Exposing Bad Players??

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  1. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    So I'm cr 326 tank and I been spamming the new alert (normal version) as well as testing out my build and noticed a few things. Minor rant XD

    First of all I'm way over the suggested dominance for the duo, alert and raid. I currently have 22k dominance with no skill points put into it. 165 of the skill points goes to might and power and am superpower spec. My arts are all dps arts La Mort-Solar-Lernaea's Amulet. I can run the normal version of the duo completely fine with any role from my partner and I the tank. I also ran the new alert normal version but successful runs was when we had a competent group. Earlier today I encountered two players at cr 336 way above the cr requirement for the alert. I mean why don't they run elite XD

    The alert hasn't even started and they are already complaining about dominance this and that then one of them said tank has heat vision and that player leaves soon follows the other person. I ended up taking out all the adds by myself until you encounter Aquaman (with amulet still on). New players come in the instance with the same cr and roles lol it was 2 dps, 1 troll and me the tank. I removed my amulet since there's no healer to heal them or me and the instance was super easy. But when I put on my amulet you get to notice who the really bad players are by being carried in the instance despite them having really have cr. This happen as well in the Legion raid fighting Trigon.

    I went off topic and forgot to include that instead of putting 165 skill points into might and power I placed them instead into dominance to see how much heals I can get back from doing atomic combos to offset the health damage from the amulet.

    As of now my heals from atomic combos are 3k and 9k respectfully and proton remedy gives 10k upon activation. This is with no skill points put into dominance.

    With 165 skill points put into dominance my dominance is now 25k and my heal just changed by a thousand >_> not much of a change.

    This thread served no purpose other than my minor rant xd
  2. Cyclonic Active Player

    I will never understand why people bother with specs like this. Yeah... You can solo duos easily and you're probably good for almost every alert besides the elite new ones buuuut... You are useless for anything that is actually difficult.
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  3. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    You don't have to understand, if it's not for you then it's not. Difficult is subjective. You can be the highest cr and still die by mechanics. The most important part of this is play how you want and not what others tell you to. A tank can have any power they want as long as they do their main job everything else can be placed with the right loadout. Battle-Tanking is also for advanced players. This thread is just a rant. Take it how you want. Truth of the matter is I been exposing a lot of bad players once I realized what a Battle-Tank was many years ago. But I'll add to what I originally said. I'm at open-world Flashpoint and at cr328. The only thing that shows green on my stats are restoration which is giving me +683, precision which is useless to me is given +3788 and dominance is +6067 which brings my total dominance to 29k that much dominance increase only increases my atomic heals to 11k. Still not a big leap.
  4. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    It looks like you are trying to be a battle tank, instead of just being a tank. That can be fine in some situations, but very detrimental in others. If you do want to be a battle tank, I HIGHLY recommend getting rid of Lernaea's Amulet (aka the suicide artifact). Even with a healer in the group, that puts extra strain on them that they don't need. Not only do they have to heal you from the damage you are taking from adds and the boss, they also have to work extra hard to keep you from killing yourself. I've seen many healers complain about dps using the suicide artifact, so I'm surprised none have complained that you as a tank are using it.

    I'm not as familiar with Atomic tanking, so I don't know which stats are best for them, but tanks generally benefit from some health, restoration, and dominance. Since you heal yourself with atomic combos, restoration may be better than dominance.

    FYI, you need to be careful using your finisher against Zoom at the end of the alert. The same goes for heat vision, unless it's rank 200 or you are using the empowered channeling mod. If he interrupts you right before doing the attack were you have to tap melee to breakout then lunge, no one will be able to successfully lunge him to interrupt the attack and you could cause a wipe as a result (the wipe would be guaranteed in elite).
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  5. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I don't need to take off the amulet to complete instances. This isn't a thread about elite content. Mechanics will always be the downfall of many players no matter how high their cr is. I completed instances without healers since everyone likes to dps. Atomic combo heals are effective by your dominance per the description. I have four powers in my loadout that heal me, also have soda, and supply drop. I do have the empowering hand mod as well as the defense buff neck mod and the hearty chest mod. La-Mort art helps me spam my finisher more often. I'm not going to break down my build here as this isn't the thread for that I was simply venting by exposing bad players when using the amulet.

