Lifetime subscription without issue.

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