Dumb marketplace request - skins for Grim

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Cordelia, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    I love having a little pet pop up in battle, but I wish it wasn't a little meatball. I'd pay a couple of bucks to turn it into a giant bee, or one of any dozen other designs already in game, with the exact same attack effects. I don't know if other people would like this, but ... maybe? At least think about it.

    I mean, it's a magical construct, clearly I could change its appearance by reading slightly different words in its book, right?
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  2. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    How about having a Krypto, Ace and Wonder Dog skin? Maybe a Power Battery too, some sort of Batman tech drone or a Kryptonian crystal.
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  3. Multiverse Creator League

    Meatball??? You have an small Eldritch God fighting by your side. ;)

    There is the Quizlet.... so it is not unthinkable that they might give us an Artifact with Krypto??
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  4. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Honestly, I usually think of it as a baby Flying Spaghetti Monster. But I wish we could change the appearance a bit, and I'd be willing to put down a little cash for that as a nice cosmetic change that doesn't affect anything at all in game.
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  5. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    Not a dumb idea but it's been requested for robot sidekick since the first month this game launched 10+ years ago. In other words that's a sad "not gonna happen."
  6. BumblingB I got better.

    Pet skins in general. That way they can add customization to the game.
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  7. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Not dumb at all. Skins for robot sidekick to turn him into some power based looking thing. Skins to do much the same for Grim. Skins to turn Quislet into other little robo dudes, Skeets, Servo, TomBot.
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  8. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Yes and yes yes I would greatly love that for me this is up there with power color customization. It makes it more personal because it's your character after all.
  9. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    totally up for the idea of more skins all 'round, for henchmen, pets, sidekicks, etc. however, & I know pretty much everyone's going to disagree with this, I'd rather not have iconics, myself. it's the reason I haven't equipped an ally in the attack slot, but only in passives. for my own personal continuity, there's just no reason any of my characters would have an iconic running around with them ( that said, give me a Spectre or Etrigan or even a Constantine ally, yeah, I could make that work ). a Krypto or a Streaky would be lovely, but only if they're not wearing the capes. a demon dog, though? now that would be sweeeeet
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  10. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    The Rare allies are robots, which are mass produced. Surely you could use one of them for now? That’s what I’ve been doing while I wait for the Emperor Aquaman business to be resolved.
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  11. BumblingB I got better.

    I think iconic pets would be fine, as we already got one, Quislet. But would be better, is being able to skin Quislet with Skeets. That or be able to skin Servo with Skeets. Things like that. Have sidekicks be able to have like Krypto as an option.
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  12. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    for now, Blinky the Grim fulfills all my infernal needs.
  13. Whodini Well-Known Player

    I like to think of Grim as the little meatball demon from Big Trouble in Little China...but I'm all for skins for Grim, Robot Sidekick, and others.
  14. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    +1 for this.

    Also MP skins for Robot Sidekick too.
  15. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I've wanted this since it came out. I only used Grim after they nerfed Venom Wrist Dispenser until they released the Computo HUD but a big reason I've mostly avoided using it was not wanting an ugly squid to follow me around.
  16. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Great Idea actually, I would love skins for all existing pet systems, Artifacts, Home turf as well as Iconic robot sidekick. +1