    After all any power I activate taunts the enemy so the dps players are free to do damage without worrying but the mechanics are what gets them killed even if you were to play as a normal tank. It's funny seeing lots of players wiping against Trigon when it clearly states to separate but they want to blame it on the tank.
  6. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    I’m having a hard time following the rant of this thread.

    You say it’s to expose high cr players when you yourself say mechanics wipe players regardless of their cr. The amulet isn’t “exposing” anyone. It is called the suicide artifact for a reason. The healers have to spend extra power healing you which means the heals don’t normally go to the dps which leads to them dying. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that’s the case with the dps you ran win. I’m just saying that the artifact you are so high on gets people killed even if they don’t do anything wrong. So you saying it exposes people is actually misleading.

    As for the part of “they are high cr why why don’t they just do elite lol”. That’s a very crude statement. There are many reasons to not do the elite alert.
    1) not everyone runs with end game players or in a good league
    2) some people are already Max renown so running elite duo is pointless
    3) people don’t have the time to be in the elite alert so they just run regular
    4) the elite alert gives a little renown so not worth the time it takes to run it
    5) this is gonna be hard to understand but some people just don’t care about getting Mac renown.
    6) some people are just not good enough to do it

    And also. Just because all your abilities taunt aggro doesn’t mean you are doing your job. The tanks job is to PULL adds off of healers. PULL adds off of dps. Just because you have aggro doesn’t mean they instantly stop attacking their original target. Even if you are a battle roles your first job doesn’t change. And that’s the role you are running. So yes, if you aren’t pulling adds than you are failing your job as a tank and the only person you are exposing if yourself
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  7. Cyclonic Active Player

    If this sort of spec does interest you I recommend going Ice Precision. Its quite good dps if you know how to use and you can just switch roles for your tank loadout and run 4 shields. Since most of your damage comes from your weapon anyway it makes for a really nice balance between offense and defense. Although 95% of the time... I feel like I might as well stay dps anyway... It has its uses. No funky self limiting spec required.
  8. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I'm aware of precision as a tank just not a fan of it or having multiple shields given that's ice gimmick.
    You must've been lost in my unorganized rant of a thread. If you are the only tank and everyone else is a dps because that's all they know how to do (many threads of dps universe online etc...etc..) and you happen to do your job fine with no issues such as the points you gave and they still die because of mechanics then it's not the tanks fault regardless if they have the amulet on. But by having the amulet on you get to notice who you are carrying or whose the bad dps. If you take off the amulet you're just a regular tank, you won't notice who these bad players are. Well in this case they weren't even talking about the amulet they were talking about having Solar Amplifier artifact

    1. Pug 100% of the time
    2. Thank the game for that, as long as instances can be bought with replay badges, players are going to spam content to get max renown, cr, everything
    3. Elite can give you feats, I tend to run old elite content for that reason. My comment may be crude but if you read up ahead I said "take it how you want"
    4. Renown can be used to get ultimate elite style, I know you know this.
    5. I'm one of them but if I want the skill points and styles I'll care a little bit more.
    6. But you can learn to be good at it.

    To add to my point about the amulet since it's a suicide artifact, technically I can kill myself if I make a mistake plus I have to watch out for the mechanics. It should be harder for me to stay alive in that logic but I know my power and role very well. Having it on only to witness the other dps dying because the mechanic killed you seems like exposure to me. You may not see it that way and that's fine. There's also things called scripted attacks which no amount of aggro from the tank will cause the boss to attack you. This rant was about someone telling another how to play a game but it's not needed when the instance was completed without wipes with no healers. Pretty simple understanding of my rant. I remember how bad the alert against Poseiden was. A tank with amulet can and has defeated that alert with all dps players. No different with the new alert.
  9. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Zoom does a decent chunk of damage even in reg with that attack, but it's a guaranteed wipe in elite. So you can still cause issues in reg if Zoom lunges you right before that attack.

