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  1. PrimedKrypton New Player

    So I've been talking to some friends that have earth power and they seem to love it. I'm planning on creating my own earth dps & so far I've gathered : Using 1handed is good with the following loadout>> Rumblecrush ,Debris Field, Shards,Tactonic Break,Earthquake(SC) & Jackhammer.

    Skill Point allocation would go to both crits & might. Then go back and get health/def & cunning<<< Idk alot of ppl gave me mixed opinions. Any ideas on the loadout (if anyone has a better one to put out max damage) & also where to place skill points would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ogat New Player

    I willl not give you a loadout but maybe just a couple suggestions

    The loadout you posted above has two problems:
    1. It's esencially 2 loadouts put together and the two halves don't mesh welll together because they perform almost the same functions, and you'll end up using a TON of power for little gain.
    2.Rumblecrush is the big elephant in the room- this power is sloooooooooooow- slow to cast slow to use, you have to throw the rock, god forbid you lag when you activate it it willl freeze you in place, dmg is not so great. But some people make it work so you should definetly try it out and decide for yourself.

    If You wanna try the crushing PI you should concentrate on the crushing PI only and Vice versa if You want to use the Dazed PI build a dazed loadout. There are good guides around for both that should give you the idea on how both playstyles work.
    AS for skilll point allocation it depends! On which style you choose of course :)

    If you go the crushing route:
    1. Might
    2. The prec inates in Shield
    3. Crit chance
    4. Crit magnitude
    5. Health
    6. Defence

    If you go the Dazing route
    1. Prec inates in shield
    2. Crit chance
    3. Crit Magnitude
    4. Might
    5. Health
    6. Defence
    Additional sp then can go to dominance if you ever want to try tanking and then to w/e is left.
    Cunning is a controller inate.
  3. Nitemare Kosmos New Player

    Lol you sound like me. I don't like giving loadouts too much either when it comes to earth because a lot of ppl cant really grasp it so much which is why i keep it a secret. Dont want a ton of earth toons running around like sorcery and HL. But if you use the crush PI go might. If you go daze precision is best.
  4. DeathstrokeSW New Player

    Can one of you please PM me a loadout, I promise I won't go flaunting it around lol. I'm a DPS CR 88 with 570 precision and a little over 2000 might (I'm working on balancing the two) =)
  5. Bishop New Player

    Not a loadout, but I'd recommend you have Reinforce on any Earth DPS loadout for the self-buff: it's cheap, quick recharge and is wieldly for clipping rotations.

    I thought this was the other Earth Thread, I'd recommend you read that topic too and some of the guides. They are quite straightforward as Earth is either Dazing or Crushing builds as Ogat and Nitemare Kosmos have said. One thing Earth lacks, in my opinion, is a good SC and at the moment I use Vacuum Bubble.

    They both utilise PIs respective to either sets, so I'd also recommend you don't go half Dazing/Crushing for top-end fast DPS output.

  6. Mal Ice New Player

    This is quite concise, my only thing to add to this (or change rather) is that defence is probably more important than health as it mitigates the "damage in" making health more useful.
    Also, from my experience playing as Earth on my main for a 3 weeks and speaking with others who have been Earth, Jackhammer is lackluster and is really only viable in Gates or places with large mobs. This pretty much makes the dazed PI worthless for single target application. And with the advent of the One Handed Spin Chop nerf and you aren't Might based you will probably benifit from a harder hitting melee weapon. But these are just my observations.
  7. thoughtpatern New Player

    Anyone else feel like the pi interaction for crushed seems to pay off slightly more than the pi interactions from dazed? I'm thinking of shards strike in stones vs pebble and local tremor
  8. Ogat New Player

    you need 71 def to mitigate 1% of the incoming dmg the inates give you 30 for 3 skillpoints where as if you get hit for 4k dmg and you have 4010 health you willl live and the healers will patch you up immidietly :) That's my reasoning, but in the end it doesn't matter both inates really don't affect the overall gameplay all that much. Jackhammer beiing usefull against large packs of mobs makes it usefull in every raid in the game minus FOS3 and to a lesser extent in Prime(I use it to wipe the drones quickly, and the initial add packs if pugging)
    Crushings biggest issue is Rumble crush because of its speed, other then that the dmg is almost identical with the dazed PI powers beeing more burst oriented.
  9. Nitemare Kosmos New Player

    I'll have to say your wrong bout the jackhammer being lacklucter and daze is not as worthless as you think for single target. I have no problem with single target damage at all. I have a few moves i set up on the boss and let my precision do the talking.
  10. Warlan New Player

    Yeah, Jackhammer isn't lackluster, just have to use it on 2-3 mobs. It's one of the most epic powers in the game. I'm going to start screaming HULK SMASH while doing it!
  11. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    Just went with three different DPS builds on the same instance earlier (HoD Armory. My Earth toon is only at that tier, sadly). I have to say, I'm not a big fan of Jackhammer at all. Wastes too much power for my tastes. The damage is good though, that I can count on.

    The other two were a Might-based Rumblecrush/Debris Field loadout, and the other is my personal favorite, Tectonic Break/Localized Tremor/Reinforce loadout. Both were doing well, though the last set does solidify my loadout (no pun intended).
  12. blklightning New Player

    I think jacks is far from lackluster, though I mainly tank. The PI that really sets one up for it is Unstoppable. It's going to daze everything in range, but at the cost of a very long cooldown.

    As far as power consumption... it's very interesting. The larger the mob, the longer it can be spammed (I think). I never expect my trolls to fuel me if I'm going to spam a bar. So, plan to use a soder either before or after a major spamming. It's just too fun to use.
  13. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Yeah, it's easy to get carried away with Jackhammer. I've ground pounded out my entire bar in seconds before! :D You just have to force yourself to only pound for a few aftershocks, then jump to something else. I still like it. I love Debris Field, as it can simply melt lower level adds, but I don't like the ways to get the crushing PI. Rumblecrush is too slow and Earthen Grip is (usually) single target. I prefer using the dazed PI with it. Tectonic break is great for that. I also like Unstoppable, but the CD is soooo long.
  14. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    I don't really see Unstoppable as an offensive power. I use it more to break out of (regular) control effects. Hell, you can even clip with it. It's basically a breakout power that just happens to have an offensive capability and not the other way around.

    Also call me weird but I like Rumblecrush. I think it's cause of how I use it. First room goes clean, I use Rumblecrush before I even start to the next room, allowing me to recover some power out of combat in the process.
  15. thoughtpatern New Player

    I like to use unstoppable to clip with cause you can start moving immediately
  16. blklightning New Player

    I learned self control w/ it cuz of my tanking. I to the initial cast and 3 aftershocks. I only get the joy of spamming when someone needs to be revived.
  17. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    I've also used Damage Shift to clip my powers before. Shorter duration than Reinforce and grants just as much damage bonus for the same amount of power. Whenever I have this in my loadout though, I usually forfeit having a golem in my loadout. Basically, it's just there as a free clipping power.
  18. Warlan New Player

    I use Tectonic,Localized tremor, Debris Field, Reinforce,Jackhammer, whatever for last slot. WD if I'm trying to top charts. ;)

    Rumblecrush would be better if 1)was quicker to deploy and 2)sometimes didn't do zero damage if it hits the wrong target and 3)didn't require so many power points to get (you need super strength and it's at the bottom of the tier).
  19. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    I don't have this same problem due to its larger AoE compared to Meteor and Ice Boulder. I only run into this problem when I mistakenly throw it while my ally is blocking my path. Then again, my Earth toon is also flying, so that happens very rarely.
  20. thoughtpatern New Player

    does the venom boost give much more from the wep. bonus?

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