EUW Delays / Server Problems

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by IceStylez, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. IceStylez New Player

    We still experience bad server delays and lags.
    Everything startet with that release of the switch, since then me and many players on the EU server experience only lags and delays.
    There are still feats which some of my league members need, for example the SGe ravishing madness feat, but it is impossible to get, because of those delays we have.
    It is unbelieveable, this problem exists almost 2 weeks and it pretty much prevents people from playing this game.
    How and why isn't it fixed yet??
    Do we need to wait for the next dlc, until this bs gets fixed?
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  2. Phantom Bat New Player

    This issue still continues for me, anyone else having this?
  3. °Bardock° New Player

  4. Tvit New Player

    Those hellish lags are seriosly ****** up thing. This is MADNESS!

    @devs, the game is unplayable in this status. Please do something ASAP.
    Why would i bother to continue paying for legendary, when i can`t enjoy the game...
    I guess I`m not the only 1 who will follow this logic.