Exposing Bad Players??

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  1. Fwames Well-Known Player

    I think I've missed the part where the "bad players" are exposed.

    I feel offended about not running Elite with my maxed out CR :p
    Why do elite when you've maxed out renown and have gotten the feats there?
    I am not that benevolent to PUG out elite when I don't need to. Who does?
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  2. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    Just keep in mind as others get to choose who they play with so do you. you don't have to do anything you don't deem as fun.

    in the long run it pays to be nice to the tank. you'll have your day.
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  3. Kimone Devoted Player

    Let's start with "Suicidal Build" - Lern's Amulet can potentially be an excellent tool in the right setting but "Atomic Battle Tank" doesn't scream 'correct application' to me.

    Build it how you want to - hell, I use it (very successfully) on a heavy DPS/Controller Bounty Hunter build, but the artifact combo plus entry-level CR definitely says "this is an experiment" and not necessarily "I know what I'm doing", so sight unseen? You may get a few weird looks. The proof is always in the pudding, and right here?

    That's a problem statement with your defense of the build. If you have to remove it to facilitate things, you're not utilizing it correctly in a Tank build (where it suggests, paired with La Mort, usage as a direct repetition self-healing mechanism - literally how I use it mentioned above, and probably the most ideal application of the item in question).

    Again, sight unseen, that's what it says to me, also, that comment... paired with this comment....

    When you put on your Amulet, the group suddenly has difficulty beating things. That's not a "them" issue.

    You doing your One job Correctly should - in theory and application both - not be contingent upon or have an affect on how others are doing in the alert, unless your build decision is impairing YOUR functionality to the degree where you cannot do your One job Correctly.

    So does that really say something bad about them or something bad about you?
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  4. GetMeSoon New Player

    No wonder they be leaving; I would leave too if I saw a tank with dps arts. All these meta builds "battle tank", "battle troll" "battle heals" can't compete with real DPSes. They can't even do their role job right. Sure, you can say all you want that your build shines on the playground like solos or duos, but once you get to raids people expect you to do your job. Sure, its your right to play however you want, but bragging on the forums "Look at me, I'm special, they all bad" is kinda ironic, since you're the tank with Heat Vision and Amulet :D:D:D
  5. Plowed In Committed Player

    Why aren’t you using Trans card?

    Being in tank role takes away the defense buff for the group. So yeah, if they’re used to taking ‘x’ damage from an attack, but are now taking ‘y’ damage, that’s just being unfamiliar-not being exposed. That could be why they’d rather you dps.

    Do you, but make friends not enemies. I don’t understand the pleasure you’re taking in ‘exposing’ someone else?
  6. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    That's why we have multiple armories we can activate. Lot's of tanks have a battle tank LO's that are used in content where it's effective and (hopefully) not used in content where it's not effective. When I queue in to an alert with my tank alt and there's no healer, I always switch to my battletank LO. It helps others survive without a healer and contributes solid damage. Occasionally I out-DPS some of the DPS's and there have been a few times where I was actually top in damage.

    In raids (unless they're really old) I use my tanky tank LO. That's the beauty of armories.
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  7. Kimone Devoted Player

    The ONLY exception to this is a Fire Tank with Strat and Trans, specifically, because the Healing Mechanic thrives on additional Criticals and a free 5-12K background HOT that procs on Crit is super hard to argue with. It'll make it pop.

    A well-built Earth Battle Tank MIGHT be a close argument, but that's about it, also - specifically - Strat and Trans, and not midrange "they're kinda doing their stuff" Strat and Trans either, 160+ Strat at minimum. Not sure what a Tank is doing with Heat Vision but I'm pretty sure it's the same thing that a Controller does with the lasso - dying.

    Also, for my peace of mind? I'd want about 500 SP on that to be comfortable, because even with 450 SP for a late-game Raid Tank the Earth Battle build is cutting it close in Regular content and is simply not gonna do it in Elite.

    As for battle trolling, different story entirely - I have a 65K/s+ ST rotation as a heavy damage battle troll, so... it's paying the bills, but you're not gonna do that without a pile of 200 Arts and 460 SP to throw into it. It CAN be done, but it's DEFINITELY an exercise in overgearing, and if you CAN'T overgear it, then it's not worth trying in a Raid unless you enjoy the 'Kick Me' sign on a literal level.

    Also -

    I think he might be exposing himself, to be blunt, like I said before - if you switch to a battle/support build and the group dies? That means you're not fulfilling the basic requirements of the support role, OR the DPS role, because a successful Support character would contribute to survival and sucessful DPS kills things before they can kill you.
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  8. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    I run a 180 Tetra and 140 Philosophers stone on my Atomic battle tank LO along with a 200 Everyman. The Philosopher’s Stone gives Dom, Resto and Health in addition to the might. The 5% health from tetra also helps the tank side. I’m able to tank elite alerts just fine with this build and like I said above, I contribute a decent chunk of damage as well. 600+ sp helps too. I max might/power and my damage crits and put 100 in health, 100 in dom and 30 in resto. :D.
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  9. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Love Tetra-Tanks :)
  10. Kimone Devoted Player

    Tetra can be argued as a direct public service, thereby making up damage you might not be producing solo while contributing to your solo damage production. Philo is a "how you use it" Artifact, but "Repeated Supply Drops" and "Zero Cost Tank Abilities" makes it close enough to a Tank Artifact, and Everyman = Tank Artifact. But technically it's not "only" a Fire Tank, so fair enough.

    Also, this?

    Kinda validates this

    So... I don't think you're as far out of line for a useable meta as it seems, since that's basically mostly a Tank build anyway, plus Tetra (errybody love Tetra) but what it is not?

    Is this. La Mort - Solar - Lern's is basically a single-target Might build that requires extra babysitting to keep your character from dying while you're using it - it's a very selfish DPS build and it probably shouldn't be on an under-CR character whose every move draws Aggro.
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