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  1. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Nice guide with a lot of helpful info. As you are adding some info on some limited time items, I'd throw in the 15K bundle available to PS4 members currently (and the last 2 years...though 'limited' to 12/31/18). At $100, for 15K MPC + a Red Obsidian that is arguably worth a few 100M in game cash, it's worth mentioning...even if it dries up tomorrow.

    Unsure if it's available on Xbox or Switch platforms...can confirm it was never available to PC players (the best discounts never are...but they got a shot at lifetime...soooo....).

    EDIT...Nvmd...just read the last last post in the chain. you got it.
  2. Larizsa Well-Known Player

    Nice guide
  3. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    The 2020 Winter sale is much better than the Black Friday this year. In fact we haven't had a sale this big in a few years.

    Probably the most important thing a serious player could buy is Armories - they're the one thing that's really needed (at least 1 for DPS, 1 for Support Role) you can't get just by playing the game & can only get through the Marketplace. You get do one from the Level 1-30 Mission, but can only get a second from the Marketplace.

    Something you may consider (if you've already used all your character slots) is to buy another character. On 11 January Members should get a Skip (probably to CR 300 this year). It would be cheaper to buy another character now than then. Naturally one could also delete a character & use that slot.

    Also, of course, there will never be a better time to buy Stabilizers (not that I recommend buying Stabilizers / opening Time Capsules).
  4. Imaginos Committed Player

    Stabilizers aren't part of the sale.

    *Excludes Stabilizers/Time Capsules, Artifact XP Packs, Booster Bundle, and Holly Leaves.

    Dead on about a great time to get things like armories and character slots at 50% off.
  5. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    You did forget to mention unlimited Promethium keys for legendary. In Stabilizer event Legendary gets 6 stabilizers. But must of been a bug today, I went to purchase some market cast and it said $50 for 4500 Market Cash and $100 for 85.00 Market Cash.
  6. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player


    The 15,000 Marketplace Cash deal is back on the Playstation Marketplace (probably on other platforms, haven't checked yet). This is the best deal you can get on Marketplace Cash. Be aware it doesn't come up with a search for DCUO or DC Universe Online. You have to search for '15,000 Marketplace Cash + Bonus'
  7. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    You're correct that Stabilizers don't have a percentage discount, but the 40 pack of Stabilizers is the cheapest way you can buy them - I should have specified, my mistake. (again, not advocating that people waste money on Stabilizers, but if someone out there feels that they just have to buy some, there is no cheaper way)
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  8. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Also FYI - you have to buy through the Playstation Store, not the in-game Marketplace
  9. Imaginos Committed Player

    That is true, if you were going to buy them, that's the way to do it as far as saving money on them. Appreciate the work you did on the list. Easy to compare prices now during the sale.
  10. L T Loyal Player

    Seals of Preservation and Seals of Completion are on sale this week, and I don't think they were mentioned above. Personally I'm stocking up.
  11. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    **** It appears that the 15,000 Marketplace Cash for $99.99 on Playstation is permanently available (which means I spent more than I had to a couple times). You can only get this deal through the Playstation Store, not the in-game Marketplace. Turns out I was searching for the wrong thing. I searched for DCUO or DC Universe Online, but this deal uses neither of those terms. To find it open the Playstation Store & search for '15,000 Marketplace Cash + Bonus' (it should pop up as soon as you type 15). Buy the deal through the Playstation Store, then go to the Marketplace in-game & the 15,000 will be there (though it may take 10 minutes or so). As far as I can tell you can buy this deal as many times as you want (you just won't get the bonus - Red Obsidan Material more than once. Claim the material in the Redeem/Claim box at the top of the in-game Marketplace). This deal is not available on PC, unsure about Xbox or Switch as I don't use those platforms.
  12. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Absolutely correct, for anyone who needs seals, this would be a good time to get them (probably the best time). And of course, you can only get seals on the Marketplace. It really sucks that there is no way to get Seals in-game (they should be offered as boss loot, or available for Source Marks from Constantine, but I doubt either of these things will ever happen). I think subconsciously I didn't want to bring Seals up because Artifacts is a complicated subject. But newer players may not have any idea what to do about Artifacts, so...

