Error in DC Client Crash - PC everytime

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Mickwo, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Mickwo New Player

    Hi , Since the Game Update 32 Each time I start the game I get this message


    When press OK get this


    But the game closes well everytime

    I have no problems playing but it's annoying that every time when start the game launches this first
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  2. Ekart Committed Player

    Same problem here. Fix it, please.
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  3. Legion_of_One Well-Known Player

    Same problem, and I've been getting the crash reporter with every launch since the first crash (even when there is no crash). In fact, the crash reporter remembers what I wrote the previous time. Obviously not able to send the report back to DCUO.
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  4. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Same thing here. Upvoted to get some attention to it. This issue has happened sine U32 hit. I can't remember if it happens with the Test server (U33) or not (will check when I get home).
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  5. Crims0n New Player

    My game doesn't even launch. FIX PLEASE!
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  6. marvelousman Well-Known Player

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  7. Van L Level 30

    I have the same problem (like the op) i close the window of error and the game start normaly.
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  8. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I've just confirmed that this is also happening on Test. For folks reading this and having the same issue, please give a thumbs-up to the original post so it will get noticed by the Devs sooner.
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  9. Kroye Loyal Player

    yep, happening to me too.

    Thumbed up.
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Same. Plus the fact it can't connect to their servers kind of... Bad, isn't it? Not a fan of this multiple windows popup for crash reports now. The old method was a bit harder to use, but it was a single window.
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  11. TymeBlast Well-Known Player

    Yup me too.. Same exact problem..
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  12. Wickedwillow Active Player

    I am so glad it isn't just me then. I get this every time I login and have to submit the stupid report to finish launching. I even tried going to the file location and deleting the crashreport_uploader file. It works.....briefly. It's like a damn boomerang it keeps coming back.
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  13. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I had this problem as well.
    I ran my system cleaner/optimizer and the message went away.
    I have not have a crash since then, so I haven't had to deal with it returning and not going away ....again .... yet...
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  14. exil3d New Player

    Launchpad>Advanced tools>Validate game assets>Validate
    I solved the problem some days ago.
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  15. iLLusion New Player

    This is driving me insane. Unfortunately, validating my game assets didn't help.
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  16. Wickedwillow Active Player

    I also validated game assets and still get the error message.
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  17. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Same issues.

    For me doing the initial patcher, and launching game, it'll crash and give the windows shown above. I'll hit done on the second window, then the game will begin to load. This instance of the game will always crash before character select.

    To get in I seem to have to rerun the patcher and get a second one in before the first session finishes failing to load the character select.

    It's quite frustrating.
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  18. Wickedwillow Active Player

    I just spent the last couple of hours validating the game files (again!!) and then running system optimizer only to be greeted with the same error message. Do the people that work on this game ever bother to respond to these posts? It doesn't look like it. Nice customer service.
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  19. Zoldaar New Player

    I'm getting the exact same thing. I even sent in a ticket with this problem. At least, I'm not the only one. Please fix.
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  20. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    What, do we not have enough "likes" to get this dumb thing fixed? Fix it people.
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