Error in DC Client Crash - PC everytime

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Mickwo, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Quagmire-MTGT New Player

    I have had the same problem since installing GU 32 and never had the problem before that. My family has 3 computers all on USPC and all computers are using Windows 7. All our computers get identical crash windows every time we launch the game. We have no internet problems and other games work just fine. Is this problem isolated to Windows 7 users?

    I have validated the game assets and that makes absolutely no difference.
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  2. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    I am having the same annoyance with this crash reporter. For those that have said you can't get into the game at all because of this, I have found if you immediately close the "DOS" window when it pops up (by clicking the close button in top right of "DOS" window not the white window where you are supposed to type), it bypasses the crash reporter and the game loads normally. This is still a major annoyance everytime I start the game however.
  3. thelostczarnian New Player

    takes me about 3 times to get into the game
  4. Eshman New Player

  5. Pyrite Wolf New Player

    So glad to see I'm not the only one with this bug. I'm on EUPC, and validating did no good. Upvoted!
  6. Pyrite Wolf New Player

    Update: This is quite ironic. The issue fixed itself after I got an actual crash and the crash report regarding that particular crash got actually sent. The funny thing's that my game's been crashing all week and the crash reporter didn't appear, so, I'm guessing... general crash reporter-y bug fixing is in order for the next GU?
  7. Wickedwillow Active Player

    Same thing happened to me. The game crashed a few days ago and when I submitted crash report it FINALLY connected and went through and since then no more error message. (fingers crossed that the current server downtime doesn't bring another headache)
  8. Jimp88 New Player

    Im getting that error constantly now. Can you guys please fix it or refund my money.
  9. Zoldaar New Player

    I was hoping that the latest GU would fix this problem, but I'm still getting the client crash.
  10. Star-D New Player

    The same thing. That irritates me thèse problems which date several weeks!
    Oh... ! Général bug ! Go work !

    Server EU
  11. Pyrite Wolf New Player

    Okay, more info on the crash reporter's bug. The thing just started to happen to me again. A detail of what happened:
    1. I opened DCUO, logged in, everything ok, everything pretty.
    2. Screen froze after walking a couple of steps. Since usually I get some lag when I just log in I decided to wait patiently, assuming it'd wear off in a couple of seconds.
    3. When I realized it wasn't a lag thing, I ctrl+alt+dlt'd and I realized there were some weird extra windows open. I checked them and given that I have windows 7 ultimate when I hovered them I got a preview of what they were. They were the crash reporter and a cmd-like window. Fear started to build up in the deepest corners of my heart just about then.
    4. I tried to open the crash reporter's window, but all I got was a black screen (from wich I could still access windows' start bar). I tried writing and checked if anything got written using the window preview, but nothing got written. I tried pressing enter or esc, nothing happened. I finally decided to close the cmd-like window from the start bar, and everything (the cmdish thing, the crash reporter and the dcuo client) closed at once. "No problem" I thought foolishly "I'll just relog".
    5. When I opened my client and pressed "play" on the launcher, my heart stopped. There it was... the cmd-ish thing and the crash reporter. I closed them and managed to get in the game, but it's overly laggy and it's really hard to play.
  12. rinku Active Player

    I'm getting it every startup, but fortunately so far it's not affecting login or play. Touch wood.
  13. Legion_of_One Well-Known Player

    Still happening. As some other mentioned, I believe the report went through following a subsequent crash. However, it cropped up again with the next launch and persists.
  14. JLMDaVinci New Player

    i have the same problem and i have a windows 8 computer and it is also happening on the test
  15. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Is there anyone this *isn't* happening to on PC? (Is it just U.S. servers?)
  16. Pyrite Wolf New Player

    My boyfriend, my best friend, an ingame mate and I all play on EUPC. I'm the only one in the group that has this problem.
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  17. Thunderbolt Dedicated Player

    I'm getting the same problem.
  18. Ganf3rman New Player

    Exactly the same thing here. :confused:
  19. Nazfir New Player

    Im starting get this crash when i passing through Time tunnel in BIA. After this i dont go BIA. But to day its happen when im teleport to Metropolis. And im stcuk there forever. Metropolis is the static are u cant change your position after relog. So Im stcuk until they FIX that problem.
  20. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Same problem, live and Test! Very annoying :mad: