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  1. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    I recently rediscovered how awesome Stealth is. I had some questions if you guys would be so kind?

    1.) In Controller stance, do debuffs and CC’s from Stealth not work?
    2.) Is it true that Battle Drone SC doesn’t grant PoT and group shield from Stealth?
    3.) Does Stealth shielding stack with Distract and other Shields?
    4.) Is there a mechanic of Stealth that a superpower does some additional proc of damage from Stealth?
  2. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I don't do my dubuffs in stealth but I don't see why they wouldn't work. CC's definitely work. I have EMP pulse on my stealth bar for when I need to stun when P-Dart is on cooldown or if I quickly need to stun something that isn't directly in front of me.
    Not true. Battle drone is only on my stealth bar. It works perfectly fine as intended.
    I believe so. I know for sure the CC immunity granted by distract is still effective after I go in to stealth. I use distract in some loadouts specifically to "protect" stealth from being interrupted by CC effects.
    Absolutely. That's half the point of using it for DPS. Check out Penryn's guide for a breakdown of that mechanic.
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  3. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    as near as I can tell, damage mitigation from Improved Stealth (Stealth/Invisibility) is applied before other Shields, so using it for damage mitigation (either as a general thing or specifically for use of Lernaea's Amulet) means that you can Stealth, absorb a bunch of damage while using Cuffs, then use a Shield from the Stealth LO bar, Stealth Attack to finish, and the Shield, assuming it has absorption left, will still be active afterwards.
  4. Tree Well-Known Player

    So I’m Mental, but I also love Stealth/Invisibility & that mechanic from our power is almost identical. From my experience,
    1) I don’t put debuffs in my Invis loadout because I don’t want to wait on the cooldown for Invis to be over just so I can place a debuff. CC’s work perfectly fine, however.
    3) Hardly do I pop my shield before going into Invisibility. I don’t think I ever mean to if I do do that, lol (also have Hard-Light Shield in my Invis loadout + Bastion, the group super shield — both retains my Invisibility). Because Hand Mod! It pretty much grants invulnerability for a few several seconds/whenever that invulnerability window runs out right after Invisibility/Stealth is used, much shorter than a shield’s duration. If not used as a shield, then it is my “I see a cog/teammate that I need to get to” power. However, I do see why one, for example, would shield, pop Invis to skirt to *that* downed teammate, then rally them safely since you are shielded.
    4) Bonus proc of damage from certain Mental moves when clipped with Invisibility is a fact! Enjoy finding which ones proc that bonus and which don’t, haha! It’s magic.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts!
  5. Tree Well-Known Player

    Hand mod grants invulnerability for 2.5 seconds, there it says. And tried deboofing under Invis — no bueno. Though, that specific power does the supercharge regeneration aspect to it even under Invis. :)
  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I'm not sure if it's different with mental but with gadgets stealth gets interrupted all the time even with the improved stealth hand mod. I have my SC group shield mapped to the same trigger and button on the stealth bar that stealth is on the main bar and basically tap it as rapidly as I can and sometimes stealth STILL gets interrupted in-between.

    In DPS role you're gonna want that 2% extra damage from the max damage hand mod though. Some players use the improved stealth hand mod in DPS role with the thinking that sacrificing 2% is worth not losing damage when stealth gets interrupted. But since it often gets interrupted anyway, it's just not worth it IMO. The really crappy thing is a lot of the time when it gets immediately interrupted it glitches out and the red cooldown indicator isn't there. So you kinda just have to guess when it's back off cooldown.
  7. Tree Well-Known Player

    Is that Gadgs superpower unfortunately one of those powers that kicks you out of Stealth? For Mental, Bastion keeps me hidden and I think Word of Power also — WoP might be a decent replacement if you’re just trying to refill power while maintaining Stealth. My hand mod works great honestly, that’s strange that you’re getting kicked out of it prematurely. :/ For the most part, I can control/predict when I pop out of Invisibility.
    **Editing for the final time I promise!! It could also be the superpower that is used right before Invis/Stealth that is kicking you out of your ninja mode. Instant power dump clipped with Invisibility will kick you out immediately. & superpowers like Terror Tendrils.**
  8. MaryMagdalene_DCUO Well-Known Player

    Debuffs don't work inside of stealth but they can proc the parasite harness buff
  9. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    That's good thinking but naw, that ain't it. As long as you don't try and clip their animations, supercharges don't interrupt stealth. If that was the issue it would happen every single time but it's just here and there. I always hit return to normal or EMP pulse after I use the supercharge to exit stealth. It hasn't been much of an issue the last couple DLC's because between all the environmental damage (trigon tentacles, all the FFe crap) and needing to position myself in dangerous places (baiting Brainiac's pulse beam, stalking the Gorilla Specialist) I've been using neural neutralizer in my "wildcard" slot which can pretty much have 100% uptime so it's protected stealth from getting interrupted. Now, the casting animation for neural neutralizer DOES interrupt stealth so I always gotta make sure I allow for a couple seconds in between using them.