    Generally, healing work off of both restoration and dominance.

    I just double checked artifact descriptions, La-Mort and Lernaea's Amulet work against each other.
    La-mort wants you to use your finisher often to build stacks of doom to which explode when your target is bellow 35% health.
    Lernaea's amulet wants you to hold off on using your finisher to gain a multiplier for your might, and the might multiplier resets every time you use your finisher.

    If you are only using La-mort for the reduced cooldown at rank 160, there's probably a better artifact you could be using in it's place.
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  10. Yaiba Committed Player

    Wait, do people just leave the instance with tank being there? I love running alerts with tank, they grab aggro, pull adds for fast kill, etc. And if a tank can do damage then it's another plus. It's normal contents after all, play how you like :D
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  11. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    It actually works very well with my setup, I can keep myself alive using the finisher as a heavy damage due to the 10% increase above 35% and if they are below 35% the finisher does its job nevertheless and the heals that the artifact of the amulet does. Not so useful as a dps with the points you gave. I don't include threads about elite as a battle tank because it's very different as you described so I avoid even bringing it up. In this case for atomic, the heals are dependent on your dominance per the description. But I have thought of going on test server and putting 165 skill points into restoration to see any difference to my atomic combos. Though I feel I'm going to disappointed. Though I have been leveling up my Tetra art to replace La-Mort. Empowering hand mod gives 5% defense increase while using a channeled ability. Combine that with the 10% defense increase from the neck mod and it becomes 15%. Having La-Mort means I can effectively keep up the 15% increase.
  12. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Both players left knowing there was no healer and only me as the tank. Their issue was that I have Heat Vision, never once brought up not having a healer in the group. As soon as they left two more came in the instance with the same role and cr. The alert was completed with no issues.
  13. Yaiba Committed Player

    If you have HV then it's a free burn PI for the group, and munition/gadget/fire dps will love that. I do run the alert without healer, and it seems there is no real mechanic that can kill players outside of bubble (first boss), and zoom's pull. The healing from roleless buff is way too good.
  14. Liightmare dc Active Player

    This is a rant about nothing. You wanna tank how you want and that’s fine but what you’re really doing is wasting players time. Hv and finishers and 165 so into might and power is dumb. Sounds like you just want to dps in tank role. As far as amulet please explain to us how you as the tank using it shows who the bad players are and who are the good ones. The only person amulet effects is you, you take the extra dmg and that’s on u, but if you die you could end up wiping the group. And you should def be feat hunting more 165 is not a good amount at all esp if you want to battle tank.
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  15. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    What is a rant if it's about nothing but venting. so please that is your opinion in which this thread is mine that you bothered to comment on. I'm not wasting anyone's time as I was able to complete the instance multiple times as I said before and in different perspectives. If you believe heat vision is dumb again that would be your opinion. My opinion from how you worded your comment is that you believe tanks should have multiple shields and all tank arts. It sounds rather naive when there are many ways of speccing as a tank especially from different tank powersets. Explain to y'all? I did if you would even bother to read the rest of the responses. You failed to realize a tank gets the heat, on top of watching mechanics while also killing themselves if they have the amulet. With no healer you really are challenging yourself. I bet you if I was mean about it I would have switched to dps and see how they would react I doubt you're going to encounter a healer in the instance when pugging because all you see is dps and guess what they wouldn't even stand a chance with all dps despite the group buff of not having a tank or healer. Fact of the matter is by most of everyone's logic the amulet user should be dying a lot more especially when theirs no healer but that's not the case. Instead you see the other dps dying not because of me or not having a healer but because scripted attacks happen and there are mechanics to follow. If I removed the amulet you don't really see that exposure you'll instead find another excuse to find blame in which case this was Heat Vision to those two players. As of now I said my peace :) thank you all with the comments.
  16. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    There seems to be a little bit of disconnect between what you said and my reply. You using the amulet didn’t “expose” anyone. I have out dpsed dps while tanking without the amulet. There are bad dps everywhere. That part I had no issue with. You are trying to battle tank which again, is something I don’t have any issue with either since I’ll battle tank from time to time.

