Forums less active nowadays?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by BÆ–ack, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    So, a game built from the ground up on a new engine. Totes something they could knock out in a week, right?
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  2. zNot Well-Known Player

    You are right people do check dc out because the game has alot of potential but the current DLCs arent as promising and exciting as it could or used to be. DC definetly desvervses more and would get more players if you guys would put more effort into elite raids and endgame content. For almost all dlcs People with previous dlc gear are able to do the newest elite raids this is what makes this game easy and not worth for many to put money anf time into. If you remember the first raids DC had like khandaq and batcave and so on are still more fun then the current ones. Not just difficulty ( you actually needed gear to finish it) but also the overall atomosphere of the current elite raids are pretty boring. And we need Elite raids with more then 3 bosses just fully focus on this and you will see alot of players will stay longer in DC and alot will return.
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  3. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Good to hear!

    We wouldn't get angry if we didn't care. :D
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  4. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    Speaking of "revamp" will we see another one?
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  5. inferno Dedicated Player

    This answers for me as well. I only come to check announcements, look for any dev response or when I'm bored.

    As for the game dying..I joined the game late 2011 when it started to die. I think I've read threads on how the game is dying soon, the first week I was on the forums. Read so many posts of forum members leaving; I've even heard the use of 'exodus" a lot. My ten year subscription with dcuo will be on Nov, 2021. It's been the only game I've been playing consistently the entire time while dozens of games that I've purchased barely entice my interest for an hour for me.

    I guess I've been dying with it for the last ten years.
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  6. Saami Loyal Player

    Forums have been slow for long time. Game itself... Depends on server and your playtime, if you play in USPS in prime time you might think that everyone else is doing as good too. That is not the case. Other servers have problems. Some even in prime time.
  7. Apollonia Committed Player

    Most games use Discord channels to coordinate now. Players will typically run their own servers too so they don't have to be restricted by official rules of conduct etc.

    Most games also primarily use reddit (official and unofficial) subs.
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  8. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    The forums are just as active as they've always been. You see the daily forums posts about name reclaims, the monthly elite is too hard and should be designed for every player, the weekly threads asking for various server merges, the weekly pvp is dead and what is being done about it, the daily thread with DEV in the title, Proxystar is here, Multiverse still finds ways to post 10+ of his videos daily.

    The forums will have spikes in activity when there is new content or hotfixes on test but largely the forums have been following the same pattern since before the summer.
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  9. Kanniu Well-Known Player

    Alright these Multiverse disses are getting old. We get it he needlessly makes multiple videos on a single topic. You don't need to be so rude. Stick to making your guide videos and your rants on how the game is too easy and how you want the game to be how it used to be.
  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    There was only one time that a mass exodus happened and it was during Origin Crisis and thankfully the devs changed a lot and brought people back.
  11. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Wouldn't this be the pot calling the kettle black? hmm :rolleyes:
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  12. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I think you're forgetting the hack (both Sony and the game's initial speed hack). The game was a ghost town shortly after the servers came back up and up until Megaservers.
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  13. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I did, probably because of the fact I started F2P. Yeah they lost a lot then, but F2P fixed that too. So ups and downs.
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  14. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Sorry, I haven't been around to stir the pot

  15. the solowing Devoted Player

    All we gotta do is start a cash cap thread.

  16. Casey Jaymz Level 30

    Let the angry-talking commence & last for years to come!
  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Yeah, neither was I for a good 2 years. Welcome back! Let's rank up those post counts. ;)
  18. the solowing Devoted Player

    i know a way. xD (Seriously they better not to the Devs, i hope they arnt just to get dlcs out)

  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Come on, you know our best threads are stat clamping ones :p
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  20. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I would say "the game is dying" thread, but those are becoming too common it seems :(

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