Hustler vs Deco vs Feat Hunter vs Casual vs Harcore

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  1. Badname392023 Well-Known Player

    What Dcuo career path did you choose and why?

    Hustler - Your most likely rich, close to rich or headed down the path of becoming rich. You spend majority of your DCUO time in trade chat, buy and resell broker items or buy stabilizers and open capsules for rare items to sell

    Deco - You have a great imagination and spend majority of your DCUO time buying broker base items or have a crap ton of alts you cant wait to run seasonals on

    Feat Hunter- no sleep, no eat and no showers until you complete your feats every episode must get completed, every style must be collected, every base item must be collected, every aura and material must be collected, every emblem must be collected, every seasonal must be completed. feats feats moarrrrrrr skilllll points

    Casual - you logged on your not in a rush to do any in particular matter fact you dont even know where to start you hang out in the watch tower / hall of doom for about 20 minutes, you pug all your missions, you dont mod your gear, your not good at anything in particular and you just want to have fun, communicate with others in your league chat or kill time out of boredom.

    Hardcore- You love this game to death your dedicated, sub every single month or have a year membership, your up to date with everything at all times, you use the FOTM powers, you spend an incredible amount of money on the game, your in an elite league, you spend tons of replays playing elite content with all the OP gear.
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  2. mexmex Dedicated Player

    I was hardcore then move to feat hunter and was there for a long time, now I am in the casual crowd after seeing many feats behind gamble boxes. I let my 6 years membership expired and now I am happy just playing from time to time.
  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Part deco, part casual, and part hardcore.

    Deco cause I love messing with my styles and bases when I get bored, casual because I don't chase the latest gimmicks or rush to get everything first week, hardcore because i'm still a try hard that likes to be competitve
  4. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Im a former hardcore feat hunter PvPr.

    Now im just casual.
  5. Dragonnes Active Player

    A little bit of everything. :)
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  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Part Casual, Mostly Deco, not hardcore at all(Been Electricity since the AM era when it was far from Fotm.), not a feat hunter at all.

    My Forums Signature is living proof of what you need to see for that to be proven true.
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  7. TybeeTahiri Loyal Player

    Same ! I’m all of those things !
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  8. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    I'm Twilight Man. I come here for the free tacos and salt packets
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  9. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    Was one of the hardcore feat hunters. Was in a elite league (I guess, if you want to call it that..some did)..think I still am in the league..Was a co-founder. Had members from Well Known, Entitled, Select Few, Dirty Turbans..etc..Tactics can be wavedoxed.

    Just happened that way..not exactly sure why...but, I can tell you why alot of us quit playing..
  10. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Oh no.... I'm a "filthy" Casual. :eek:

    I am so sad now. :( ;)

    Actually I would have to say Casual Hustler seeing how I play the Broker.... a LOT. ;) ;)
  11. Sugr Bear Committed Player

    None of the above. I don't have all the skill points and styles because time caps and I don't have hundreds of dollars I want to dump on a damn video game every other month. (still p***es me off that it's like that.) I do mod my gear, and not with those ridiculous beta mods lol. I like decorating my base but don't waste in game cash on base items when I'm trying to keep up with OP pieces and ridiculous TC feats, and can't be hardcore because the wait for stats revamp and the addition of TC's completely destroyed my league.
  12. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    looks like I sit in between of casual and hardcore...
  13. Wet fluffy Active Player

    Used to be a Harcore Feat Hunter. Time capsules turned me into a Casual Hustler.
  14. Schimaera Loyal Player

    Feat hunting hardcore hustler?
  15. WilderMidnight Loyal Player

    i was born in a crossfire hurricane?
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  16. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    New category : Just a Vet
    - Hardcore enough in the eyes of those that have been less time in the game. Just without having to spend that much money in replays since you know your pace and you know how to get there in a very efficient way without having to spend too much. Your league can be a desolated place and either way you can even PUG an Elite Raid without no rush.
    - Casual enough to do everything you need to do in 30 minutes and think "this use to be 2 hours of grind"
    - Feat Hunter? You don't hunter for feats, feats just kneel before you. You can't believe the amount of skill points you have with the little effort you do.
    - Deco? What for? You already have 4 Lair and the League Hall maxed in items with the layout you like. Old base items are swap for new ones only if they are cool enough to do the change.
    - Hustler? You were born a millionaire. You got a strategy that without much effort you make millions and now you think you are running out of money if you are bellow X amount of millions.
    - On top of that, you have the time to come to the forums, read everything and think "This use to be a grind of hours"
    - And last for not least, every time you play another game you are just thinking how cool DCUO will be if they add this feature that this game has that DCUO don't (and when you came to the forums and propose the idea, everybody troll on the subject so you just give up and repeat the process again)

    I'm not Just a Vet, but I'm getting there. I'm sure there are players here that are in that Category since a few year ago.

    My 2 cents.
  17. Schimaera Loyal Player

    You pretty much described what every "role" the OP mentioned entails and call it a new role :-D

    By that rule of thumb a new player can pretty much be a vet in your description in a matter of months if they have the ambition ^^ I know that because that is how I got into swtor back three years ago :p
  18. stärnbock Loyal Player

    i guess feat hunter, though i restrict myself now on time capsules:
    i will get every emblem and the full gear set with the crafting style.
    however: i have chosen to sell every collection pieces on the broker.
    i will loose three three star feats with every capsule from now on.
    yet i have like 384 SP wich is just as much as i need to do my thing.
  19. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Well-Known Player

    2 new categories:

    Slayer - You find great accomplishment in knocking out other players in PvP. Whether it's open world or in instance, you love the opportunity to prove yourself as stronger or smarter than other players in the counter mechanics of the game. Your natural enemy is the Hardcore player as they regularly like to challenge the skill set needed for PvP and need to be checked.

    Elitist - You love being able to play the game at a high level. Mechanically demanding, less forgiving instances, precision inputs and split-second decision-making are what you dream of every night. Your goal is to understand every instance, every power, every role as much as you can and to maximize your output using that knowledge. You may focus on one in particular, but your fundamental knowledge of each is higher than the average person. You focus less on throwing money at the game and completing grindy feats, and more on understanding the foundational principles and maximizing your performance from it, regardless of your stats.

    Sept. 2011(HL dlc) - March 2012(BFE dlc) - Casual
    March 2012 - May 2013(OC dlc) - PvE Elitist
    May 2013 - Dec 2013 - PvE Elitist & Slayer
    Dec 2013 - ~August 2016 - PvE Elitist & Slayer & Beginner Hustler (severe exo farming, 25k feat done repeatedly)
    August 2016 - Dec 2016 - PvP Elitist & Slayer & Intermediate Hustler (broker flipping and trade, op collection farming - finally broke 1bil in recent era currency)
    Dec 2016 - July 2017(Revamp) - Severe Tester of Revamp & Intermediate Hustler
    July 2017 - Present - Broker God Hustler (multi-billionaire club only)

    PvE Elitist Goals - finished
    PvP Elitist Goals - finished and now irrelevant
    Slayer - currently no satisfaction in pvp, counter mechanics are gone
  20. Fed up player #10 Well-Known Player

    Was a feat hunter now only casual. Too many things reaching into my wallet theses days. Besides unless something changes in game. Feats don't mean that much. Was always more of a PvE completion type of player. Only did PvP to get the feats and once finished never go back.

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