DCUO Development Update - May 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Panderus, May 3, 2021.

  1. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    No info on that so far, but I hope it does include.
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  2. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    Hmm I doubt it. All episodes have been free for some time already and it never included the utility belt.
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  3. PaulGamer303 New Player

    Could the dev team make the utility belt free to everyone too and only membership players could do the upgrades in lair system? Something like that and also have ilimited escrow for all players, because i think it limits free players a lot, at least in my trading perspetive. Members could get rid off brooker fee when selling items and free players could only sell a limited number of different items per month but at least they would have a chance do sell things. I would like also to be able to get the items that can be bought with loyalty points. Devs could give a chance to F2P players to buy them but like with quarks or other currency, but much more expensive than membership players. Members could get permenent discount on quark vendor or dlc loot vendors; exclusive items; free power changing, movement style, seals of completion, more xp when upgrading artifacts, some type of token to unlock undone feats,etc. Thanks and great update on the things being developed. I hope the team can benefit free players more without limiting too much content/funcionalities but also bring value for membership.

    Don't know if devs pretend to make all dlc's free moving foward or do it like it was in past dlc's, only event missions for free players. But if it is that way, after other dlc comes out the previous could become free. I wouldn't mind only getting event.

    In conclusion, as a free (premium) end game player ( the possible end game :)) i would like to have the chance of changing power, get others items that the members have access (utility belt) and so on but we needed to grind in game to have these options.
  4. PHNTM Well-Known Player

    So you're not even bothering with Xbox next-gen? No mention of it at all. Are you hoping that Xbox users who get the next-gen consoles will move on to other games?
  5. TheWrecker Well-Known Player

    Very disappointed by the PlayStation 5 news. No real update. What happened to the promised expansion to take advantage of the new next generation consoles?
  6. Igote New Player

    Ok, and the players who brought the dlcs ? We ill recieve any advantage too ? To me, make the dlcs open its a big step.
    But, I'm Brazilian player, and play since 2011/2012 and the old legendary price in BRL 23,00 (23,00R$).
    When daybreak has changed the price, the legendary membership up to BRL 89,00 (89,00R$), its like 16/17$ Dollars.

    Man, this is a high price to pay and have any MMORPGs better and still in the same price, like Final Fantasy 14 or Star Wars Old Republic in Steam, unfortunately to me its impossible to back to the game without legendary, I'm healer... and i need money to repair... I die sooo many times hahahah.
    Please Staffs, Check this !
  7. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    just btw what you guys mean with new content ? o.ö
  8. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    New Episodes.
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  9. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    was thinking the same but this cant be o.Ö there are 2 one and Q3 and the other begin Q4 o.ö
  10. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    3 episodes are being released every year tbh so yeah... new content = new episodes
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  11. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    mhm ok well we will see :)
  12. hero turner Well-Known Player

    well for starters, how about making the martial arts look and re act like martial arts and melee's I ve been playing this game for a long time and truthfully the way some of the fighting skills doesnt look like they should while fighting and mostly tward the martial arts ,melees and hand to hand combats, I mean they could be a little better compare nto other melee style games looking at the martial arts in battles and hand to hand combat styles example Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Street fighter , Soul caliber ect ect just take a look you will see the difference. would love to see that type of action and perhaps some action styles like in spec ops games like in call of duty for example. Other than that the game and the communities are awesome I mean asside from having to put up with some real jerky people from time to time the game is pretty awesome and the epesodes are awesome too and I love how you make people feel welcome and part of the community .
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  13. hero turner Well-Known Player

    now asside from every thing your doing thus far theres been some real good Ideas stemming from people and you guys have delivered , but Im still goin to keep requesting that you unlock our armory saves that we have in our bases to be able to access them and change in to them saves with out having to see invalid and having to purchase a power change Token all the time when we simply want to switch to those saves , I can understand getting the tokens when you want to create new powers then put it in an armory save but if you have saves set up in a armory you should be able to switch to those with out buying a token from market place everytime you want to switch .
  14. hero turner Well-Known Player

    maybe one day we could start a new discussion on skills , powers and changes to some that we would like to see added or taken off, styles , bases abilities and other ideas
  15. XBlue Well-Known Player

    Hmmm... I am invested in Enad Global 7 and in the Investor News they announced a graphical upgrade for the Game in Q4. Will that be postponed?
  16. Solarbound Well-Known Player

    Having confirmation that this game is about to become a true F2P is very pleasing to hear. It was always one of those changes that I had hoped for and now it's really about to happen. Definitely looking forward to see how you guys revamp the business model to compensate for such a change.
  17. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    The utility belt used to be paired with the Hands of Fate dlc, but they split that in 2015 so it’s no longer paired with Hands of Fate dlc.

    If u happened to buy the dlc before the change over, then you would kept your access to the utility belt, but past the change over in 2015 forwards, the utility belt will not be part of open episodes or now free likely because it’s been split for quite awhile now dlc wise
  18. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    The utility belt is a huge selling point. Every time I lose membership my cr drops down a lot. For them to not include it well it's to be expected. I can just buy it on the market place.
  19. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    True, but membership isn’t going away so members won’t lose access to utility belt, so I’m not sure if they would grant the utility belt to those who don’t currently own it when all episodes go free, with the membership updates coming, I would assume they would want some incentives to keep subs up, if they haven’t bought it already
  20. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    This is a good question but graphics update could be anything, from a texture update on iconic characters to a full metropolis and gotham texture remake. Since they didnt announce anything detailed, its not really a postpone

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