Iconic Anomaly: Test Subject #1

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by TLantern, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. TLantern Developer

    Welcome to the Iconic Anomaly: Test Subject #1 feedback thread! I'm TLantern and I hope you will join me in reenacting one of Bizarro's Iconic moments!

    This is where you can come and report any and all feedback for the solo challenge, as well as bugs or issues you may run into. Feel free to talk about what you liked, or didn't like, about the content. And if you happen to come across any bugs, I will do my best to address it here and get it fixed for you asap!

    Thank you in advance for your help in making DCUO an awesome game!
  2. Savior Prime Committed Player

    I played it. There is so much LAG on the test server, it's impossible to really describe the experience. I would hit him 4 for 5 times and the damage would come off like 3-4 seconds later. I block and he just punches through 80 percent of the time with no knockdown. I know the devs are trying to make PvE NPC's play like PVP players, but with blocking not affecting them, and with the NPC's being immune to knockdowns or/and knockbacks after 3 hits....it's not gonna happen.
  3. DizzyKraken Developer

    Thanks for the feedback! We are currently looking into the lag issue on the Test server, so hopefully the issues you were seeing are just related to that.

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  4. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    The solo was fine. The lag was annoying but beatable. It's the final boss that was a bit of a problem. When he gets to about 1/4th health. He doesn't give you a chance to do anything before a skull attack appears. Then he stuns you and instantly does it again. If you block the missiles, they hit for like 200-300 a hit. That shows how much damage that they can do if you don't block. Also, they are heat seekers. I'm not sure how you are supposed to get around that in an inclosed space. You can't block. You can't interrupt. And you can't run away.

    The breakout trinket wasn't working once in a while, but I think that was lag. The problem is, there is only one heal barrel that doesn't spawn that fast. So if you miss, you are dead. I wasn't able to complete it.

    Also, are these like legends where your gear doesn't matter? My gear was busted in it just dieing a few times. Unlike legends, where it takes a while, this really crushes your gear.
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  5. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Yeah my gear got ate as well. I just gave up lol, unless they add more heal cans, I wont be beating this anytime soon.
  6. DizzyKraken Developer

    The missile attack on the final boss will be tweaked to be a bit more forgiving if you pay attention to his warning. That should go out with the next update.

    Your player's gear doesn't matter in these instances. The simulation runs the same as Legends.

  7. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    So is the only fix to take all your gear off? My inventory is pretty full as it is. (Especially on test.) Oh well, I'm sure eventually this will get fixed. You guys keep up the awesome work! :D
  8. Vagrant Well-Known Player

    Definitely a lot more in depth than The Hunt but overall still enjoyable. The last bosses' missiles is dodgable if you MOVE AWAY completely from him.
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  9. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    Oh wth. How come he didn't got into his missle attack continually in your video. He goes into stages, I didn't even see him use the cryo foam on you. I only saw the taser pull attack. He would do things like cryo foam > taser > heat seakers. It was crazy. But at least they said they are adjusting it.
  10. Naija born Well-Known Player

    i enjoyed playing this one a lot more than the huntress challenge (maybe because i wiped several times on last boss).
    its a different mechanic in the huntress challenge (alarm). but it was fun, and for the last boss i had to stock up 2 heal barrels before i could kill him and always when his health is low he does a skull attack (that one is a killer)
    this was a harder challenge than the huntress one and IMO its fine as it is. i couldnt find any bugs with the challenge except for the out of sync bb and lunge (due to lag i guess)
  11. Hal Roth New Player

    Are these faction specific or can both factions run the Huntress and Bizzarro instances?
  12. Queen Roxanne New Player

    The solo was great except the last boss, which is really more like you are fighting a pvp battle with a 10 ton gorilla. The cryofoam and the rocket attacks need to be nerfed because after trying to go for the kill these attacks just wipe you. Overall the solo was pretty simple and straight foward. The healing barrel on the corner (near the sideway to the boss) did not seem to respawn back that is the only weird thing i found.
  13. Vagrant Well-Known Player

    The boss is definitely all about the counter mechanic but its nothing impossible.
  14. TLantern Developer

    Both factions can run The Huntress and Bizarro :) They are located in the On Duty menu.
  15. Mickey New Player

    This is way too hard, I've tried hundreds of times to beat the boss no go. Why can't you keep your own Avatar instead using this Bizzaro buffon?
  16. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Have you used Bizarro in Legends?
  17. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    because you are going through a history simulation about that characters story...
  18. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    when you use the soda for bizzaro it barley gives any heath and there was a huge delay im guessing its lag but ill try again tonight. after dying 4 or 5 times my gear was broke had to repair it. I know it doesnt have anything to do with gear your wearing to complete it but why should my gear be damaged in the simulation?
  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    I completed this challenge a little bit ago. Power #3 was definitely my go-to ability for clearing the instance. Some of Bizarro's powers just don't work very well in PvE content.

    It took me two attempts to clear the last boss. The damage from the rockets caught me off-guard on my first attempt. For my second try, I hid behind a corner and used a healing barrel when he used that attack. I was able to beat him with only a very small sliver of health left. I noticed that the mech was very good at blocking my powers.

    Like the Huntress challenge, my gear was severely damaged after exiting the instance. If this is supposed to be a simulation, why is my gear taking damage?
  20. Jason_X22 New Player

    Like a few has mentioned, the last boss is tough! the lag made it so your timing was off. Those missiles and his hand blasts hits like a truck.....can our hand blast hit like that?:D
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