    What I did point out as an issue however is the “style” of battle tanking. Tank or battle tank, the base role is still the same. You have to hold aggro AND you have to PULL thing away from your team. You can be in dps gear and have 0 dom and as long as you are in tank role you will have aggro. However that is not a tank. Battle tank or tank, you are in the wrong as long as you don’t pull things away from the group. If you aren’t pulling things that you are just a sub dps in tank role. In alerts you can get away with it. But you mentioned doing it in a raid which is where the issue is. By flaming to be a tank and not pulling things you are a liability to the group.

    You keep saying the statement “I can’t stay alive”. That’s not a tanks job. The tanks job is to stop the group from taking unnecessary damage. You do that by pulling adds. Look at the elite alert. If you don’t pull adds from flash than the group wipes and the only one responsible is the tank.

    As for the numbers I listed. This wasn’t aimed at you. It was aimed at the people you were mocking. The “they are high cr so why aren’t they in elite” group you mentioned. I have reasons why they wouldn’t be in the elite alert. So you will be running into them all in the regular raid.

    And for your last statement. You keep saying “I can survive” “I can hold aggro” “they are the problem” they blame others”. A lot of what you are ranting about you have done yourself too.

    “I can survive”. That’s good for you but if you are only worried about yourself than you aren’t doing a good job as a tank.

    “I can hold aggro”. Again, there is more to tanking than holding aggro. I can hold aggro as a dps that doesn’t make me a tank. I can hold aggro as a healer. That doesn’t make me a healer. As a tank (even a battle tank) your primary job is to stop your team from taking unnecessary damage. You do that by pulling adds. You gather them up so that it’s easy to I’ll them.

    “They are the problem”. Who cares who is the problem. If an instance wipes that everyones time that gets wasted. From what you described you also share part of the blame.

    “They blame others”. Kinda like what you are doing now. And you said they shouldn’t tell you how to play yet you said that if they have high cr they should be in the elite.
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  17. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    Your saying if you (the tank) have the amulet on, you will expose bad players.......
    I am still understanding nor seeing you explain how that is?
    Also u just said without the amulet your “just a tank”. I would argue your a better tank, not just a tank and if u dump all the dps stuff an do all tank stuff you will end up being an even better tank.
    But fo us on explaining how u using amulet exposes me the dos in anyway? I fail to see the correlation
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  18. Liightmare dc Active Player

    He can’t because it doesn’t make any sense. A tank wearing amulet only effects the tank until he dies and wipes the group. Bad choices creates un-needed problems. I would love to see you run elite content with your hv and amulet. Hit me up in game anytime so me n my league can get a good laugh
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  19. Lara Well-Known Player

    1. Reg Alert you can run with 4 Dps's there is no need for a Healer or Tank.
    2. Why you are even attacking the adds just skip them lol?
    3.Doing the Elite Duo is pointless aswell it gives you 50 renown.
    4.Running Alert on Elite need experince you cannot just random que it so find a group and you will be fine (via LFG or you League)
  20. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I'm not sure I'm following this post but maybe?

    Few things: amulet in tank role doesn't hurt you like it does in dps role. Everyone knows this already no? Plus you heal back a ton from most tank powersets which is why rage and atomic tanks especially love amulet for battle tanking. Which is fine in any non elite stuff really since it's so easy. Have plenty of friends that can stay near the top of the scorecard with this setup. And will out dps most dps because melee is strong.

    Agree with all the tank needs to pull comments. Battle tanking in elite stuff, yeah that's a huge no. But go nuts in regular. 4 dps is completely do able in reg alert, have done it almost every day since launch. Just don't forget, those 3 dps are being nerfed due to how the roleless buffs work (stacking dps drops each player potential) so you're at an advantage since you aren't being nerfed like your group.

    And for high crs in regular, yeah a lot of us are done with renown. Why would I run elites every day if I'm just trying to get a bunch of toons thru their dailies?
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