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    i would love a blue lantern powerset, it would have to be a healer at this point, but that limits the other 4 that have emblems, auras, armor in the game, not black/white lantern "those should never be available for people to be when it comes to the ring color or constructs, unless its just a trinket attack, the white and black lanterns, are very temporary and to powerful even to create temporary uses for them in the games canon.

    blue lantern powerset would have worked best as the tank being opposite to rage when they were supposedly doing that, but with what they can do. i as a lantern fan, big time, would rather have the Light powers be alternated in the style with accessory /ring/or another style tab, my ideas lean towards villains and heroes, both getting good stuff that is another reason for my ideas

    if they add a blue powerset,
    A. as i said, would only be hero
    B. Healer, "which isn't bad" but the only light/lantern power we don't have yet and would be cool but have limitations for other corps
    c. Villains would have to be an alternate color like Light is, because there just isn't villain blue lanterns, red works as neutral cause they are in way. but blue is really the only corp that are pure good LOL. which sucks for us.
    D. What corp out of Indigo, Violet, orange would they use , i think orange, and lets be honest, orange is a great option for the style only but if we only get the powerset for villains as orange, indigo, are very neutral. and star saphires are pink, so that would work the best but, it would be strange forcing players to be pink lanterns, being they are mainly female, and yes there have been male violet star sapphires, it just screams, girl ish cause it's pink.
    E. Again this all works in theory and i would be happy to get a lantern healer powerset, but i and i feel alot of other Light Lantern fans and style enthusiasts would rather just be able to have there Light character change style at will
    F. Heroes Green Light would be
    1. Blue 2. Violet 3. Indigo
    Villains Light powers get
    1. Orange "instead of blue 2. Violet 3. Indigo

    Being every corp is neutral pretty much besides blue and green has some go bad but it doesn't last long. And Rage is rage , the style option shouldn't or probably won't apply to them because, you can't have any other corps puking bile. or the heart beating sounds and attacks, plasma and blood everywhere as blue/orange/indigo/violet doesnt work at all. also because the power is called rage, not Light.

    Not gonna really get into why Black and White lanterns, should not be given to players, even though we have the armor styles. it is just to OP of a power in canon, and i believe raids and opps /alerts /duos is the only way to use them as npcs, as they have done,
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    You're talking about a full powerset, I'm talking about an artifact that gives you just 6 loadout options.
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    For sure we know that the devs have said no. Right from the get-go they've said no to recoloring powers and have not budged once on that over the past 10 years. It's a design decision they made years ago and they've stuck with it since.

    With DC things are a bit more nebulous as they don't communicate with us directly here. But even with the loosening up of some stuff over the years they still maintain a lot of control and still appear to be protective of the ring slingers and the associated lore. So when it comes to Light and Rage, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if DC stepped in and said no to recoloring them.

    Which swings back to design a bit, and one of the design decisions the devs made was delivering as much of an equal experience across the game as they could. Best example of that is graphics, as PC players could have a much different graphical experience from console players.

    If power recoloring was allowed but Light and Rage couldn't be included, well that's just asking for an easily avoidable headache, especially since Light and Rage can't be accessed without paying for them in some way (sub or purchase). Telling players who have to pay for a couple of power sets that they can't recolor their powers even though players who play for free can would NOT go over well. So as frustrating as it may be it looks like they went the "if everyone can't do it then no one can" route, which I fully understand and actually agree with. No playing favorites, no asking one part of the playerbase to sacrifice so that others get new toys to play with.
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    Possible idea, only after adding a Heal Lantern power to the game !!!!
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    I think you are partly right. Although the game is based on DC Comics and licensed, it is also not without its own lore. As you say, for example, that a character can own a ring and be able to wear the clothes he wants. Freedom is absolute in the game. You can be a classic player and loyal to the characters or dress radically different.
    DCUO is a world apart as described in the game's opening. As for what I posted, if Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner can own two rings in their two hands, I don't think there is much of a problem because new heroes and villains can do the same.
    Although it is true that I do not know the level of creative freedom that DCUO have in its license with DC Comics.
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    TAKE A LOOK ON THIS TOPIC https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/lantern-corps-dlc-new-guardians.314371/
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