How do people get to the 130+ Skill Point Level?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Random Mind, May 8, 2013.

  1. Random Mind New Player

    I am a 87 cr troll and I only have 87 skill points. I am having a hard time increasing the amount and want to find out how other people have done it. I know a lot of people have more than one character with 100+ skill points with their main having 130+ and I just want some advice on how they get that many as quick as they do. I am an active player and have been using this toon for quite a while, so any advice to help me stop spinning my tires would be much appreciated
  2. OMAAR New Player

    It was easier for players who were here from the beginning.
    You have to have a league that will help you run old content numerous times.
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  3. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    I used to just feat hunt for days at a time, I'd go till I started getting bonkers from it then take a break from it for a few days, open the feats tab and pick the easiest one to get,or 2-3 you can work on simultaneously and pound on it till you have it, then go on to the next easiest, rinse and repeat, I would have weeks that got 5 or 6, and weeks I got just 1, you have to just stick with it.
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  4. Mighty Hyperion Committed Player

    you need to play a lot and it helps if you dabble in the dps from time to time.
  5. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    just wait 6 months and the devs will give you feats for free
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  6. WonderValkyrie New Player

    also pvp a bit of you dont pvp, theres a treasure trove of feats in pvp
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  7. HeavenSent New Player

    right ?

    just off braniac ship

    and given t3 gear and a award box of 100 free sp

    and no

    im not joking.
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  8. Drathmor Devoted Player

    you have to put in the time to get a lot of skill points. that and having a good league to run things with helps
  9. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    Yea if you wanna get up there you need to be a well rounded player (lots of pvp and pve) and get all you general/solo feats done. Finishing your briefings and investigations isnt hard, and try to work on collections from time to time to finish style really takes time, just need to grind.
  10. BlueVariable Committed Player

    Like others have mentioned, its the time put into it. Go through your feats list and check'em off one by one, pvp, play with league/groups a lot, find some people to actually group up with on a regular basis to help each other feat hunt.
  11. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I'd comment, but I'm not authorized to as I only have 121...
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  12. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    ---remember when getting to 80 SP meant you were a no-lifer?:rolleyes:
    ahhh... the good ole days.
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  13. segundoblz New Player

  14. Potent New Player

    Lol, never thought I'd see 90, because I never cared about them.

    142 Currently >.>
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  15. Titan New Player

    The easiest way to get to 130+ skill points is just pick one that you do not have and go for it! Many members of my league ask me how I got so many and that is what I tell them. Another bit of advice I would give you is organize feat hunting days with your friends on the game and also try to bundle some feats you may not have. For example if you are working towards 500 duos but you also do not have the 250 earth duo feat do those first so you can kill two birds with one stone.
  16. Twilight Man New Player

    I wouldnt describe our skill point collecting as "quick".

    Personally since I have so many alts I follow this plan:

    Complete a mission
    Complete a feat (or contribute to a grind heavy feat then move on)
    Run either a Challenge, Duo, Alert, Raid, PvP match or Seasonal Event.
    Start over and run another mission.

    Repeat until I feel the need to move on. It works for me and has hepled this owner of 18 alts quite a bit.

    It also gets me a lot of Promethium Boxes...
  17. Greenman_x Devoted Player

    I remember hitting 60 and thinking, "This is a good number, I don't think I'll really have to grind for any more"...81 later and Im like an addict looking for his next fix

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  18. Kroye Loyal Player

    That's what I was going to post if no one else had.

    OP, also, make sure you do all the collections, investigations, and briefings - there are lots of style feats tied up in those and they add up quicker than you realize.

    Another thing to do is find out which styles you're missing a piece or two of, then run the specific alerts daily until you get the pieces you need.
  19. Dynagirl Committed Player

    Another way to get skill points, that involves a little bit of real world money, is to buy respec tokens and hunt down the styles and feats to that particular power/movement class.
  20. thenewkidd New Player

    PVP... THOUGH... currently PVP isn't a viable way to get SP anymore as the Devs took away most of the maps that give you feats.
    Speed feats,
    Alert Grinding (have you got your 500 alerts yet? yah, me neither)
    Duo Grinding (Just got my 500 Duos a few days ago).
    250 Duos of the Battle for Earth DLC?
    Raid feats...? Sniper/Medic feat in FOS3?
    Races... OMG races have got me like 3 or 4 SP alone.
    the fun way is "buy them" at the war room by buy Merit Tokens with Currency you don't use any more (or even use triumph).

    Styles... Collect every style you can get your hands on.... every iconic style you can complete gives you 50 points and every theme is 25 points.. I probably have about 6 or 7 sp here alone.

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