Escaped inmate and Steelworker styles--where are they?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by anotherpacifist, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. anotherpacifist New Player

    I've completed the ACE and Stryker's solo t4 missions like about 50 times now (on 3 different toons, got both of the feats for completing 10 times), and I have NEVER seen an escaped inmate or steelworker style drop at all. All I have are useless weaps (I've gotten dual wields like 6 times, blasters for 5 times) and useless necklaces and rings. Is it me or is it going to be impossible to complete those styles?
  2. Shadow Vlad New Player

    If you're a hero you will get the styles from reward boxes for defeating the bounties
  3. Johnny_Prime New Player

    4 new styles, 2 for heroes 2 for villains, the one's you don't get from the mission, you get randomly in the boxes that the bounties drop... and boy, do I mean randomly.
  4. Exostorm New Player

    Yep. there's totally random. You either get them or you don't. There is no set place where they drop for heroes.
  5. neptunesBeard New Player

    Don't you get to choose which armor you want after you complete the 5 day mission?
  6. Johnny_Prime New Player

    That's for 2 of the four... the opposing faction's 2 styles are random.
  7. neptunesBeard New Player

    I don't understand. How can you wear styles that are for the opposing faction?
  8. ManaBaddMan New Player

    The solo mission, not the bountys do not drop armor! They only drop the jewelery and weapons. The armor is awarded by the Bot right next solo mission giver ( the one who you talk to for the 5 dailys before you go into the solo instance), who has a separate mission that awards a piece of your choice after you complete the solo instance and click complete on the mission in you journal.

    You have to pick up one of these separate missions every 5 outdoor solos. Confusing and pointless i know but i hope this explains it clearly enough.

    Basicaly when you do the outdoor 5 and then open the indoor solo, and complete, that is when you get the gear from journal mission not the boss drops.I have escaped inmate and steel worked done like a few days after DLC release, you have to redo all outdoor solos and the indoor solo instance, making sure you have the other mission that awrds the gear, 5xoutdoor+5xindoor solo=40outdoor+5indoor solo mission=8 pices of armor!
  9. Nodens New Player

    I think everybody in this discussion already knows how the 5-day journey into the solo instance works. There's nothing confusing or pointless about it. That being said, Villains might get those styles for finishing the 5th-day solo, but as a Hero, that mission has never gotten me a piece of either of those 2 styles. The ACE instance always gives me my choice of pieces in the Hazmat style, and Strykers always gives me the Correction Officers style. Steelworker and Escaped Inmate pieces have only come to me from reward boxes.
  10. Matty New Player

    Okay so I guess we all now know that the opposing faction home turf styles drop randomly in the daily bot bounty reward boxes. I've received a number of the styles on a couple toons.

    My question is: are the random drops programmed so they don't give you styles you already have? Or if I already have the Steelworker Shoulder style is there a chance I will get it again as a drop before I get other styles I need? So far all the drops I've received I've needed, but at most I only have 3 pieces of any one style.
  11. MARK2099 New Player

    You can only get the other 2 sets in the box of bounties, and the chance is very low, lot of players has been farming since day one of DLC6 still are missing atleast 2 styles if no more.
  12. Statman New Player

    Doubtful. Only received 1 piece of the Inmate style, but I've received it twice.
  13. Matty New Player

    Gol Durn it!
  14. Miss Adora Dedicated Player

    I completrd both styles for hero for ace/strykers. Allmost complete both styles for my villain at Steel Works/Arkham. Now I need to farm the bounties, and I'm not looking forward to it. Luck base drop means forever.
  15. Little Sister New Player

    It doesn't take that long. As a hero I've already completed Escaped Inmate and am almost done with Steelworker.
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  16. Comixfan New Player

    Yeah, tell me about it. I've helped defeat Oolong Siege Robot about 20 times on one of my toons and am yet to get a single piece of gear from the reward boxes. All green crap that gets deleted straight away because it's useless :rolleyes:
  17. Comixfan New Player

    Heroes get those styles from reward boxes after defeating the new T4 bounties.

    Just like villains can get the two hero styles from reward boxes from their new T4 bounties.

    That's why there's a feat for each style :)
  18. AgentX44 Committed Player

    and a feat (but just 10 points) to complete all 4. they should make the feat 50 points :)
  19. Nodens New Player

    Depends on your luck. I pretty much tie Comixfan for number of times I've done those bounties, and so far only have one piece from each style.
  20. Comixfan New Player

    And that's just on one toon :p On my main I have 3 or so pieces from one style and 2 from another, and on another toon I've gotten 2 pieces from about a dozen runs but they were both the boots!

    I've pretty much given up on running the new bounties. There's nothing more disappointing than putting together a group to run them and beating them down only to get a rubbish green drop out of the reward box.

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