    For new players:
    When you're considering ranking up Artifacts the important thing at first is to get to Rank 80. That Rank unlocks the first special bonus of the Artifact (with increasing bonuses at 120, 160 & 200). Now, how far up do you need to Rank your Artifacts? Well, if you are intending to play Elite Raids at end-game (the newest few Episodes), then your stats need to be very high. So not just Artifacts, but also SP, Augments, etc. If that's not as important to you, then having maxed Artifacts isn't quite as important. In my case I keep my primary toon maxed on everything as much as possible, but not my alts. In fact, for most of my alts I haven't really bothered going past Rank 120. When it comes to Seals, I use Seals every time I try to breakthrough (except Rank 20 where the chance of success is 100%). I've had breakthrough fails at Rank 40 which is 95% chance of success!!! So I always use a Seal. For Ranks from 40 to 120 I use Seals of Preservation. Anything higher than that I use a Seal of Completion (because the success chance is just too low). Rank 120 (40%) is a bit subjective as to which type of Seal you use. In my experience I get a ton of fails at Rank 100 (60%), at least as many as I get at Rank 120 (I swear, though maybe it just feels that way, I guess I should have kept track). Regularly one Seal of Completion costs 500 Daybreak Cash, while one Seal of Preservation Pack of four Seals costs 200 DC. In other words you could buy 2.5 Seals of Preservation Packs for the cost of one Seal of Completion. So when trying to break through as long as you used less than 10 Seals of Preservation you would be spending less money than using one Seal of Completion. In my case it has never taken that many tries to break through at Rank 120 (but it could. So it's really got to be your choice about what you buy).
    One thing I can say 100% for certain about Artifacts: new Artifacts are not necessarily any better than Artifacts that are already in the game. So you absolutely do not need to Rank up Artifacts that come out with each new Episode, with one exception. There is usually a Feat for Ranking one of them up to 20 - but that's 100% breakthrough, so no need for a Seal. Frankly I'm satisfied with the selection of Artifacts that have previously been released in the game for every power set, for every role (DPS/tank/heal/troll). If they never released another Artifact, I'd be just fine. So for me to switch to a new one they'd have to put out an Artifact what was MASSIVELY better than what we already have.
    So, bottom line, I take Artifacts to 200 on my primary toon, using Seals of Preservation for Ranks 40 - 120 & Seals of Completion for Ranks 160 - 200. And on my alts I only worry about going up to around 120 (though 80 is really the most important thing), using only Seals of Preservation (and you can expect to have plenty of fails from 40 - 120).
    Hope that all helps.
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  13. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    It's been several years since the last time that a Membership sale wasn't done in conjunction with the DCUO Anniversary, but this year's the exception. Just goes to show that you can never guess what will be on sale, when, how long, or for how much. Hopefully we'll get a Membership sale in the Spring.
  14. MAPC Level 30

    Olá a todos!, alguém me poderia dizêr, quanto tempo demora para a minha conta passar para legendary, após eu efectuar o pagamento online com cartão do banco, através da steam?!?, por favor, obrigado!!
    ( péço desculpa, se este não for o tópico correto para postar esta questão, é que eu não sei onde seria mais correto!), muito obrigado a todos!!
  15. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Olá. Se o pagamento foi realizado sem problemas, você já deve ser Legendary. Você verificou se o seu banco não recusou a compra?
    Além disso, seria mais fácil para nós se você digitar em inglês. Criar um novo tópico nos fóruns seria o ideal, em vez de esbarrar em um antigo.

    Thank you google translate. lol
  16. MAPC Level 30

    Hi,thank you for the reply! ( I´m sorry for the non-inglish, is not my native language!), so, if I understood correctly, the process is complete immediately? Thank you in advance!!
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  17. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Yes! and no worries. Try to re log into to game if you don't see it active yet!
  18. MAPC Level 30

    Thank you so much!!:)
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  19. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Agreed on most points, especially the point about 10 SOP = 1 SOC. Meaning you can fail 9 times with SOP and still be 'ahead' in the transaction. 10 is a wash and 11+ you can feel some regret. The biggest issue with the 9 fails is it 'feels' worse than it's monetarily working out to be. No one likes to see the fails, but if I have 5 or 6 fails I have to remind myself it's still better for my wallet than an SOC. I know Stealth Blue has a chart of pass/fail percentages out there, but from personal experience I tracked my attempts on a 2x Nth weekend last year, with 131 breakthroughs and used SOP up to and including level 140, 17 140s to be exact. While I did have 2 that went over 10 fails(11 and 12), all told I used 45 SOPs across those 17 140s. Meaning I spent about $25 on SOP vs the $85 I would have spent on SOC for 17 'sure things'. Granted, luck runs hot and cold, and if you are doing 1 140 this time around and draw the 'bad' one it will suck, but law of averages says you will get a 'good' one another time....it should wash out.

    I also don't use a seal on 40 or 60. The source count for the cats is so low that even if I fail, I'll let the cats go vs burn the SOP as cats can be replaced for free(in game currency) and SOP/SOC cannot. Most of the time there is no fail on these, and if there is, it's 1 fail normally.

    Next time you are doing a large round of 0-160 leveling, definitely keep track of your breakthrough attempts. 1) it helps you realize the actual times you had bad runs vs the 'feeling' you did (we always remember the bad ones more than the 1 attempt breakthroughs) and 2) it makes you appreciate just how much money you are pouring into the building/swtiching of artifacts....for most...it's a lot.

    And yeah, 120s on alts, unless you are bursting with Nth metal when 2x comes around. My alts don't run elite normally and when they do, it's because the group 'needs' the role they provide, so beggars can't be choosers in that case. 160s or 200s are better, but not so much I'm blowing another $100 on Nth and seals to get an alt 6 of them.

    If you were interested, a link to my old breakthrough log post here.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm only relating things from my experience. If you start using SOPs and find your experience to be different don't bother asking me to reimburse you for your bad run. Personally I generally have bad luck in this game, and do ok with Artis. But I know there are some who have terrible...terrible luck. You know who you are, so if that's you, stick with SOCs.

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